Flamingo Boatneck Tee

Flamingo Boatneck

Pretty soon I’ll be introducing my next pattern for women, Jade, which is a knit t-shirt pattern. Here’s an early prototype that I made last spring with the flamingo print from my interlock collection for Cloud 9, Sidewalk. As a grown woman, I wasn’t sure I could pull off a flamingo tee, but I rather like it. If you’re looking at your screen and giving this the side-eye, perhaps flamingos are just not your thing LOL??

Flamingo Boatneck

The “pink” in this flamingo fabric (if you can call it that) is really more of a neon coral. One of the surprises for me with this knit collection is how bright this hue came out. At first I wasn’t completely sold, but within days of making this tee I discovered that I already owned multiple things that matched and coordinated, including a pair of neon striped socks and my watermelon Baggu tote (shown above). MEANT TO BE? I THINK SO. Since then this shade of coral has done nothing but grow on me.

Flamingo Boatneck
Also: works with my vintage GAP Jean Jacket. Is it too early to call something I purchased in 2001 “vintage?” I really hope not.

Jade will have an elbow-length sleeve — the length will be a bit shorter than this one — and one of the necklines will be this boat neck style. This version has a visible neckband, and I decided to finish the boat neckline in a completely different way for the pattern (I think you’ll love it!), but there is an optional binding piece so that if you like this you can still make it this way too. We also redrafted the sleeve cap after this version so I think you’ll find that there is substantially less underarm wrinkling in the final version, but it’s not bad for a prototype. Definitely wearable. Can’t wait to unveil more details on the final pattern for you soon!

Flamingo Boatneck

You can follow the Jade hashtag #mbrjade on Instagram to see more peeks at this pattern and tester versions (there’s quite a few already), and sign up for my newsletter here if you want to know right away when this pattern is ready!

5 thoughts on “Flamingo Boatneck Tee

  1. There is a feeling inside me that this upcomming pattern will be the one I’ve waited for so long 😉
    As all of your perfect patterns I’m sure it will fit like a dream!

  2. Oh My….this is just too darn cute! So in love with Jade and can’t wait to make several of my own! Beatrix is my favorite top pattern now, but I think this one will be right up there with it!
    I agree with with Markike, your patterns fit like a dream! By far the best fitting Indie patterns out there!

  3. I was just lamenting an old elbow length sleeve shirt that I loved snd have never successfully replaced. And now you tell me I can use the sleeves with Isla??? I think I need this now! Can’t wait!

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