Rose Ruby with Divided Yoke

Rose Ruby with divided yoke

Rose Ruby with divided yoke

I always get a little overwhelmed in spring with all the new things I want to sew; clothes for kids, clothes for me, all the ideas and designs in my head, all the new patterns online getting me inspired. It happened again this year: last month I felt really overwhelmed by work and life, and it wasn’t great, and I can’t say I figured out a great way to deal with it so this isn’t a personal victory story or anything like that. However, I managed to attack a few things on my WIP pile, including a Ruby top with a black lawn yoke and pink voile bottom that I had started just after Hugo was born, tried on, decided that I looked like a cow in it (oh ye post partum body issues, le sigh…), and abandoned. I took off the black yoke, sewed a new divided/lined yoke from the pink main fabric, and hemmed it so it has a cropped length (about a 3″ hem allowance instead of 1″). Can’t believe how much more I love this thing now.

Ruby with divided yoke

Rose Ruby with divided yoke

Rose Ruby with divided yoke

Rose Ruby with divided yoke

The fabric is Pickering Voile from Dry Goods Design, and it’s super sheer and fairly wrinkle resistant. They won’t have it anymore, but if you keep an eye on that shop, I promise you’ll find some gem apparel fabric. The rose pink works well with my white jeans (I got fistbumped by a homeless lady the other day who told me they were — and I quote — “White, tight, and right”) and my decades-old Gap jean jacket. Oh and my new haircut! So easy! So quick to dry!! Looks good with my glasses!!! Haircut for the win.

Rose Ruby with divided yoke

I’ll post a how-to for the divided yoke Ruby soon. Meanwhile you can check out my past Ruby posts and tutorials on the Ruby Page, or just get yourself started with the Ruby pattern from my shop.

Anyway, I hope you’re full of spring sewing mojo! But if you’re suffering from Spring Sewing Idea Paralysis, try taking something off the WIP pile instead. It might work for you too!

18 thoughts on “Rose Ruby with Divided Yoke

  1. Omg white tight and right? You go girl! I actually was thinking of a variation on the Gemma crop that would still be shorter but a little longer than the crop and more trapeze-like and this shorter Ruby has that feel. I thought it might work well with Luna Pants. Have you tried that shape? So great that a tiny tweak gives you a whole new look. You should write a book. Compile all these variations to your library of patterns. They are really terrific. 😊

    • oh yes that would be so cute with Luna, cropped!!! I need to try that, stat.

      A book has been something I’ve mulled over for years…It would be really really fun to do a whole book of mods! 🙂

  2. You look super adorable! Also where does this homeless woman hang? I want to walk by her daily just fishing for compliments.

  3. I was overwhelmed with work and life last month, too. It’s ongoing, but end of semester means relief is in sight. I’ve got all good intentions of sewing but no time or mojo at the moment. Sending good vibes to you.

    p.s love the haircut!

  4. LOVE! your new haircut…stunning! The top is adorable too, but that hair, you go girl!!

  5. Everything about your look is on fire right now. SOOOO helpful bc I remember when you were not loving your postpartum bod (always looked good to me) and I am mired in the PP body muck right now. Maybe I shouldn’t Kon Mari all my clothes for mumus yet? I feel like Luna pants in lightweight denim and a ruby top would help? We’ll see if I can get around to it.

    • Aww big hugs to you, Mandy, I’ve definitely been there. It always felt to me like it would never end. I’ve been amazed both at how slowly it took me to feel like I had my old body back, and also how (in retrospect) it feels like it was just yesterday I felt that way. I would have loved to have been one of those moms who just didn’t care (and knowing that I wasn’t made me feel more guilty), but I did care.

      Try to give yourself a break!!! Don’t Kon Mari those mumus yet! And don’t put to much pressure on yourself to sew, unless you really want to. You’ll get there soon enough!!!!! xoxoxo, Rae

  6. I have been waffling on buying the Ruby pattern for ages now, but this top and the dress you posted a few days ago sealed the deal. I purchased it and I’m ready to make a dozen for this summer!!

    Do you have a post about the blue one with the floral yoke on your pattern shop page? I love that version too and I’m just wondering about the fabrics you used.

    • Hi Erin!
      Yay!! You’ll have so much fun with Ruby!
      I never posted about that floral one; it was a sample for the shop pics that never made it onto the blog, but here are the fabrics I used:
      – top (yoke) is quilting cotton, Liberty Lifestyle floral print
      – bottom (main) is solid voile by Free Spirit; it was one of Anna Maria Horner’s solid voiles.

      Hope that helps!! Have fun sewing!!! 🙂

    • Thanks, Joanna!! I was just thinking about you the other day! Mom was telling me that your mom had visited Jan and Carl. So fun to hear from you again!

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