Undies for Hugo

Sidewalk Undies

Undies for Hugo

I went on an undie-sewing binge for Hugo a couple weeks ago and whipped these babies out assembly-line style. It was so very satisfying. Plus omg the cuteness. I used three prints from my Sidewalk knit line for Cloud9, some black and lime baby rib knit obtained some time in the past from who knows where, and a yellow interlock knit (on the bug ones) from Cloud9’s debut knit collection, which is quite possibly the best yellow hue I’ve ever found in a knit fabric. It’s just a really lovely shade of yellow with a hint of green and a slightly unsaturated quality that makes it look great with nearly every other shade of yellow even if it’s not a perfect match. Plus their solid interlocks are super duper soft.

Sidewalk undies

If sewing your kids’ underwear falls solidly into the “Why would I ever sew that?” category for you, let me give you a few reasons why it’s worth trying:

  1. They take very little fabric. Like next to none.
  2. They come together remarkably fast, especially if you use a serger and sew more than one pair at the same time
  3. So much cute for for such a tiny little sewing project
  4. These make potty-training more fun!

Speaking of potty training, Hugo is now done with diapers, woooohoooo hallelujah for that. I decided to bite the bullet after Christmas, and as should be expected it hasn’t been all clear sailing (we still have accidents, pullups at night which I swore I would never do), but overall he’s on board with the concept and has been excited about both his new green potty chair and his new underwear. His parents are thrilled to be done with diapers forever. Yeehaw.

Sidewalk Undies

Just a few notes about the pattern: I used the Little Fishies Undies pattern, which I bought a print copy of years ago from Bonnie of Fishstick Designs. She’s since discontinued direct sales, but it is available as a PDF from Girl Charlee. I like the gender-neutral, simple design and I’ve made a handful of these for all three kids over the years and they fit well. Probably one of the best features is the waistband has elastic encased inside it so they stay up really well. Plus the way that they are cleverly constructed hides the waistband seam between the lining and outer layer so it’s smooth on the inside of the waist and comfortable for the wearer.

Sidewalk Undies

I clearly took way too many photos of these undies. I’m gonna just decide to be OK with that.

Sidewalk Undies

12 thoughts on “Undies!

  1. Super cute! Those prints make awesome undies. I started making undies for my kids when they were small and they still want my homemade undies at 10, 12 and 15! I’ve used the That Darn Kat pattern and also a Jalie pattern for boxer briefs.

    • Thanks, Alison! And I love hearing that your big kids still wear handmade undies, that is so awesome. Thanks for the pattern recommendations!!

  2. oh my goodness! I sewed a few undies for myself while in college, and my husband still reminds me of the disastrous effects….

    But these?! These I love. once potty training starts, that school bus design is going to be a huge hit.

    • thanks, Anne!! and hah I haven’t been brave enough to foray into making my own undies yet!! 🙂

  3. I’ve sewn undies for my daughter (now 4) and she is probably almost due for some new ones. They are fun and quick and super cute but not always the style she finds comfortable since she doesn’t like to feel anything tight on her legs (but, you know, also will only wearing leggings because regular pants flap around). If I could find a boy short pattern with toddler/kid sizes my sewing life would probably be complete.

    • Hi Shelley:
      Oh! I have a pants pattern (Parsley) for boys or girls with a free tutorial for making them into shorts — it starts at size 2 but is very narrow so it fit Hugo as shorts when he was 12 months. Maybe that helps? Let me know if you have questions!!



      • Thanks for the suggestion. I’d never considered just regular shorts. I wonder how they would fit under other pants and leggings? I’ve got the parsley pattern and used it for a pair of pj pants for Christmas. They are the only pants my daughter wears right now without complaining about flapping when she puts her boots on. Must make more.

  4. So adorable! I purchased and downloaded the pattern. Tip: Use US legal size paper for the pattern to fit. Need to change your printer page setting.
    Question for Rae: I noticed in your photos that you did not use a full lining layer (double undies) that is featured in the download version. Can you help with any hints on constructing them as you did with your version? I’m not sure how to proceed and would prefer not to have the lining. Thank you for your help!

    • Hi Jeanne!
      Thanks for the printing tip.
      I did actually line these, though it’s hard to tell from the photos. I used a lightweight white jersey for the lining, and made them just like the instructions said. Hope that helps!!



  5. Perfect! Thanks for the speedy reply, Rae! I’ve never worked with jersey or with my brand new still-in-the-box (since 2015) serger. I’m taking the plunge! Very much appreciate your help. 🙂

  6. Hi Rae
    I would love to sew those undies but I can’t find the pattern on girl charlee. The link on your page isn’t working. Could this be because I don’t live in England/the US? Are you sure the pattern is still available and what’s the exact name?
    Thanks for your help!!


    Ps. Love your blog very much!

    • Hi Barbara,
      I’ve just checked the link and it worked just fine for me, so I’m not sure why you can’t access it! The exact name of the product in the Girl Charlee shop is: “Fishsticks Designs Little Fishies Undies Sewing Pattern,” and it’s listed as a PDF pattern for $9.75. Good luck!

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