New fabric preview: Sidewalk!

Maybe no one else noticed, but I took a break from designing fabric last year. A baby/toddler in your life can do that. But by fall, I was starting to feel a strong desire to sketch and design again, and it was really wonderful. I forget sometimes with everything else going on how much I love that. Anyway, those designs resulted in my next line of fabric for Cloud9 Fabrics, Sidewalk, which previewed at spring Quilt Market a couple weeks ago. I’m excited to introduce it to you!


Most exciting for me is the fact that Sidewalk will be printed on organic interlock knit! I’ve long been fan of sewing with knits; you may remember that I ran a couple of series of posts on this blog (the KNITerviews and KNITS: Stretch Yourself!) dedicated entirely to knit sewing. It just makes sense to me to learn how to sew with knits, considering much of the clothing we wear is made with knit fabric (t-shirts, leggings, dresses, skirts) and it’s one of the most comfortable types of fabrics to wear. Here’s a few of the cute samples Jess sewed for the Sidewalk display at Quilt Market!

Made by Rae Sidewalk knits for Cloud9 Fabrics (Fall 2016)

Knits have been traditionally been difficult to find and purchase online, where you can’t predict true color or weight, most knits are solid or striped, and the types and behaviors (amount of stretch, recovery) vary widely. So I’m thrilled that Cloud9 decided to introduce interlock knits into their fabric lineup. I’m also happy that other manufacturers have been following a similar trend; the more a company prints on a predictable knit substrate, the more familiar and comfortable we as customers will feel purchasing and sewing with knits (I’m looking at you, Windham; I’d like to see more knits on the Briar Rose jersey please)!

Sidewalk knits

[Just Hatched Leggings, a free pattern + tutorial from my blog!]

I first got a chance to try out the new Cloud9 knit substrate last fall (I used it for all of the samples in my Creativebug class, Sewing for Little Ones: Trace and Make Tee and Leggings) with their first house-designed line of knit solids and simple prints, and am happy to say that the weight and stretch are fantastic and they are super soft and high-quality (read: no pilling!!) to boot. I couldn’t be happier to have these designs printed with Cloud9.

Made by Rae Sidewalk knits for Cloud9 Fabrics (Fall 2016)

Sidewalk is an ode to school days, riding the bus, and walking to school. I have fond and vivid memories from my childhood of traveling home from school, past well-manicured lawns and through woods on warm afternoons when I could take my time and day dream a bit. I think my own kids could use a little more free-range time in their day, you know? Cut grass, warm sunshine, and chasing grasshoppers. First, two prints featuring little pairs of shoes, “Fancy Steps:”

fancy steps

fancy steps

Another favorite, “Lawn Ornament.” I love the recent flamingo trend. Clementine is on board with this one because it’s got pink. No surprise there, right?

lawn ornament

lawn ornament

Here’s another print that comes in two colors, “Art Class.” I love the colored pencils.

art class

art class

A fun floral (lots of people are telling me this reminds me of the floral print from Lotus Pond!) with a dark teal background:
prize garden

Some snakes and bugs! I’m always designing for my boys. I think these would make the best pajamas!!

off the trail

bug's life

bug's life

I’m quite fond of these buses, too. Hugo is going through a strong pro-bus phase right now at age 2, so this one was drawn with him in mind.

bus stop

And finally, I really wanted to bring back the most popular print from Small World, “Red Rover.” This print is a bit smaller in scale than the original corduroy print from Small World, and the red is more orangey-red, and the blue has been changed to black. I think it will be great for knits! (PS Red Rover is also being printed on cotton laminate — perfect for raincoats and beach bags — as well!)

red rover

That’s the line, all 12 prints! Which print is your favorite? Are you excited to sew with these?

Sidewalk ships this fall, so look for it in shops in October 2016. Please help me spread the word about this line by pinning any of the images in this post! I hope you enjoyed this preview!

25 thoughts on “New fabric preview: Sidewalk!

  1. Love these and I love Cloud 9’s knit. It’s probably my favorite. Your prints are so sweet – I think the colored pencils are my favorite. Well done!

  2. These are absolutely adorable! Hard to even pick a favorite – I love them all! Okay… maybe the shoes… or the pencils… or the bugs… or…….. !!! 🙂

  3. I love them all! But if I had to pick on it would have to be the flamingos, or the puppies! I will definitely be buying some! They are so cute!

  4. I love, love, love these. I rarely sew with knits (and mostly quilt these days), but I’m going to have to find some beginner patterns. I need an excuse to use all of these. Flamingos have a special place in my family, so the trend is a delight. I will definitely have to make my oldest daughter ghter a dress with those.

  5. Art Class ! Love it.
    Bugs too (not a snake fan but the print is one I am a Fan of). thank you Rae, you continue to encourage my sewing habits for children’s clothing now that I have a grand baby:) Cloud 9 organics are thee best.

  6. I <3 Flamingos! Any suggestions for sources of patterns to use knits for adult apparel? I'm just getting into sewing with knits.

  7. When I first heard about this, I was psyched! I can’t wait to sew some cool shirts for my little boy with these!

  8. These are all really fun! I love the flamingos–they are so cute. I think those bugs are pretty fantastic for sewing for my boys, too! It’s hard to find good prints for boys so I’m glad you threw a couple in there.

  9. Awesome! We are currently pro-bus over here too at 18 months. I just love that you design with boys in mind.
    We haven’t really hit the snakes and bugs phase yet, but I know it’s coming!

  10. Adorable! Love that it will come in knit. I guess I’ll have to start practicing with my serger 🙂

  11. OOh I love them!!! I will definitely pin them, and especially like the flamingoes, the doggies, the flowers, and maybe also the pencils. Ok, quite a lot so it seems 🙂 I predict a huge success! I just moved from Belgium to the DC area (USA) and searching on how sewing and everything around that works, I already seem to have found that knits aren’t so well presented in the USA than they are in Belgium/Europe, or am I wrong? Anyway, this looks (very!!) pretty good!!!

  12. These are adorable! My own kids are old enough to prefer solids over prints (they are plain and sophisticated, I guess) but I have a new baby niece I can sew all kinds of crazy stuff for because she is too little to protest. (Mwahahahaha she is already about to receive some pretty wild baby butt pants as soon as I get the elastic in the waist.)

  13. So Good!!! I especially love the snake and bug prints! My boy and girl will love them! It’s so nice to see adorable gender-neutral designs. I’m just starting to try sewing with knits, so I’m excited to get my hands on some of these! Bravo!

  14. I really love all those prints Rae, my favorites are the Lawn Ornament flamingos, the School Buses & the Red Rover prints… hope I’ll be able to buy some in Australia where I live?

  15. Those of us who are 60s + will look altitle funny in tshirts and pant made out of these fabrics. Quilting material comes in mega bolts, with 8 bolts of knits for adult sewing.
    WI’ll be nice to have some adult standardized knit fabric.

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