Geranium Expansion Pack: the collar

made by rae GXP collar

Let’s talk about the collar! This adorable element included in the Geranium Expansion Pack is both sophisticated and sweet. I love that it looks fantastic both in a contrast fabric, and in the same fabric as the rest of the dress. It also works beautifully with or without sleeves (personally, I think the faux cap sleeve + collar is ridiculously cute, and a great option if you want to try the collar for the first time and want to keep it simple).

Geranium XP

The collar has a lovely subtle curve in the front and is divided in the back to accommodate either a zipper or buttons. Like the sleeves, the collar is tidily sandwiched between the lining and the outer bodice for a truly professional finish.

Geranium XP - collar (back)

It think the collar is really cute with the gathered long sleeve, below. When made in the same fabric as the main dress, it’s really great:

Geranium XP - gathered sleeve with collar

But I also love the drama that making it in a contrast fabric adds:

Geranium Expansion Pack - collar + zipper

I sewed this little sample to test out how the collar would work with the zipper, and it turned out really nicely. I’ll post more about this little flamingo sample (which is a size 2) in the zipper post, so you’ll also get a chance to see this sample inside-out!

Geranium XP - zipper

Geranium Expansion Pack - collar + zipper

Geranium Expansion Pack - collar + zipper

And finally, why not try a solid on solid collar and dress? So lovely in this sample Rachel sewed for our cover shoot!

Geranium Expansion Pack sewing pattern

Level of difficulty
The collar is fairly easy to sew; it’s four collar pieces, sewn together in pairs, turned right side out, and basted to the bodice before adding the lining. As long as you can sew a smooth curve, the biggest difficulty might be turning and pressing it right-side out, so we’ve made sure to include some hints to help you along. I think you’ll find it’s quite easy to add the collar if you have some sewing experience!

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  1. Please, I want that flamingo fabric. The black contrast makes it *amazing*. LOVE it!!

    • Aww yay!! That’s a lawn from Cotton and Steel — you should be able to find it around if you search online!

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