A Very Important Announcement

Greetings, sewwy people! Elli and Jess here. This blog has been officially commandeered by Rae’s team. It is our solemn duty to inform you that today Rae is celebrating a milestone birthday. We won’t say which one, but it might just rhyme with “schmorty.”

To prepare you for this momentous occasion, you may have noticed that we arranged for the moon to block out the sun for a couple minutes earlier this week. We hope you appreciated our efforts and had a nice time.

To celebrate the actual anniversary of Rae’s birth, we thought you might enjoy having a peek into Rae’s handmade childhood. *cue twinkly sound effect and wibbley flashback graphics*

Rae started life as a pretty cute baby with an astonishing amount of hair. Most kids are as bald as watermelons at this age:

[Seersucker overalls sewn by Mom]

She existed on the planet for a couple of years, siblingless:

[Pink sweater knitted by Grandma B]

And then, THANK GOODNESS, Elli was born. Rae was understandably delighted.

[Blue smocked dress sewn by Grandma B. Elli is the one with no hair.]

Rae continued being cute for quite some time….

[Raggedy Ann costume + matching doll sewn by Mom]

[Rae’s jumper sewn by Mom; Elli’s dress sewn by Grandma B]

[Flashback tee inspiration sewn by Mom]

Fashion milestones included matching seersucker rompers:

[Rompers sewn by Mom]

Rae celebrated her book debut with an embellished geranium-esque corduroy jumper:

[Pretty sure Mom made this one too]

Then Kricket was born! We suspect she was conceived specifically for the purpose of wearing our fabulous hand-me-downs:

[Quilted vest sewn by mom]

None of us were immune to the stenciling craze:

[Dad’s suit not sewn by Mom]

The 80s hit their stride. Hair started to get big:

[Rae in pink; Elli in purple. Dresses sewn by Mom, of course]

Then it got bigger:

[The itchiest wool jumper ever, sewn by Mom from upholstery fabric intended for office chairs. Turtle bread by Rae.]

Before we knew it, Rae and her sleeves graduated from 8th grade:

[Dress sewn by, you guessed it, Mom]

We will leave Rae here because she is now a teenager and, as such, will refuse to wear anything handmade for about a decade. Then the cycle will begin again

We feel pretty darn lucky to have Rae as a sister / cousin / bosslady, and we’re so glad she started sewing! Here’s to at least rhymes-with-schmorty more years of creativity, inspiration, and online fellowship.


XoxoxoxoxoX Elli & Jess

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20 thoughts on “A Very Important Announcement

  1. Loved this post. Happy Birthday Rae🎉 My daughter turned forty last week and even though we live in Australia the family photos are very similar . Thanks for sharing 😘🍾🥂

  2. These photos are the best! I was also a victim of giant permed hair (and super tall bangs to go along with it.) How cool that your mom sewed so many of your clothes when you were growing up. I hope you had a wonderful birthday!!

  3. Wishing you a wonderful birthday! You know you celebrate all month long! Cute post and loved the clothes. My mother sewed everything I wore!

  4. Wow…loved seeing you in all those beautifully handmade outfits, so sweet. Happy Birthday and here’s to another schmorty more!

  5. I love these pictures!! I have not yet reached shmorty, but I wore some variation of pretty much every one of these outfits, sewn by either my mom or grandmother. Long live the ’80s!

  6. It is amazing to see the family resemblance: between your kids and you and Ellie and Jess and your parents in all of you you. Really a wonderful celebration of family. How lucky you all are to have each other. Happy birthday!

  7. Long time reader from India. 40 is just a year away for me. We three sisters also wore mom made most of the time. Lovely post 🙂 reminded me of my own childhood. Happy birthday Rae. Thank you for the free baby geranium pattern. I have made so many of them for my nieces . Here’s wishing you another 40 years of creativity! Love from India, Shireen.

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