Loominous boho dress

Loominous Dress with Ties

Check out my new spring dress!! It’s so cheery and fun. This boho-inspired dress is the second pattern hack I’ve made with Loominous fabric (the first being my Josephine with tassel ties). I love this “Treasure” print. So much that I also made a Cleo skirt in the black colorway. I also seem to have a thing for ties, which look cute open:

Loominous Dress with Ties
Or tied in a bow…

Loominous Dress with Ties

Or knotted! All cute. Still thinking I might add tassels to the ties (again), though. What do you think? Can a wardrobe have too many tasseled garments? A question I wrestle with at night.

Loominous Dress with Ties

To make this dress, I started with my Ruby dress pattern, modified the yokes and added shortened Josephine sleeves and neckline binding with ties.

I added 3/4″ to the center front of the front Ruby yoke and cut two instead of one on the fold. I also flattened the bottom of both of the yokes as shown below. Before attaching the yokes to the body of the dress, I folded and stitched down the front edges of the front yokes, tacked them together at the bottom, and then sewed as directed in the pattern.

Adjusting Ruby yoke pieces

Adding the Josephine sleeves was fairly simple since they have a gathered area at the top, so I just gathered them until they fit the armholes, attached them, and then sewed the side seams. I shortened the sleeves by about 4″ and then hemmed them up with a 2″ hem allowance. I also centered the gathers on the back yoke more than usual; you can see this in the photo below.

Loominous Dress with Ties

15 thoughts on “Loominous boho dress

  1. Ha! A Ruby-Josephine hybrid. I was in the right track. It is absolutely adorable on you. Perfect warm weather dress. Happy spring and happy sewing. You’ve definitely got some great sewing mojo going on!👍👍👍🌸🌷🌺

  2. I had a dress just like this (1968) that I loved and wore completely to rags. It’s the perfect summer shift and I bet you’ll get so much wear out of it this summer you’ll be making more! Love your pattern matching at the back! It’s like a final comment as you are walking away, “Look what I can do!”

  3. Hi Rae,

    This looks so lovely! And wonderful for spring. I bet it would look really nice with a belted waist too (I’m on a bit of a belt kick lately :).

    Sorry if I missed it somewhere, do you remember how much yardage this took?


  4. I love love love this! Your patterns plus those Loominous fabrics are a match made in heaven! I’m wondering: how sheer is this fabric? Would I need to add a lining to make a dress I plan on wearing without leggings?

  5. Is there any change you could put together a composite/standalone pattern for this? I am not very good at meshing patterns together but I would LOVE to make this just as you have it? Have $$$, will spend them with you!

  6. I love this!! I may have to try doing this–but yes, I’d buy a separate pattern too like Jennifer mentioned above. #timeismoney LOL <3

  7. Yes, please consider a new pattern!! I’d buy it! I want to use this for the pool!

  8. Such a great dress! I would love this in a little girl’s size pattern or is there a way to modify the Geranium dress into this Boho dress?

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