Geranium Expansion Pack is here!

The Geranium Dress has become a staple in countless girls’ wardrobes in the years since we launched it, and with good reason: it’s easy and quick to sew, it’s versatile and comfortable, and has a great fit. And now, the possibilities for Geranium are virtually endless. Introducing the Geranium Expansion Pack, a new add-on for the original Geranium sewing pattern!


Please note that the Geranium Expansion Pack is not a standalone pattern — it is a supplement to the Geranium Dress.

Sizes included
The original Geranium pattern is sold in two ranges: baby and toddler (0-5T) and kid (6-12y). This expansion pack includes both of those ranges, for a total of 14 different sizes included. You can purchase the expansion pack on its own, or select an option to purchase it along with one or both size ranges of the original Geranium pattern.

So many possibilities
It only made sense to add even more features to Geranium, which is a great blank template for building upon, and is already so versatile. The obvious starting point — and probably your most-emailed request, ever — was to add a long sleeve, but I didn’t want to stop there. I’ve included a collar, neck bow, double-fold hem band, a longer bodice, a sash, two new sleeve types (each with three different length options), as well as instructions for adding a zipper. I think you’re going to love all of the possibilities. When I did the math to try and figure out how many different dresses you could make by combining features from the original pattern and the expansion, it was literally in the thousands.

The Expansion Pack is an à la carte pattern; that is, it doesn’t have a “View A” or “View B.” Instead, each element (such as the collar) has its own set of instructions so you can mix and match your way to any combination you like for a completely custom dress. The instructions have road maps — yes, we literally added road map signs — to help you sew everything in a sensible order, no matter what elements you wish to incorporate.

Level of difficulty
The original pattern allowed you to build your sewing skills, and the expansion pack will help you learn even more advanced techniques, with the same detailed instructions and diagrams you’ve come to depend on from my patterns. Some of the elements in the expansion pack are beginner level, but most are intermediate (the neck bow, for example) or advanced (the zipper), so we are giving the entire expansion pack a difficulty rating of “advanced” in the shop. Please don’t let that intimidate you; time and time again we’ve heard from people who have made my patterns having never sewn a garment before who have found the instructions to be incredibly easy to follow and helpful. I’ve also added a recommendation to the general instructions for beginners to try just one element at a time before combining more than one.

I was thrilled to be able to work with Rachel of Stitched Together (@stitchedtogether) on this project for the photography and sample sewing. I’ve been admiring Rachel’s work for years and was so happy that she was able to sew these dresses for her gorgeous daughters and take the amazing photographs you see here.

Geranium Expansion Pack sewing pattern

I’ve always thought her photos were breathtaking, and combined with her fantastic sewing skills, the result is beyond what I could have hoped for. I’m so glad that Rachel was so willing and excited about this project — she has five children and homeschools them, in addition to sewing and writing for her own blog — and I’m honored she found time to fit this into her already very busy schedule. Thank you, Rachel!

Geranium Expansion Pack sewing pattern

Geranium Expansion Pack sewing pattern

Over the next few days, I’m going to introduce you to each of the elements that is included in this expansion pack, one by one, so I can talk a little bit about each one and give you a closer look at the options. I’ve also got fantastic testers who have made the most amazing versions and I can’t wait to show you what they’ve done with this pattern. I’m really just so excited to finally have this ready for you. I can’t wait to see what you do with this pattern expansion!!!



5 thoughts on “Geranium Expansion Pack is here!

  1. YAY!! I just purchased mine and am so thrilled to finally have this! I’ve been waiting for this a very long time! My daughter is 7 and since I’ve had the original Geranium pattern, almost every single dress I’ve made her has been a Geranium! It is such a lovely and versatile pattern. I’ve come up with some variations of my own through the years, but am so happy that I now have more options to choose from. And now, to order some fabric so I can make my girl another Geranium!

  2. I was SO excited to open my email this morning and see this news! I have made several geraniums for my 14 month old and her baby friends. I’m not great at customizing on my own so I was desperately hoping for a sleeve add on. The Peter Pan collar is the icing on the cake. Thank you!! Off to buy it now!

  3. I can’t wait to give this a try! My little lady is 4 months and I’ve been thinking I’d like to make her a long sleeve dress for the impending (Aussie) winter. This is just in time. Thanks!

  4. I’m so excited for this! I’ve made 6 Geraniums over the last few years, and have been wishing for a sleeve option to work it into our Canadian winter wardrobe!

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