Lace Easter Dress

Lace Easter Dress

It’s not unusual for me to get really excited about sewing something, do most of the work, hit a hurdle of some sort, and then quit the project altogether. That almost happened with this dress which I started at the end of last summer. I started with my Gemma pattern, which I lengthened and cut in two layers (lace and white jersey knit) and managed to sew together at the neckline, armholes, and side seams. Then I decided it needed a waistband and that’s where the project stalled.

Lace Easter Dress

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago, when I picked it up again, added the waistband — when you have two layers this is as simple as sewing two lines of stitches and threading elastic between them — and hemmed it. I make that sound quicker than it actually was; it took me a few tries to get the waistband location right, but now I have a lovely dress for spring! Whyeeeeee did I wait so long to finish it?!? Sometimes I scratch my head at my own self. But at least it’s finished, and damn if it felt good to cross this project off the WIP list.

Lace Easter Dress

I find most of my lace here in Michigan at Field’s fabrics, which is a West Michigan chain that carries both quilting and apparel fabric. I think I bought at least three other laces, so look for more handmade lace clothing in my future.

Lace Easter Dress

15 thoughts on “Lace Easter Dress

  1. I do that weird procrastination thing too. I thought it was because I am still learning so many things and I get overwhelmed. Your dress is super cute!

  2. Beautiful! I have been wanting to make a dress using eyelet with a contrasting lining and this might be the perfect pattern! Did you come up with a formula for where to sew the waistband?

    • Thanks, Julie!
      For the waistband, I tried it on after the shoulders, neck, and armholes were finished, and tied a belt around it to visualize where the waist should go. Then I marked it with chalk on the inside of the lining and sewed the side seams, skipping the spot where I wanted the waistband to go. It worked out pretty well…it took two tries to get it in the right spot, but I’m happy with it now!! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Alyson,
      Yes the lace does have a bit of stretch to it as well, but it’s not super stretchy (ie I don’t think it’s “stretch lace”)

  3. Love your dress – some laces are just not quite right for a dress but this one is beautiful! I know what you mean about getting that waist placement just right! I’ve looked at a number of patterns with the inside elastic waist casing and having the top blouse over and thought GEE how would you figure out where to put that exactly?! I also had to tell you I have your Beatrice blouse pattern on the way to me from the UK! I am not a big fan of PDF to be honest so when I discovered there were still some hard copies to be had I immediately contacted the shop and they are sending me one! I’ve seen so many beautiful renditions of this blouse I’m excited to make one πŸ™‚

  4. that is so pretty and fresh looking! I love the simplicity with the jumble of yellow beads. Well done. Sometimes when I procrastinate on a sewing project, I just seem to grow away from it and I tell myself it was never meant to be – ha ha!

  5. Lovely!

    I am coming back to this as I want to do something similar. I haven’t ever sewn with lace, any tips and tricks? Especially about the hem??

    • Hi Ellen,
      I found that using a serger for sewing with lace is incredibly helpful. The extra seam finishing really helps stabilize the seams, and for the hem, I usually use the serger to overlock the entire edge first, then fold it up and stitch it down. It’s much easier to hem once the serger has stabilized the edge.
      Hope that helps a bit!!!
      Have fun! πŸ™‚

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