Cleo Skirt Inspiration

I really enjoy cruising around on Pinterest on a Saturday morning with a cup of coffee. Lately, I’ve been collecting some skirt images that have me really excited to sew the Cleo Skirt. Here are 25 skirts from my Lovely Skirts board to give you some ideas and inspiration!

Cleo Skirt Inspiration

I definitely need to find some palm print fabric (1), STAT. I love the two floral prints in flowy rayon and longer length here (2 & 5). Solids are a great skirt option too; I love the pale hues of that pale pink (3) and off white skirt (7), and that bright yellow skirt (6) is so cute with a striped knit tee and belt. That navy skirt (4) is so elegant with heels and a clutch. How about two bright solids for View A of the pattern (8)? And a lovely skirt in bias-cut checks (9).
Inspiration for Cleo

That gingham skirt (10) at the top was the inspiration for my own gingham version of Cleo. Some lovely dark green print mixing happening here (11). More great polka-dotted skirts (13 & 17) and a fantastic floral print (16). How do you feel about electric yellow (14)? I love it! And that color-blocked silk version (15) inspired my Black Silk Cleo.
Cleo Skirt Inspiration

Some more great solid (18,19,20,23), checked (22) and dotted (25) skirts; so cute paired with striped tees or tights! That bright abstract print version (24) with the tucked in shirt, gold accessories, and gorgeous bun is giving me serious style envy. And while the mini-skirt here (21) is definitely shorter than something I would wear personally, I still love the combination of abstract floral print with a striped tee.

All images via my lovely skirts Pinterest board

Need to sew a skirt right now? You can find the Cleo Skirt pattern in my shop!

13 thoughts on “Cleo Skirt Inspiration

  1. I love my Pinterest board too! I started one at the suggestion on Curated Closet (great book by the way! and just to be completely above board I have absolutely no reason to plug her book πŸ™‚ I just found it so helpful!) and have been filling my board with inspiring images. It’s really helped me to steady the course of my sewing – not be so darn random or redundant πŸ™‚

  2. Love the new CLEO skirt, would there be a way to pleat it rather than gathering for a different look?

    • Yes, that would be really adorable!! The back would be a bit tricky to pleat unless you did a flat waistband (something we’ve been talking about writing a tutorial for around here) instead of the elastic waist, but the front would work out quite nicely i think!! You’d have to subtract the difference in width between the waistband and the skirt pieces, and then divide by the number of pleats you wanted to get the size of each pleat.

  3. Please let us know if you find a nice apparel weight palm print! I only know of one print that fits the bill, but it’s a home dec outdoor type. Not sure how suitable that really is for some things. I definitely would want a fun dress for my Florida vacation! Which, I think I’m going to make a ton of stuff to bring even though we’re only there a week and part of that time will include wedding party attire, lol.

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