Buggy Neenah Turtleneck

Bug Neenah Turtleneck

New knit turtleneck! New glasses! I thought it would be fun to try one of my new Sidewalk knits in a grown up turtleneck. I used another Seamwork pattern, Neenah, which is a dress pattern, and shortened it at the waist to make it a top instead of a dress (inspired by Katie’s post). This “Bug’s Life” print definitely reads “kid” but I love it. I am not beneath wearing kid prints. See also: my pencil Astoria top.

Bug Neenah Turtleneck

I made the neckband wider (2″) to accommodate both my very large head and the fact that this fabric is interlock and therefore less thin/stretchy than other knits you might normally use for this pattern. I actually think it would have looked better with the narrower turtleneck, but I’m not sure I could have handled all of that fabric close around my neck. Am somewhat claustrophobic and never liked turtlenecks as a child for that reason.

Sidewalk knits / neenah turtleneck / made by rae

Given that we are fully into snowy weather here in Michigan, I have been wearing the heck out of this thing. I do love the medium thickness of interlock for warmth and of course Cloud9’s knits are super soft and lovely. And, I’m very excited to finally be able to say that Sidewalk is now shipping to shops. I just this morning saw it pop up in Annie’s Instagram feed, for those of you who are in the UK, and I’m sure more shops will follow soon. I’ll post a list of the shops carrying Sidewalk soon so you know where to find it!

neenah turtleneck / sidewalk knits / made by rae

5 thoughts on “Buggy Neenah Turtleneck

  1. So would you say that Cloud 9 knits are thicker than Art Gallery knits? I’ve found Art Gallery a little bit thin for my taste.

    • Great questions! Yes, the Cloud9 knits are definitely thicker. It’s interlock, which is more tightly woven together than jersey, so it is more more stable (less stretchy) and thicker than the Art Gallery knits, which are thinner and stretchier. I also really love the AG knits, but they’re definitely suited to different types of projects (I love them for my Isla pattern). I personally like to have a variety of different knits in my stash — including AG — for that reason. 🙂

  2. I like that wider neck myself (like you I don’t care for something tight around my neck – someone joked in my sewing group that I must have been strangled in a past life 🙂 but I love this neck for it’s looseness but still has the “look” of a turtle neck. Beautiful top! I have been busy making knit tops myself lately having realized I only one one and wear the heck of it. I’m also going to investigate Cloud9 knits. I like a really GOOD quality knit and I don’t mind paying for it. There are so many flimsy, cheap rayon knits on the market now and they really aren’t worth the effort you go to make your own. I also rather like kids knit patterns and I’m 62 🙂

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