My Cleo Skirt Class on Creativebug!

Cleo Skirt on Creativebug / made by rae

Many of you already know that I used to be a science teacher, and that teaching is a real area of passion for me. I have three kids, and in the past few years especially it’s become harder to find time to teach classes locally or travel to teach (though I still definitely do!). Every time I have the opportunity to teach a garment class in person, I have so much fun. So it’s really wonderful to be able to offer classes online through Creativebug; to be able to show you tips and tricks and walk you through the process of making something beautiful for yourself from start to finish, even if I can’t be there with you in person. I really try to imagine what it’s like to make something for the first time, and I hope that comes across in the video lessons. (Also, they have an amazing staff at Creativebug and it was ridiculously fun to fly to San Francisco and work with them).

I’m launching three new women’s sewing classes with Creativebug this spring, and the first one, the Cleo Skirt, is now up and running. Cleo has proven to be a real favorite, and the class includes instruction for both of the views, which have two different pocket options, lengths, and hem options. You can follow this link or click on any of the photos in this post to see the class outline, watch the class preview, and sign up. Creativebug is a subscription-based website, so you get access to all of the classes with your subscription, and you can start with a free trial if you’re not already signed up. Compared with taking a class in person, it’s a real deal!

I even painted my nails gold for this one, guys. You’re welcome.

Cleo Skirt for Creativebug

The pic above shows both views of the skirt, both of which have a combination flat front + elastic back waistband (the one on the left shows the back view). Just in case you’re interested in where I sourced the fabric, the skirt (View B) on the left is Loominous by Anna Maria Horner, and the skirt on the right (View A) is cotton ikat, both of which I purchased online at Stone Mountain and Daughter. Their brick and mortar shop is in Berkeley, right across the bay from San Francisco, and I also went and visited them one day after a video shoot!

By the way, the model in these shots is Ayrika, one of the Creativebug staff. Aren’t these photos gorgeous?? I love how amazing she looks in both of these skirts! As you can see, it’s going to be the perfect garment to take you into spring and summer!!! Get started with your own version of Cleo this weekend!

I hope you enjoy these classes as much as I enjoyed making them for you!

PS. The class includes a PDF version of the Cleo Skirt pattern (slightly modified from the one in my shop), but if you’d prefer to use a printed pattern to use for the class, check if  your favorite sewing shop carries Cleo, or purchase one from one of my online stockists!

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  1. Loved your class. Very easy to understand and watch. Will definitely be making many Cleo skirts.

    • Aw yay Di!! Thanks so much! I’m glad you love it.
      Can’t wait to see your skirts! Send me a pic. 🙂

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