Sewing Superstars: Hungie Gungie

I’ve been so inspired by so many awesome sewing enthusiasts making great stuff with my patterns lately, so I’m bringing back my Sewing Superstars series this fall (Learn more about this fun series HERE)! Today it’s twice the fun, because we’re featuring Erin and Caroline, the sister duo who hail from the corner of the internet called Hungie Gungie. I cannot remember how long I’ve been following their blog, but it’s been a really long time. I think I may have discovered them during one of the Spring Top Sewalongs, but it’s really hard to remember back that far. Suffice it to say that their work has been wowing me for years (even if I do have a really hard time telling them apart in photographs, hee!). You can read more about them on their about page.

hungie 4
above: top left / top right / bottom left / bottom right

hungie geranium duo
above: left / right

Erin and Caroline have sewn prolifically for themselves and their kids for years, and their photos and posts are entertaining, candid, and down to earth. They clearly have a lot of fun together, and I’m thrilled they’ve chosen to work with so many of my patterns both for themselves and for their kids. Their fabric choices are colorful and fun and their creations perfectly embody what I hope my patterns are for everyone: versatile, comfortable staples for everyday wear. If you browse around on Hungie Gungie, you’ll see that almost every garment they make has some little modification or personal touch. Those details are so fun. Another thing I’ve always loved about their blog is that they keep it real, including sharing with readers that Wes, Caroline’s little guy, had neuroblastoma a couple of years ago, and updates on how he was doing. He’s doing great now and is in remission, by the way!

The Made By Rae sewing patterns in this post are: WashiSpring Ruffle Top free tutorial (wow, haven’t thought about that in awhile!), RubyBeatrix, and Geranium Dress

You can follow Erin and Caroline online:
Hungie Gungie blogFacebook, Erin’s InstagramCaroline’s Instagram,  Flickr, and #hungiegungie

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It inspires me so much to see what you are making with my patterns! Please feel free add your own photos to the photo pool(s) or tag your pics with #raemademedoit or #madebyrae so I can see what you’re making. I’m excited to feature more Sewing Superstars here soon!

5 thoughts on “Sewing Superstars: Hungie Gungie

  1. I really like the bodice modification on that Washi. It would definitely suit me better. I hope I can find it again when I’m ready to make one.

  2. Love seeing Erin and Caroline and in your superstar roundup.!! Long ago they got me hooked on reading your blog and I always love seeing what they do with your patterns!

  3. Love the Hungie Gungie gals! . Many of my sewing makes were inspired by them. Such a beautiful choice of fabric for Erin’s Washi top and she recently sewed a beautiful Beatrix blouse with tucks that I am totally planning to copy.❤️

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