Gemma Yardage and Fabric Recommendations

made by rae | gemma tank sewig pattern

The Gemma Tank sewing pattern is coming so very soon now here!! Here are a couple of peeks at it:
Chambray Gemma Tank
Coming Soon … Gemma Tank

Many of you have asked me about the yardage so you can get ready to sew Gemma; here’s what you’ll need:
made by rae | gemma yardage chart
Note that these yardage estimates are intentionally generous to allow for space between pattern pieces and estimated fabric shrinkage, plus, in the case of the sizes where the pattern front and back can be placed side by side across the width of the fabric, we added an extra 1/4 yard for the bias strips. It is entirely possible that you could get away with using less fabric (in some cases, as little as 1 yard!!!) if you get creative with your cutting layouts! I just want to be careful because some fabrics shrink a lot width-wise, so it’s best to be conservative on the yardage, especially when something takes as little fabric as this tank does!

Recommended Fabrics: lightweight woven fabrics such as voile, rayon challis, shot cotton, shirting, double gauze, lawn, broadcloth, silk, viscose, and chambray.

Optional: This pattern has instructions to cut your own bias strips for the binding, but if you prefer to use prepared bias tape, you’ll need about 2.5 yards of 1/4″ double fold bias tape. If you prefer a hidden binding, get the single fold variety.

One more thing that I’m very excited to announce: Gemma will come in NINE sizes! We’ve added an XXS, and now there are three plus-sizes. You’ll see that size XXL isn’t on this chart, so if that has been your go-to Made By Rae size, I’d recommend trying Size 1.Made By Rae | Presto Pattern size chart

Just like my Beatrix and Josephine patterns, there are two different front bodice pattern pieces to fit either A/B or C/D cup sizes, and the pattern has clear guidelines for choosing your size. So don’t worry if you don’t fit exactly into one of the sizes in the chart (for instance, if your bust puts you in a larger size than the rest of your measurements); you’ll have help once you’ve taken your measurements and you have the pattern in front of you!

Ready to sew Gemma? Buy the pattern here!

Any questions? I’d be happy to answer them. I hope you found this post helpful!

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  1. As someone who also lives in Ann Arbor, has been sweltering in the Art Fair weather, and has long been a fan of your patterns, i can’t wait!

  2. Can you tell us if it’ll be out this week? So I know if I’ll have time to sew some up before I go on holiday… I was going to do an FBA on the Collette Sorbetto, but I’d rather just use this pattern :O)

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