#2018MakeNine plans

We’re halfway thru February, which means it’s the perfect time to post about my sewing goals for 2018, right? LOL. I hope this post will encourage any of you who worried if it was already too late to post your #2018makenine lists (answer: never too late). I’m here to tell you that you can post your list whenever you want and still not miss the party. And if you’re just now hearing about #2018makenine, check out Rochelle’s post. She’s the brains behind this low-pressure, gentle sewing challenge and explains it better than I could.

As will come as no surprise to anyone, I always have a to-sew list a mile long, but it’s often things I need to sew for my kids or versions of my own patterns or new pattern ideas. Which kind of qualifies as half “work.” Hence, I wanted to be more intentional this year about not only having a more realistic list, but taking time to sew things with other designer’s patterns that I already own, something I don’t usually find a whole lot of time for. I enjoy learning new techniques or creative construction tips from other patternmakers, and I’m excited to try out these great designs from some really talented indie designers.

Here is my list for 2018:

2018 Make Nine

1 // Willamette Top by Hey June

Adrianna has so many great patterns! This one’s a favorite and I’ve seen so many cute versions this year online.

2 // Wiksten Tova by Wiksten

I’m embarrassed at how long I’ve owned this pattern and yet have never made one. This one was one of the first great indie sewing patterns, no?

3 // Carolyn Pajamas by Closet Case

Anything with piping immediately sucks me in and I’ve got the perfect cotton lawn for this one.

4 // Stasia Dress by Sew Liberated

Buying Stasia the minute it was released was a no-brainer for me and I’m excited to give this one a try.

5 // Roscoe by True Bias

I knew it was meant to be when I saw a fabric I had already purchased at IndieSew in Kelli’s Roscoe fabric inspiration post. I cut the pieces out last week for a blouse and can’t wait to start sewing.

6 // Maritime Shorts by Grainline

Also embarrassed at how long I have owned this pattern; my friend Megan wore a couple really great pairs of handmade Maritime shorts at Squam this fall and reminded me that I really need to pull it out again. I was thrilled to discover the other day that I had already printed out and trimmed down all the pattern pieces.

7 // Abigail Swimsuit from Ohhhh Lu Lu

This is gonna be a bit of an experiment as I’m hoping to print my own swim fabric through Spoonflower. But I’ve sewn a handful of swimsuits before and this one looks good!

8 // Wiksten Oversized Kimono Jacket from making magazine

I bought the #4 Lines issue of Making Magazine mostly for this pattern, and Jenny also has plans to release the pattern on its own in her shop soon. I’ve already started sewing this one from an amazing fabric I picked up at Dry Goods a couple years ago (here are some WIP pics on Instagram) and can’t wait to finish it!

9 // Fringe Dress by Chalk and Notch

I met Gabriella briefly in San Francisco in December and have loved watching her patternmaking star rise this past year. This pattern was the smash hit of the summer and there are so many good versions online. I’ve made my muslin already and I’m ready to start cutting.

Are you participating in this challenge? Have you made any of these patterns yet?

PS. Seeing Made by Rae patterns make it onto your #2018makenine lists was so very lovely and encouraging to me.

10 thoughts on “#2018MakeNine plans

  1. The Tova was the first woven top I ever made for myself! I still have that first one I made; I wore it the other day and got a compliment on it. 🙂
    I don’t have a makenine list for myself, but my challenge this year is to make myself pants.

  2. I’ve made the Stasia dress and wear it so often I already have a second cut out. Meg isn’t kidding when she calls it secret pajamas. You’ll love it.

  3. Your Beatrix is on my make nine this year for sure 🙂 I have it in a printed format (I’m in Canada; I bought and had it delivered from a small fabric shop in the UK of all places) I’ve been meaning to make it for almost a year – so this year for sure I will and who knows maybe several? for the hot summer coming – soon I hope!

    • Oh fun!! I love that Beatrix traveled across the ocean and back to get to you. Can’t wait to hear how it turns out for you, Kathleen!


  4. I’ve made a Tova top but the fabric was a little too thick and I have given it to my sister. Works well with more flexible/flowy fabric. I think I may have to revisit it again for our upcoming Winter down under.

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