Hugo’s Pencil Shirt and Fleece Parsley Pants

Flashback tee + parsley pants for Hugo

Here’s my little monster in a few new things I’ve made for him recently: a Flashback Tee in Sidewalk interlock and some fleece Parsley Pants. It could hardly have escaped anyone’s notice that now we both own knit pencil tops (here’s mine)…which means a pretty awesome photo shoot needs to happen soon. Twinsies with a toddler, YEAH!

Flashback tee + parsley pants for Hugo


Flashback tee + parsley pants for Hugo

I love making Parsley Pants in fleece since it adds a bit of stretch and makes them super cosy to wear. I made two pairs for him: the blue pair he’s wearing in these pics, and a green pair which are a lovely quality Mill End fleece and therefore even more cosy. The green ones I accidentally pressed with the iron on the cotton setting (oops!) and melted, so I had to put in a separate waistband. Which actually looks really cute, though it’s more work.

Flashback tee + parsley pants for Hugo

Flashback tee + parsley pants for Hugo

I’ve been adding elastic to the cuff (like I did with these Big Butt Baby pants awww tiny baby Hugo alert!!) because I think it’s cute when they’re cinched in at the ankle. I also added some tags — gifted to me from past sponsor Custom Labels 4U — to the waistbands and neckband of the tee. I don’t know why I didn’t start doing this sooner; it’s so helpful to know the size of handmade stuff, and I love having my logo tag in there too. I did previously use a handful of size labels I bought from an Etsy shop (you can see them in this post ACK another adorable Hugo post!!!); those were also great but weren’t woven and so those ended up curling up after washing which made them harder to read. Super handy though, no matter what you do.

Flashback Sidewalk Hugo tee - labels

New clothes for Hugo

My one complaint with these tags is that Hugo does have pretty sensitive skin and the edges of the logo tags are a bit scratchy (I don’t notice this with the size tags), so I think next time I’ll try putting them on the outside instead of inside the garment; maybe at a side seam or something.

Flashback tee + parsley pants for Hugo

He is perpetually sick and rosy-cheeked these days, poor babe. I love love love this age so much — he is saying the most ridiculously adorable things to us, every day, but I also hate how he is sick all of the time. It can be so trying. I had terrible sleep last night because he slept in our bed all night and was up coughing at regular intervals.

Since I took these pics a couple of weeks ago, I painted the wall behind him with chalkboard paint (so fun!! here’s a peek) and cut his hair (which you can see in this post). And, my Sidewalk knit fabric is now in shops! Here’s a list of Sidewalk stockists if you want to pick up some for yourself. Be sure to add the #sidewalkfabric hashtag if you post pics to social media because I would really love to see what you’re sewing for yourself with these knits!

10 thoughts on “Hugo’s Pencil Shirt and Fleece Parsley Pants

  1. So cute! And I just have to add that I’m so happy to see that you’re hemming your knits now instead of leaving the edges raw. Heheh. 😉

  2. The tags are cute, but since I end up cutting most of the tags out of my girls’ commetcial clothes I don’t use them. When it occurred to me identifying the size of Mama-made clothes was helpful, I started writing it on with a sharpie. It seems to hold up just fine.

  3. I never leave comments. I’m a serial blog stalker. But when I read your passing comment about your son being constantly sick and rosy-cheeked I had to say something– my oldest used to be te same way. It took many a late night panic (because by age 3-4 the coughing became wheezing and trouble breathing) for me to seek out an answer as to WHY he was sick so much. Food allergies. Wheat and Dairy, for him. Taking the offending food out of his diet for a year resulted in a completely different kid! And after a year of strict observance, I was able to reintroduce the foods with no reaction. He can eat them now in moderation. Anyway– take my experience at face value, I’m not saying this is necessarily you’re situation. II just wish I had known sooner and missed out on a few of those “can’t breathe” scares! May be worth looking into.

    • Hey Liz! Thanks for commenting!! You know, I think that’s the second time someone has mentioned that in comments, and I feel like I should definitely consider that possiblity. I need to email you, because I have a lot of questions about this, and I feel like the Internet is such an unreliable source when it comes to this sort of thing.

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