Flamingo Robe

flamingo robe / made by rae

Hello! Happy New Year! I ended up taking a bit of a blogging/screen break for the past couple of weeks, which was really quite nice because it gave me more time for reading (finished Everyone Brave is Forgiven last night, so good!!), board games with kids, friends, and family (PANDEMIC!!! SO good!), and some drawing and painting (maybe more fabric designs this year…who knows?), among other things. I really feel like it gave me a lovely break, like I have a bit more mental space now or something. I didn’t completely cut off, just kept my phone off/away/silent more than the usual. I know it’s all the rage to “quit” your phone and that’s fantastic too, but I also don’t think that’s completely necessary. Everything in moderation and all that.

flamingo robe / made by rae

I don’t generally do “Christmas sewing.” Ever since I nearly suffered a mental break one year I’ve managed to lower my sewing expectations for Christmas year by year so that the past few years I’ve ended up with nothing on my “Christmas-to-sew” list, which is liberating. Of course then two weeks before Christmas this year I started working on a kimono-style robe using my new Sidewalk flamingo print and realized halfway through that it would make a fantastic present for my sister Kricket, whose name I had drawn for our sibling gift exchange. So I guess I did do some Christmas sewing, though I personally think if you don’t realize you are doing Christmas sewing it really shouldn’t count.

flamingo robe / made by rae

Alas I cannot provide you with a pattern for this robe (a common request when I posted a pic of it — above — on Instagram), as I made up the pattern based on a tracing of another robe I own that is similar in overall shape. Maybe some of you have kimono-style robe patterns you could recommend in comments? You can see (from the clip on the shoulder) that the robe was still a WIP when I took this photo. I later added pockets, and I had to tear out, redesign, and resew the neckline facing in the back a few times until I got the shoulder right.

flamingo robe / made by rae

Closeup detail. Eagle-eyed readers will notice that I managed to keep part of the selvage with my name on it visible in the sleeve seam. A signature of sorts. This pic probably conveys the true color of the background best, though the flamingos look darker here than they are in real life.

flamingo robe / made by rae

And the finished robe!

flamingo robe / made by rae

Kricket seemed v. pleased with it when she opened it up on Christmas Day, so I feel this was a job well done. But also a bit of remorse for not keeping it for myself. But not really. But maybe a little bit.

flamingo robe / made by rae

If you’ve got a hankering to sew up some Sidewalk knit of your own, you can head over to my blog post about where to find Sidewalk knits, or check out the shop finder on the Cloud9 website. Sidewalk is shipping now and is perfect for a cosy winter sewing project! Please share your pics with me if you sew something with Sidewalk! The #sidewalkfabrics tag is useful on social media.

12 thoughts on “Flamingo Robe

  1. Here I am reading blogs with Everyone Brave is Forgiven sitting next to me. Sheepishly getting off my screen to read it right now.

  2. Such a cute robe ! I think fun prints like yours work especially great for loungewear, where professionalism doesn’t matter! Of course, one of my first projects was making a dress out of bicycle print cotton, and I wore it everywhere, so I can’t lecture 🙂 In any case it’s adorable!

  3. I made an almost identical one from the In Stitches book by Amy Butler…like scarily similar. Not nearly as cute as the flamingo print though…..

  4. The robe is adorable and looks very cozy. As for similar patterns, I’m sure there are many. Isn’t there something similar from Seamwork? It’s not necessarily for knits, though.

    As for the “turn your phone off/unplug” thing…I just find the whole idea kind of false because you read about it, um, online. It’s so annoying to read preachy posts about how we are so dependent on technology and the next thing you see is all the beautiful photos they took of wherever they went when they were offline…before they get online to share with you.

    Also, if you’re a person who spends a lot of time alone or working alone or not in the company of other adults (parents of young children, folks who are self-employed in creative businesses, just to name a couple examples), often your phone or social media is a lifeline to the outside world you wouldn’t otherwise have. Yes, if it’s eating into time you would rather spend reading or if you’re ignoring your family, by all means cut back. But I don’t think we should feel guilty about using something that helps us connect. I actually feel quite strongly about that.

  5. Named patterns makes a nice Osaka Kimono pattern that I really love but yours is lovely! I love that flamingo robe! It looks so soft and cozy in that knit. I’m not surprised your sister was thrilled. There is nothing like receiving a gift that a loved one has actually made 🙂

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