Why can’t I stop watching the Gilmore Girls?

This is going to reveal how tragically unhip I am (and this has absolutely nothing to do with sewing, so if you’re only here for that, you can stop reading now), but I need to come clean, even though it is terribly embarrassing. Dear friends, I can’t stop watching the Gilmore Girls. A quick check of my Netflix history reveals I’ve been watching it since September of last year…SEPTEMBER. And nothing else since then.

I can’t remember exactly why I started watching it, but I think the marketing campaign around their reunion show “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” probably had something to do with it. I never watched the show when it was on TV, but it always had a vague whiff of “Felicity” about it that kept me away. And now, after nearly half a year of alternating between falling asleep each evening halfway through an episode only to have to rewatch it the next night and binge-watching it until 1 AM in the morning, I’m still not finished with it (so please, no spoilers in comments!!!).

I’m not sure why I continue to watch it, except that I think maybe now it has become a kind of personal challenge. I’m also fascinated slash puzzled by why I (and other people) like the show so much, so I keep tuning in, hoping for clues. But the main reason I keep watching is that I actually do like it. The characters are lovable and the show is wholesome and idyllic and square-sauce-vanilla, so it serves as a sort of balm for me from the toxic political atmosphere of late.

I was delighted yesterday when I discovered that one of the podcasts I’ve been listening to, The Simple Show, had dedicated an entire episode last fall to discussing the show (warning: the podcast does have some broad plot spoilers, though I didn’t mind it too much), so I’d recommend it if you’re a Gilmore Girls fan: I loved how they covered their least favorite characters and what they really disliked about the show in addition to what they love. Listening to that podcast yesterday, I started to get it. Also: I have the podcast to thank for discovering this awesome video of all of Kirk’s jobs.

I dislike the show for a number of reasons. The deliberate placement of minority extras in the background of scenes to make up for the lack of diversity in the main cast makes me cringe, and the theme song is pretty terrible. Sometimes the acting is downright awful. The last season (which I’m currently about 3/4 of the way through) is not great, as the show’s main creator had left by that time, and Karen informed me the other day that she didn’t love the reunion show, but I am bound and determined to watch this through to the bitter end, EVEN IF IT KILLS ME.

So tell me, have you watched Gilmore Girls? If so, do you love it? Hate it? Why do people love this show so much?

PS. I’m Team Kirk, in case you couldn’t tell.

43 thoughts on “Why can’t I stop watching the Gilmore Girls?

  1. I watched the Gilmore Girls on regular TV when it first came out because my daughter was Rory’s age, I was newly separated from her father, we live in Connecticut, it was a total mother-daughter show and the dialogue is fantastic. Many of my friends also watched it with their daughters. I was visiting my daughter for Thanksgiving when the new episodes came out on Netflix and we binge watched them the day after Thanksgiving. I didn’t love them as much as the original show but maybe we have also moved on. I still occasionally watch an old episode with daughter #2. I probably like Emily Gilmore best, not that I am an Emily Gilmore although she does resemble a close family member in a way that is eerie but I think Kelly Bishop is brilliant. I actually saw her in A Chorus Line on Broadway when I was a teenager. It was standing room only and I paid for a standing room ticket. Totally dating myself! I also love Sookie, Lane and Michel. The theme song is a classic! Carole King! We used to listen to her album Tapestry over and over again in the school library (with big headphones) back in the day. 😊 Love Tsh and the simple show. I only listen to three podcasts and hers is one of the three.

    • aww I loved that you watched it with your daughter!! I’ve often thought it would be wonderful to watch it someday with clementine so we could discuss some of the issues together!!

      and I love that you saw Emily Gilmore on Broadway. That is freaking awesome.

      We will have to respectfully disagree on the theme song. I love Carole, but I can’t stand that song.

    • I’m obsessed with Gilmore girls I’m only 14 and started it 9/1/17 yet I finished everything on 4/2/17 I’m obsessed with Rory and Logan and the life and death brigade scene in a year in the life fall EP it’s so fun and creative I hope new episode s come out because I can’t deal with not knowing what is going to happen!!

  2. I didn’t mind the song that much, but when you binge watch and hear it over and over and over, it gets real old real fast. I liked all the witty banter and pop culture references. I liked most of the characters but I do think the show deteriorated as it went on. The last season was the worst. I watched the new season and loved parts and hated parts, but mostly loved it.

  3. I did exactly the same for the same reason. Never watched them on TV. I already finished ( started in Late October) and miss it already. Love the dialoges. Great to watch while sewing.

    I had some difficulties with the new episodes , too.

    I’m Team Logan by the way.

    So enjoy your last episodes!
    Warmly Barbara

  4. my daughter and I are crazy about it! we watched the first 2 seasons on DVD! we don’t have netflix but we plan on buying and wathicn season 3 soon!! no shame! just fun

  5. Gilmore Girls is definitely a guilty pleasure for me. One channel here in the UK had a couple of episodes every day, I used to record them to watch during toddler nap time. Annoyingly the machine would stop recording the series every time there was a schedule change so I still haven’t managed to watch all the episodes! I borrowed my brother’s Netflix password so I could watch the new ones. They were a bit disappointing but I still had to watch to the end!

  6. I started watching from the beginning last fall because of 1) the much hyped reunion and 2) Jared Padalecki. And like the writer of this piece I’ve been on and off binge watching and am about halfway through season 7. Honestly- I love the show and don’t know how I didn’t fall in love with it years ago when it was on the air.

    Anyway- nice to know I am not alone!

  7. Like you, I never watched the show when it was actually on television, but all the talk of the reunion and it’s easy accessibility on Netflix made it easy to take the plunge. Sometimes I’m more listening to it than watching it as I have it on when I’m sewing or doing household chores! I think I like it now more than I would have when it was on originally? Oh, and Team Logan.

  8. I used to watch it on channel 4/E4?with my daughter after her school day but often missed bits as I would be doing mum things. They had it on repeat broadcasting showing 2 episodes a day i think and then when it got to the end of all the episodes they would just start it again. The programme has been on constant repeat for her, rewatching every year or so even when she left home to go to uni. I recently rewatched right from the beginning of it all on Netflix before I would allow myself to watch the new episodes. My now 21 year old daughter also rewatched it and now sees the dynamic of Rory and Lorelei in a totally different light! We are both team LOGAN!!!! and would shout his name when he came on screen lol. Funnily enough the theme tune has never grated on me and I would always feel compelled to sing the last few lines even when on a binge watching session.

  9. I love Gilmore Girls! I watched it almost from the beginning when it initially aired. I have the DVDs and have watched the series all the way through multiple times. I was a bit disappointed in the revival but I am still hoping for a second season of it!

  10. I like you never watched when it was on TV. I have now watched six seasons in under a month and just started the 7th. I absolutely love this show and all the actors. I am excited to watch the reunion. This show has made cry and made me laugh. I am emotionally attached to all the characters and I am really hoping a 2nd part of the reunion happens. I am team Jess all the way! And team Luke and Lo realize!!!!

  11. Well now I don’t know whether to be sad or glad that it’s not currently running on any British TV channel I don’t need another American TV addiction….like re-runs of The Closer, Cold Case, CSI, need I go on!

  12. I did the same thing….all while sewing!! Always looking for a multi-season mindless show to have on while creating. I’m now watching Mistresses…..

    • Your blog entry could have been written by me!! I started watching while recovering from surgery and I also watch at night and have to rewatch the next day.
      The character I like least is Emily. No one would ever put up with her nastiness and yelling. I love all the other characters but I think Rory is not really a nice person.she doesn’t care if she is sleeping with another woman’s man and she is spoiled. I still love her though, flaws and all.
      The best scene is at the end of the reunion. I won’t spoil it for you but it is Luke’s last scene in the kitchen. It make the whole reunion show.

  13. I am in London and watched it on Netflix. I have watched all 7 series plus the four follow ups. I adore Lauren Graham – Lorelai and Rory have a great relationship. Hated Richard Gilmore so pompous but RIP to Mr Hermann. Adore it they cannot leave it on the last line from Rory. Team Luke all the way.

  14. Like you, I never watched Gilmore Girls when it aired, but started binge watching from season 1 this winter. I am in season 5 now. I don’t know why I can’t seem to stop either, in spite of the hokieness and staged diversity. I am glad I am not alone.

  15. I couldn’t get into Gilmore Girls, but I liked Bunheads. I do agree that even though GG wasn’t for me, I did enjoy basking in its early 00’s glory. Such a peaceful time for me.

  16. I watched every single episode of Gilmore Girls back in the days with my oldest daughter, who was a teenager at the time, and later on with my youngest daughter, who is now a teenager!
    I love the show and the characters… I have been fantasizing about living in a smaller town like Stars Hollow ever since, and think of Luke as the perfect man. Lol.
    I have had a “No Cell Phones” print in my kitchen for some time and recently purchased a “Luke’s Diner” shirt, after the Revival.
    I was a bit disappointed about Rory’s relationship with Logan on the Revival… but still loved to get to have a bit more of Gilmore Girls after so many years!

  17. love it and hate it….love many of the seasons but hate a few, especially the last “reunion”. It was horrible. Painful to finish.
    My daughter and I have watched every season, more than once and only watched the reunion “because” we had seen every other season. It was horrible. The worthy parts could have been condensed into one episode. So disappointed in Rory. She is so worthy of more.

  18. I love the show. I watched it sporadically when it originally aired and more often when it ran in repeats after the show ended. I binge watched the show on Nextflix twice and PVR’d the the last four episodes A Year in the Life so my mom and I could watch them together, then binge watched the entire show again. I think there was a natural chemistry among the cast which was integral to the show’s success. Apparently Amy Sherman Palladino knew exactly how she wanted the show to end when she began writing, including those last four words. Maybe season 7 lacks lustre because the original writers left the show after season 6 was complete. I love that there was a reunion, I’ve gained a little closure. I am forever team Jess and team Luke. Can’t stand Logan! Such a jerk and some things never change. Reminds me of Christopher. I didn’t like how flighty Rory was in the reunion shows either. She was so sure of herself at such a young age. I want more! I wish the show would continue. Especially after that cliffhanger. But if history repeats itself, then I can imagine how everything would unfold and come together. I think I’ll watch it again when I’m done binging The Office.

  19. I love love love the Gilmore Girls.

    I have recently listened to a podcast call the Gilmore guys in which Kevin long time fan of the show and Demi who has never seen the show watch and discuss every episode. It took a few episodes to find its groove but I think it is great and you might too!

  20. I have never seen the Gilmore Girls, but I have listened to a lovely podcast on This American Life on NPR, that has a soldier explaining why his battalion watched Gilmore Girls DVDs over and over again while stationed in Afganistan. It was totally sweet and unexpected.

  21. I didn’t watch it when it was originally aired. After seeing so much about the show and upcoming reunion on social media, I was curios. I binge watched and finished shortly after the reunion episodes were released. At first I wasn’t impressed but somehow I got sucked in. I think part of it was an expectation that it would get better or an aha moment would happen.

  22. I am re-watching the whole series (again). I think you’re onto something with it being sort of a salve to the state of the world right now…it’s a nice escape to have on while I knit in the evening. I watched it originally on DVD- my first daughter was a preemie, and I had to nurse her every 2 hours around the clock- so I would wake up several times in the middle of the night and pop in a GG DVD, watch an episode while she nursed, then go back to bed. Repeat. So it brings back some sweet memories of that time for me. Watch the revival! It’s fun if you just enjoy it for what it is- more Gilmore Girls! I think people went into it with such huge expectations it was bound to disappoint. I hope they make more. Oh, definitely team Jess 😉

  23. I watched religiously with our daughters when it was originally aired. Because my oldest was in the same grade with Rory then, it paralleled our lives so I cried buckets when she graduated high school, went to college, and moved away for her first job. Both our girls bought the entire collection on DVD (before it was possible to watch on Netflix) and watch them every year or two. After the Reunion I started back at Season 1 on Netflix and am in Season 3 now. For me, GG is a comfort show that is like being with friends when I’m sad, lonely, or happy and alone. Strangely enough I don’t judge the show or characters as harshly as I usually do others. The only reason I can come up with is that they’re family to me – for better or worse. Glad you are enjoying! Welcome to the club 🙂

  24. I watched the show back in the day on TV. I was probably shortly out of college when the show started, so I was older than Rory but younger than Lorelai and I totally identified with Lorelai (Rory was a little too annoyingly perfect) and I loved the show. Loved the theme song too (maybe it doesn’t lend itself to binge watching?) I enjoyed seeing the characters again in the revival, but didn’t really like the direction they had taken. I do have the DVDs and rewatch the show every once in a while.

  25. I remember when it first came out TV guide had an article and one line in it said it’s about “the relationship you would love to have with your mom and one you probably do”… Yup

  26. I, too, entirely missed the show when it was originally produced, so I’m now binge-watching on Netflix, and it’s truly a guilty pleasure. The acting is flawed and the plot lines are cheesy, but I love the costuming, music, and cultural references that take me directly back to 2000 when I was 21 and felt like the world was my oyster! The show may not be terribly deep, but it struck a chord. I agree that it’s a nice place to get lost when the news headlines start making my stomach turn.

  27. I’m Team Mrs. Kim! It was a Mother-Daughter thing for us, bridging the years from high school to college. The theme song is one of the best things about the show. Tapestry by Carole King was the first album I ever loved. Sorry, Rae, but Kirk is my least favorite character, next to Miss Patty.

    • HAHA! I love that Kirk is your least favorite!! It really fascinates me how people just really resonate with different characters. I love Mrs Kim too!

  28. I think it is a terrible show and the last four Netflix episodes are the worst of the bunch. Having said that, I have watched every episode and am also #teamKirk and I think it was great how they took a character who would typically be weird and creepy guy who lives with his mom and turned him into such a lovable character instead. For me, he’s the only character who is interesting and well developed.

  29. I was Rory’s age when I watched the show originally, but never saw the last season or two because I was in college with crazy schedules (how did we survive pre- online episodes??). I finally watched them all last year and it does get pretty rocky (plot, acting, etc) in the end. I heard a lot of so-so comments about the revival, but I loved it! It had the vibe of the first sessions and they got so many of the original cast and Bunheads cameos (such a cute show with a terrible accidental finale episode)… It was silly, didn’t end the way you wanted, but fun blast from the past. So definitely a nostalgic thing for me. Also, Kirk was always my favorite.

  30. I love the first couple of seasons the best and was not crazy about the reunion either. I LOVE her house. I also love the eclectic cast and the fact that everything is in walking distance from their doorstep. I like it so much that I turn them on all the time, kind of like listening to your favorite song. I will be sewing or getting ready for work not even watching, but hearing their voices in the background…its like listening to old friends.

  31. I didn’t have a tv when the show first aired (poor young married grad students.) but started watching when I was sick a few weeks ago. I figured it was about time to see what the fuss was about. Ending up binge watching everything in less than 3 weeks!😳 Loved it. Wasn’t A big a fan of the reunion shows. But I’m a die hard romantic at heart. And I love a good escape.

    • Hi Betsy! Yes, I agree, the reunion shows were a little disappointing…but I’m really glad I finished it. Wow I’m impressed: 3 weeks!

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