Bamboo Shibori Isla

Shibori Isla Top

Look, a new Isla top for me!

Shibori Isla Top

I bought this bamboo shibori from Fancy Tiger Crafts in the summer when we were churning out Islas in the studio. It’s a 95% bamboo rayon / 5% spandex  jersey that is so flowy and comfortable!! Fancy Tiger still has it in stock (this is navy) as well as a lovely gunmetal color (Shop link here. Full disclosure: FTC has been a sponsor of this blog in the past, also: Jaime and Amber are friends). Hart’s Fabric also has something very similar (maybe even the same?) in a few other colors; I ordered a couple yards of the indigo color from them. The faux-shibori thing is pretty hot right now!

Shibori Isla Top

This fabric was a bit more expensive than your average rayon knit, and the quality definitely shows in person. I’m already impressed with how it feels and how little it has pilled up just during wear. Confirming yet again my theory that paying more for knits is worth it.

Shibori Isla Top

And finally, here’s how I’m wearing my Islas as the weather cools off: under a cardigan. The perfect fall combo.

Shibori Isla

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  1. I’ve seen this fabric around a number of places and its so nice to see it actually made up into a nice garment (love your top!) I agree with you that it’s definitely worth the $ to buy good quality knits. I wouldn’t buy anything that isn’t worth my time and effort – this is an issue that lures me to the soap box but I will resist 🙂

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