Matcha Top

Matcha Top

Earlier this spring my friend Meg of Sew Liberated released the Matcha Top pattern and I had that thing in my shopping cart and downloaded before you could say Matcha. I loved the versions that Meg had posted on Instagram, and the combination of the collar, center front slit, and roomy design just seemed like the perfect pattern for spring. I used a rayon I found at Indiesew, so it’s incredibly comfortable, and between that and the great design, it’s become one of my favorite tops to wear!  Even in hot weather it looks great with shorts, though this is how I wore it most of the spring:

Matcha Top

I found the pattern to be quite easy to sew with the possible exception of the collar which is understandably less “beginner” than the rest of the top, but I’ve sewn a fair amount of collars before and didn’t find it to be difficult.

Matcha Top

In the photo below you can see how much ease the pattern has, which is why I think fabric choice is really critical for this pattern. If you tried making it in a poplin or quilting cotton, I don’t think it would work. Meg made some great fabric recommendations, including double gauze (one of my favorites) and also some great loose-weave ikats, and I’d love to try both of those for a subsequent version.

Matcha Top

After sewing the collar on the first time and finding it too tight (I later realized I had traced it incorrectly — Hugo was probably pulling on my leg or something), I ended up using a collar from a larger size to help widen the back; normally the collar would be closer to the neck than what you see in these pics, but I like it this way too. Next time I will use the correct size and just add a bit of width between the two back notches for my broader-than-normal shoulders. Meg also recommends using a smaller collar to widen the gap between the two sides of the collar, which could be really cute too.

Matcha Top

I’m actually also taking Meg’s Matcha class at Squam this fall, so I’m really excited that I’ll have a chance to make another version and learn some tips from Meg. Squam is something I’m just really excited about, period. I’ve wanted to go for years, and this fall is their last one and I managed to squeeze myself in after getting on the waistlist. It looks like it’s going to be amazing!!! And that reminds me, I need to go buy my plane tickets yet…

7 thoughts on “Matcha Top

  1. Beautiful! I’ll have to try this. Great for skimming a rounder middle. (I’d call it baby-weight, but my “baby” will be three next week. It’s really actually ice cream weight. Lol!)

    BTW, speaking of rayon fabric, I noticed that Fabric Mart Fabrics has their Challis 50% off, and there are a few AMH prints! I know you’re a big fan of her Challis. (I’ve no affiliation with FMF, I’m just a consummate fabric shop lurker!)

    • Hah yes, ice cream weight…I year ya! 🙂

      And thanks for the rayon sale heads up! That’s great!!

  2. Such a cute top! I have been on the fence about getting this pattern but I think I’m sold now.

    How amazing that you’re going to Squam. It’s been a long time dream of mine. Are they ending for good or did you just mean it’s the last of this year?!

    • They said on their website that this would be the last one, but I don’t know…maybe someone else will take it over? I have no idea, but I’m definitely sad that they’re ending it!!

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