Geranium Expansion Pack: the sash

made by rae GXP sash

One of my favorite reasons to make the Geranium Dress is for a fancy occasion, such as a wedding or a family celebration. I decided to add this lovely sash to the expansion pack for just those sorts of occasions, for dress up, for any other reason you might want a sash, or no reason at all. I could envision the sash in a solid color to match a print on a dress, or vice versa. My dream is to see this made up one day in a little flower girl’s dress, in a fancy fabric with a sash and hem band to match (more on that hem band here).

Geranium XP - sash (front)

We’ve included three different ways to attach the sash in the instructions, so you can gather it, pleat it, or just attach it directly to the dress (shown here). It’s added after the dress is completed so that you could even detach it when washing the dress if you need to (try adding small snaps instead of stitches to attach it if you’d really like to be able to do this). And if you think it looks sweet from the front, it’s even cuter from the back.

Geranium XP
The samples shown in this post are size 0 (newborn), so the proportions of the sash/dress in other sizes will differ slightly depending on what size you choose. In all sizes, I think you’ll find that it’s fairly dramatic in both length and width, and of course you could adjust both to suit your own taste.

Geranium XP

Here’s another little sample in a slightly larger size (6-12 months) with the sash pleated at the side seam where it attaches:

GXP with sash

Visit the Geranium Expansion Pack Page to see all of posts I’ve written about the elements in this pattern.

The Geranium Expansion Pack is available now in sizes 0-12y from my shop!

4 thoughts on “Geranium Expansion Pack: the sash

  1. So does the sash work with the regular bodice, or is it better to use the bodice extension if adding a sash?
    I can’t wait to make up a dress with a sash and hem band… love it!!

  2. Hi Rebekah,

    That’s a great question! I’ve made the sash pretty wide, so I like to center it over the waist seam (and therefore it automatically lowers the waist a little) when I’m using the regular bodice, but you could also use the bodice extension and place it just at/above the waist seam and it would work quite nicely for that as well. All that to say: either works!!


  3. Do you have any recommendations for using lace for the sash? I’d like to try it, but am a little unsure how it would work with the double layer.

    • Hi Rachel!

      I think that you might want to try it as a single layer rather than a double layer, and hem the edges all the way around? You could use half of the pattern piece if you do this to still end up with the same width as intended. That could be really cute!!!!



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