Geranium Expansion Pack Inspiration

Fall is here, and it’s the perfect time to revisit the Geranium Expansion Pack!! One of the most-requested features of the “GXP” is the sleeves, which transforms the Geranium dress into something more appropriate for cool weather.

There are literally thousands of different dress possibilities once you mix and match all of the elements (you can see all of the elements by visiting my Geranium XP page) with the original dress options. One of my favorite things to do is to cruise around Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration; I often find dresses that I instantly think “I could make that one with Geranium XP!” and I thought it would be fun to round up those ideas and share them with you here to inspire you as you design your own dresses!

Under each image, I’ve listed the dress elements you’d need (from both the original pattern and the expansion pack) to create a similar look.

Made By Rae GXP

1  – extended bodice, fitted long sleeves
2 – neck bow, fitted 3/4-length sleeves
3 – extended bodice, collar
4 – extended bodice, fitted or gathered sleeve, zipper
5 – gathered long sleeve (with cuff instead of elastic)
6 – collar, with flutter sleeves from original Geranium dress
7 – extended bodice
8 – extended bodice, fitted sleeve cut to elbow length

Made By Rae GXP

9 – fitted sleeve cut to elbow length, zipper
10 – extended bodice, collar, fitted short sleeve
11 – fitted 3/4-length sleeve (plus bonus leather elbow patches!! blogged here: Delia Creates)
12 – fitted long sleeve, collar
13 – gathered short sleeve
14 – extended bodice, collar (see this one on Lindsay’s daughter here!)

Made By Rae GXP

15 – hem band, fitted 3/4-length sleeves (blogged here: Delia Creates)
16 – gathered long sleeves
17 – collar, hem band, extended bodice (posted here and blogged here: Inder Loves Folk Art)
18 – fitted short sleeves (posted here)
19 – neck bow (@sewbabysewnz posted here)
20 – fitted long sleeve (genius – Tam pintucked the hem to let out Matilda grows!)
21 – extended bodice, collar, fitted short sleeve
22 – extended bodice, fitted short sleeve

Is that enough ideas to keep you busy for a while? I hope so!!! All images in this post can be found on my Geranium Dress Inspiration board on Pinterest or the Geranium XP tag on Instagram.

I’m also excited to announce I’m hosting a GXP Fall Tour, starting today! I’ve invited a bunch of awesome makers to create their own Geranium variations using the expansion pack. You can see those dresses on Instagram under the #GXPfalltour tag.

Geranium XP fall tour

You can find the Geranium Dress and the Geranium Dress Expansion Pack patterns in my shop.

4 thoughts on “Geranium Expansion Pack Inspiration

  1. Thanks for featuring my photo, Rae! The Geranium and me – we go waaaaaay back 😉 – and I am excited to sew up some sleeved Geraniums this fall and winter!

  2. So many sweet little dresses! I think the Geranium and expansion pack is my favorite dress to make for my daughters ❤️ So versitile! Thank you for featuring a photo of my little miss (18) it is her favorite dress too!

  3. Hi, I was just wondering about the fabric pictured in the #7 extension. I think my daughter would love that!
    Do you know who makes it?

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