Best garment interfacings. Evar.

Here’s a tip I end up sharing with other garment sewists all. the. time: I get my interfacings from Pam Erny at Fashion Sewing Supply. These are hands down my very favorite interfacings for garment sewing (and just in case you’re new to sewing, fusible interfacing gets used for everything from waistbands to facings to stabilizing curved seams and button plackets).

Best interfacings. Evar.

There are definitely more readily-available interfacing brands (like Pellon) at big-box craft stores, but I haven’t had the best luck with those when I use them for sewing clothes; the fusible interfacings — even the lightest ones — tend to bubble away from the garment for me after it gets washed.

Pam sells a bunch of different weights, white, black, fusible, non-fusible, shirt-making, she even has stretch interfacings for knits. YES. etc. I’d suggest ordering the sample pack if you want to get a sense for all of the different types (Pam also includes a full-page info sheet with the care and application instructions for each one with every order, so that’s helpful), but you really can’t go wrong with the Pro-Sheer Elegance Light.

Like every other awesome sewing thing I know about, this source comes via my friend Karen, who always has some newfangled tool or tip because she’s basically a walking sewing encyclopedia (Sidenote: Karen just moved to Seattle this summer, so we can’t work together in the studio anymore…waaaaaaah!!! PNW, I’m super jealous you have her now). Karen also claims you can fuse multiple layers on top of each other for a thicker interfacing, but I’ve never tried this out.

PS. This is NOT a sponsored post. Oh! Just realized that Pam did once send me a discount code, so I probably am a bit biased, so there, full disclosure. Seriously though, these are the best garment interfacings I’ve used, and even though you have to order them online I think you’ll like them too. Just wanted to share it with you!

PPS. This site is also where I buy my favorite elastic for kids’ clothes — they’re super soft and stretchy.

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  1. Thanks for adding the note about the elastic. I’m so disappointed with those I’ve purchased so far, carded pre-cuts from Amazon or JoAnn. The waistbands elastic in RTW clothes are way softer, so I often reuse those if they are still stretchy and the right size. I’m going to buy some interfacing and elastic right now!

  2. Very helpful! I still feel like I’m not getting my interfacing right half the time. But maybe it’s as simple as not picking the right product!
    And who doesn’t love a sample pack!!

  3. I’ve been to her site many times just HOPING she’s changed her policy to ship to Canada but sadly no international orders! I would love to try her interfacings! I’ve heard they are excellent – nice to know your interfacings won’t shrink – one of my fears whenever I apply interfacing!

  4. Thanks for the recommendation, Rae. (And yes, it’s true, you can double up on interfacing. I’m forever running out of medium-weight fusible but two layers of lightweight instead works just as well!)

  5. What is the name of the elastic for kid’s clothes that you mentioned, Rae? It’s really hard to find something like that.

  6. Thank-you Rae !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BEST *compliment* EVAR !

    XOXO, ~Pam, Fashion Sewing Supply

    (btw, the name of the nice soft elastic is our custom-milled “Pro-Stretch Elastic”, the only kind we sell.)

  7. THANK YOU for turning me on to your favorite source – I ordered a sample set to have on hand and am totally stoked!

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