Gemma in Zephyr rayon

Zephyr Gemma Tank

Here’s another Gemma tank I’ve been wearing this summer! This one is made with Zephyr rayon (in colorway gust midnight) from Cotton + Steel, designed by my friend Rashida Coleman-Hale. Rashida can really do no wrong when it comes to me, I just think all of her designs are amazing. This one looks like it was brushed right onto the fabric. Fun. Also fun with turquoise flats, right? Bonus points for you if you can name the other post where I wore the turquoise flats without googling.

Gemma Tank

made by rae gemma in zephyr

My original vision for this tank was that I would wear it to a wedding this spring with the highlighter yellow pleated skirt, shown below (that I did not make, by the way. It’s from JCrew; I have my limits, people). It didn’t end up happening because it was so cold the day of the wedding that I wore the skirt with a cashmere sweater instead; but here’s some pics of the outfit anyway. Oh well!

made by rae gemma in zephyr

I find rayon challis to be surprisingly easy to finish with bias binding (see also: this rayon Washi maxi dress, whose binding also came out splendidly, if I do say so myself). It lays flat and behaves quite nicely compared to some other substrates, some of which can be downright tricky. *Coughs* Double gauze, I am looking at you.

made by rae gemma in zephyr

Rayon is quite flowy and comfortable to wear, making it a great choice for Gemma!

made by rae gemma in zephyr

Pattern coming soon! Yes, I am being a terrible tease.

UPDATE: Gemma sewing pattern now available! BUY NOW

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    • Gemma has a narrower neckline (shoulders are closer together), a slightly wider hip, and a similar waist. The upper bust and bust are similar but we did move the darts a little if I’m not mistaken, since they seemed a bit high on Beatrix and Josephine to me. I think you’ll find the fit is fairly similar in terms of ease, but since I played around with the fit (esp through the hip and upper bust), it’s not exactly the same!!

  1. Impatient sigh! Lol
    You look great Rae, I haven’t seen you/your stuff in a little while. I love the hair. <3

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