Cleo Summer Showcase, Part I

It’s time to take a look at the Cleo Summer Showcase so far!

Update: here’s Part 2

I’m so inspired by all of the amazing skirts that these lovely women have made and posted already this week. And honestly, overwhelmed and honored that so many people agreed to be a part of this little showcase. Thank you to everyone who has participated so far!!

Let’s start with a roundup from Monday’s showcase guests:

Cleo Summer ShowcaseVicky of Sewvee, top left, made this colorful and cheerful Cleo. I love that umbrella too. See more pics in her blog post!
Erin of Hungie Gungietop right posted this lovely pink Loominous skirt and styled it with a cute aqua belt. See more pics on her blog.
Natalie of Hungry Hippie Sews rounded up all of her Cleo skirts on her blog, including this beautiful rayon version that she made (bottom left). Natalie was one of our Cleo testers and has made a bunch since the pattern launched!
Teri of Fa Sew La (bottom right) added a fantastic waist tie to her cheerful floral rayon Cleo. Head over to her blog for more details.

Here are the Cleo skirts from Tuesday’s showcase guests:
Cleo Summer ShowcaseTori of the The Doing Things Blog posted TWO absolutely lovely Cleos, top left and bottom left. More pics on her blog!
Kate English, top right, added some width to the waistband (love it!) and styled it to perfection.
Meredith of Olivia Jane Handcrafted, bottom right, chose a large-scale gingham and cut the pockets and hem bands on the bias for a great self-contrast effect. See details and closeups on her blog.
Lindsay, bottom center, shows how a slightly heavier fabric (canvas!) works nicely for Cleo too!

Finally, here are the Cleo showcase posts for today:
Cleo Summer Showcase
Julie at Nurse Bean Sews (above) is so prolific that this is actually just a part of her entire Cleo skirt collection! Head over to her blog to see the rest of her Cleos and to see how she styles them with her handmade tops!

Cleo Summer Showcase

Melissa at A Happy Stitch made a couple of versions (top left, bottom right), which you can see more of in her blog post as well. Sidenote: I love how Cleo keeps popping up in Loominous fabric…it really is a wonderful fabric for clothing. And Lauren of Lauren Durr Design used a brilliant border print for a stunning effect (bottom left, top right). I love how she used the hem band to extend the yellow area of the print.

The variety of skirts and styles represented here really speaks to the versatility of this pattern. I really enjoy seeing how different people can create completely different looks with the same pattern, don’t you? We’re halfway through the showcase, so stay tuned for even more Cleo loveliness!