Jess makes: Lawn Washi with a Bow

It’s been a good long while since we shared any Washi Dresses here on the blog! I made this summery Expansion Pack version out of Heather Ross’s collection for Windham Fabrics, Sleeping Porch. Printed on a lawn substrate, this is the perfect fabric for a summer dress because it’s so lightweight and soft.

Washi with a bow / Jess makes

Isn’t this bow magical? Rae had to tie it for me before we took the photos, then I carefully folded up the dress and didn’t touch that perfectly-tied bow until I finally had to give in and wash it. (Bonus: Watch how Rae ties a bow so it won’t tilt HERE!)

Washi with a bow / Jess makes

This dress has all the elements of View A of the Washi Expansion Pack:

  • Large bow at neck
  • Bias-bound armholes
  • Elastic Casing in the back
  • Pleated front skirt

If you’re not a big fan of shirring, it’s nice to remember that you can use a simple elastic casing along the back the way I chose to do here. And of course I never skip the pockets when making any version of the Washi Dress.

Washi with a bow / Jess makes Washi with a bow / Jess makes

Washi with a bow / Jess makes Washi with a bow / Jess makes

Ready to sew your own? Here are the Washi Dress original pattern and the Washi Expansion Pack. If you don’t have either pattern yet, you can purchase them as a bundle!

If you need some inspiration, it’s always fun to take a look at the Washi Page here on the blog. There you’ll find links to every blog post featuring this beloved pattern, along with size charts, yardage charts, and some other helpful resources.

We’d love to see all your Washis! Share them on Instagram with the hashtags: #washidress , #washixp , #raemademedoit and #madebyrae.

4 thoughts on “Jess makes: Lawn Washi with a Bow

  1. You are too cute my friend. I have always loved that fabric and it makes a great Washi xp. I have some beautiful cotton and steel rayon’s set aside for this pattern.

    • Awww thanks, Julie! This Washi is definitely in heavy rotation these days. Can’t wait to see your C+S version. :-*

    • Hi Sarah, The Washi Expansion Pack includes an elastic casing pattern piece, but if you don’t have the Washi XP pattern, you can just cut a strip of fabric 1.5″ wide, and as long as the width of the back bodice. Fold over and press to the wrong side 1/4″ along both long edges, and sew it to your back bodice where you want the elastic (near the top of the shirring lines). Insert 1″ elastic and leave one end of it un-sewn when you sew the side seams to attach the front to the back of the dress. Then you can adjust the elastic to fit, and finish the seam!

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