I love Mondays so much!!! Monday is a fresh start, with a brand new set of days stretched out before you that are going to be really awesome. I don’t get the “I hate Mondays” thing. Personally, I like Mondays even more than weekends. Isn’t that crazy? Yay for crazy! UPDATE: Now it’s Tuesday because I didn’t get this posted yesterday because I got distracted, big surprise there (I like Tuesdays slightly less than Mondays..by Tuesday, Monday has usually disappointed me a bit).

Jess in studio

Last week was really busy and fun because Jess (there she is, above!) came to Ann Arbor to work with me at the studio, so I worked more than usual. 2.5 days is about my usual. Jess and I did lots of sewing, worked on a new pattern, and took lots of photos. We had a sewing night on Wednesday at the studio that was jam packed and totally fun. Mr. Rae ended up being out of town again so I was also pretty exhausted from also keeping three children fed and clothed, so I didn’t really find any time to post on the blog (oops…still need to figure out that whole “editorial calendar” concept…or not…whatever), but I’m really excited to show you all of the things we worked on!

And then, the weekend…Jess flew home on Friday. We dropped Elliot off at camp for a WEEK (ack!! we miss him!). We drove to West Michigan to hang out with my in-laws. We went to the Downtown Market in Grand Rapids for lunch one day. We swam in the pool (except for Hugo, who still won’t get more than his feet wet). Mr Rae and I had a date night. We went out to the lake to see a sunset. We went to a birthday party for my niece. And then we drove home. I probably need to relax a little or something. Sometimes I feel like life is pretty crazy. But at least it’s not boring, right?

Here’s some other random stuff and linkadoos for you to enjoy today:

Thank you to everyone who has purchased my newest pattern, Gemma!! I’m thrilled so many of you love it! I’m excited to post some tutorials for Gemma techniques, tips for fitting Gemma, and some ideas for variations soon.

8 thoughts on “Helloooo!

  1. Quick question about the Gemma. If my cup size is DD will I need to use the C/D pattern and make a FBA?

    • Darci – I would first recommend sewing a muslin with the C/D front bodice to see how it fits, then you can determine whether you’ll need a FBA from there!

  2. Hi.

    As a school librarian who’s already back at school, my sewing time has dwindled from what it was in July. A new pattern in the works sounds brilliant though. Please tell me what fabric Jess’ dress is sewn with and I will do my best to acquire some. The color is great on her and I’m hoping you won’t say that it’s handpainted…


    • It’s not hand-painted! Jess used Nani Iro double gauze for the main fabric, and shot cotton for the exposed facing and hem bands.

  3. Thanks Rae. It looks like a 2010 issue fabric, so likely beyond my budget now. It is gorgeous though. Thanks again and enjoy your end of summer (and upcoming Monday). Michigan summers sure beat our summers in Texas.

  4. um I literally bought a Fjallraven backpack immediately after I read your post. to be fair, I’m going on a weekend trip next week and needed a new overnight bag so I “NEEDED” it, right?

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