Ruby with poms

I realize my need to add pom poms to things I make is becoming borderline obsessive. I haven’t found a support group yet, so it is going to be ADD POMS TO ALL THE THINGS YEEHAW until someone stages an intervention. Just so you know.


Latest Pom Victim: this white double gauze Ruby top (pattern: Ruby Dress and Top).


The fabric is a solid white double gauze that I picked up at Pink Castle here in Ann Arbor. Every time I make a piece of clothing with solid fabric I wonder why I don’t do it more. Solid pieces are the connector blocks in my handmade wardrobe. I’ve just made a chambray tank that is serving a similar purpose that I’ll post soon. Solid fabrics may be less exciting to look at than crazy prints, but they sure are practical.



As for adding poms to this Ruby, since the weave was pretty loose, I opted to stitch the trim on by hand after I lined the yoke.


By the way, this top is another piece of my Spring/Summer Handmade Wardrobe that I posted about here. Stay tuned for more!

PS. Want to see everything I’ve ever made that has pom poms on it? You got it.

Bonsai Bag / Bianca with poms / Geranium with poms / Clementine Geranium with poms / Pom Pom scarf (that’s even a tutorial!) / Pom pom scarf for Clementine / shorts with pom poms / Orange Washi with poms

11 thoughts on “Ruby with poms

  1. I just used tiny pom-poms on p.j’s and it was not easy. I just kept telling my self go, go, go as my machine fought to get by each small pom-pom. Large pom-poms are fine but these tiny ones seem to be a challenge for me. So the question I have is did you use a zipper foot, do you allow the pom-poms go under the presser foot. Just want to know what others are doing so a can add this fun trim to more things. thanks.

  2. I LOOOOVE the Rudy dress/top. I just wore one of my first versions today (I made it a long time ago but it was hot enough to break it out of the closet)

  3. This is so cute with the Pom Pom trim! I have been trying to incorporate more solids into my handmade wardrobe, too. I love wearing white tops/t-shirts but I haven’t made nearly enough of them.

  4. Mini pom poms FTW! I love them. I’m actually wearing a Ruby top now and am planning a white lace version. Love your patterns, Rae!

    • Hi Karen!
      I think I found mine locally; I’ve seen this stuff everywhere from craft superstores to Purl Soho online. It’s also all over etsy…just google “mini pom pom trim” and you’ll find it in tons of colors!

  5. SO cute yet polished/anthro know what I mean? Just adore this Rae!
    Now I have to stop what I’m supposed to be doing and buy this pattern. LOL <3

  6. How did you finish the shirt skirt if you lined the yoke instead of using bias tape. I have such a terrible time with using bias tape and getting the shirt to not spill out (if that even makes sense). I also prefer lining my bodices.
    The shirt looks beautiful and is totally my style. I am interested in buying the pattern, but hesitate because of the bias tape. I am kinda a beginner to intermediate.

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