Buggy Pajamas for Hugo

Buggy Jammies for Hugo

Here’s a little set of pajamas I made for Hugo earlier this fall with the green and white “Bug’s Life” prints from Sidewalk Knits. I used the base pattern from my Charlie Tunic Sewing Pattern for the top, and my Parsley Pants pattern for the bottoms. I added front plackets, snaps, a collar and cuffs to the top (so yeah, not really Charlie anymore), and hem bands to the pants.

Buggy Jammies for Hugo

Buggy Jammies for Hugo

Hugo is completely obsessed with Spiderman. Elliot was at this age too. All of the shows are pretty scary and aimed towards older kids, who as far as I can tell are over the Spiderman thing by the time they get to the age where they can actually watch them, so we’ve been reading Spiderman books to him instead. Here’s his Spiderman Crouch:

Buggy Jammies for Hugo

I think almost three is quite possibly the BEST AGE. Hugo has just potty-trained, he’s snuggly and adorable, and he is starting to say the funniest stuff. It finally feels like we’ve gotten past that phase where it seems he is sick and cranky all the time (I think age 1-2 has to be the worst for sickness, especially when your kid’s in daycare at least some of the time, right?), knock on wood.

Buggy Jammies for Hugo

I hope you’re enjoying all of the things I’m making from Sidewalk! I’m certainly having a ton of fun making them!!!

12 thoughts on “Buggy Pajamas for Hugo

  1. My nephew loves these weird Spider Man videos in the YouTube kids app, when he gets a little screen time. If you search Disney Pixar Cars Spiderman you get these weird knock-off videos, where a generic spiderman and his generic spidey-friends drive cars and trucks around, then get out and LINE DANCE. It’s so funny. Totally non-violent. My nephew walks around busting the moves he learns.

  2. So adorable! Rae do you have any go to simple baby dress patterns for knits? The Geranium is really for wovens right?. I have a friend who is expecting a baby girl and I would love to make something with the shoe fabric.

    • Thanks, Julie!
      No, I don’t have a knit dress pattern…usually what I do is take the Flashback and shorten the bodice and add a gathered skirt, like Isla. Mini-Isla would be cool!


  3. Cute pajamas. He’s gotten big. I haven’t read your blog in awhile, the last time was when he was a baby. I have an almost 4 year old, and yes, 3 is such the beginning of independence.

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