Piper Top

Green fleece Piper Top

The Piper Top pattern by Christine Haynes is a super quick make. The shape and collar give it a fun 60’s vibe, like something Audrey would have worn with black pencil pants and flats, you know?

Green fleece Piper Top

I chose this green Malden Mills fleece (which I pick up locally at Field’s, a Michigan chain) because I wanted something super cosy for winter, as it gets down to negatives here quite frequently, and I like how the fleece gives the pattern more of a structured, sweater-like appearance. I didn’t quite think through the 3/4-length sleeves combined with my ridiculously long arms, so I added a little cuff to the ends of the sleeves to lengthen them a bit after trying it on mid-sew and deciding I could use a little more length (and warmth) there.

The shoulders on the pattern are angled more than most, so if you have square shoulders as I do, you may want to tilt the shoulder angle a bit, which is what I did (remember then to open up the neckline so it doesn’t get too small!). I also have fairly broad shoulders, so next time I may do a broad shoulder adjustment…but…it usually doesn’t matter too much with knits due to their stretch unless you’re super picky about fit, drag lines, etc. I find it’s a delicate balance when making ones own clothes: you start to notice fit issues that you’d normally just ignore in your RTW clothing…this “Sewing Tunnel Vision” is both a blessing and a curse, I suppose. I have to be careful not to get too picky or I’d never get anything finished.

Green fleece Piper Top

This Piper been keeping me nice and cosy all winter! You can find the Piper PDF sewing pattern in Christine’s shop.

PS. I really loved this Love to Sew Podcast where Helen and Caroline interviewed Christine!

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  1. Cute! Thanks for the reminder about this pattern. Also good (for me) to know about the shoulder slope… probably perfect for my own sloping shoulders!

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