Chambray Gemma Tank

made by rae gingham gemma

I’m so thrilled with the response to the Gemma preview last week!! It’s really fun to know that so many of you are excited to make this tank. I always worry when I put something out there that no one will like it…or think it’s too basic…or…you name it. Introducing a new pattern can be hard, and I wish I could say I don’t care what anyone thinks but that’s not true, so it was really nice to have such an encouraging response. I think this pattern is going to be super versatile for everyone and I can’t wait to show you all the things I’ve been doing with it.

made by rae gingham gemma

Update: Gemma sewing pattern is now available HERE!

As we get ready to launch the pattern (if you could see behind the scenes, we are smoothing lines, checking yardage, adding labels to pattern pieces, double checking darts and seam lengths, and writing shop listings!!! It’s BUSY!), I want to show you some more of the Gemma tanks I’ve been making.

This one is made with a chambray and has the scoop neckline (the pattern will have two neckline options, scoop and jewel, which is higher). I purchased this chambray at IndieSew; it’s similar to the Union chambrays from Robert Kaufman, but doesn’t have quite as much stretch as those. Chambray is a great fabric choice for this tank, especially if you can find a lightweight one with a bit of stretch. I really do recommend the RK Union Chambrays if you’re looking for something similar. Chambray matches absolutely everything, and it’s on the mark with the all-denim-all-the-time trend that seems to be happening right now.

made by rae gingham gemma

I wasn’t super careful with the neckline binding, so it ended up a little wobbly along the neck  — see how it looks like it’s rotating a bit along the seam? That twisting is caused when the front of the binding isn’t even with the back of the binding, and it’s easy to avoid if you pin carefully as you go. I’ll be sure to show you how I like to attach bias binding to make it look flat and beautiful, soon!! There are a number of other fun things you could do with a basic solid tank, including a contrast solid binding, or even a binding with a print, wouldn’t that be fun?

One thing we did change about the pattern after this tank was sewn was that I decided I wanted the armholes to be bigger, which narrowed the straps a bit and also opened up the armholes to make it more comfortable. I’ll post pics of that soon.

made by rae gingham gemma

More tanks and a pattern, coming soon!!

UPDATE: Gemma sewing pattern now available! BUY NOW

17 thoughts on “Chambray Gemma Tank

  1. Oh, I’m so excited about this pattern! I bought fabric for a different tank last week, and now I’m anxiously awaiting this release so I can use it for Gemma instead. Hope it’s ready soon! (Love the chambray version, by the way.)

  2. I have some beautiful voile that I bought last week and I am anxiously awaiting the Gemma release!

  3. Can’t wait to make Gemma! I’m finishing your Geranium Dress for our granddaughter now….wonderful pattern! Last week I sewed up Ruby for me! I love your patterns!!!

  4. It’s nice to hear about your process and to see another version! I’m looking forward to seeing more and then making some of my own.

    • Hi Regina!! We are working on a yardage post, but it’s going to be 1.25-1.75 yards, depending on size and width of fabric. Small people can get by with 1 yard if they are super duper creative!

  5. I am a plus size and would really like to do something like this with maybe a little sleeve. Also do you have a similar loose fitting pattern for a tunic style dress (like the tank) suitable for larger sizes?

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