Peach button up shirt for Elliot

We had family pics a few weeks ago, and, feeling inspired, I started making shirts for the boys ahead of time. This peach shirt for Elliot was one of them. Because I generally want everyone to coordinate (but not match) in family pics so that the clothing won’t distract the eye but rather fade into the background, I went with this lovely soft shot cotton in a pale peach hue. I made sure he approved the fabric ahead of time so that it had a chance of being worn again.

He didn’t end up wearing this shirt for the pics (which is fine!), but I love how it turned out anyway. I think the color is amazing with his hair. 

on the dock at our cottage last week

I’ve been wanting to design some boys’ sewing patterns for a while, but other projects have always gotten in the way. With this shirt, I wanted to keep the pattern as simple as possible yet still make it distinct and easy to get on and off. First, there’s no collar, an addition to most “dressier” boys’ patterns that ends up being a bit time-consuming; instead, I used bias binding. Second, no button placket or sleeve facing pieces; the cuffs and plackets are all built into the main pieces. And yet, there are still details like pockets and shoulder epaulets that make it look professional.

I’m not going to promise this will turn into a sewing pattern, but I am interested in knowing if there’s interest for a boys’ summer pattern capsule. Let me know if you think this is something you would like to see developed, or if you think there are already enough patterns for boys’ shirts out there!

One last note: the shorts are also handmade; I used my Parsley Pants pattern (shortened to a 4″ inseam) and added square patch pockets to the sides. 

29 thoughts on “Peach button up shirt for Elliot

  1. My boys love when I sew shirts for them, but I admit, the time-consuming bits mean it only happens rarely. They would both wear a simple, stylish shirt like this!

  2. Because of the style and color I thought it was a girls . I like it but for a girl , it just looks like a girls .

  3. I have an anti-girly 9yo daughter who would love this! I’d like to see a more gender-neutral capsule for older kids.

    • Yes!! Personally this resonates with me, as the mother of a girl who can’t be put into a box. I love that idea so much.

    • yes!!!! I am just as guilty as anyone for falling into the “girl” and “boy” categorization with patterns, but this would definitely work for any kid!!! 🙂

  4. I have been anxiously waiting to see details about this shirt ever since you posted it on Instagram a while ago – I absolutely love it and I would buy a pattern for sure. 🙂 I love how casual/simple it is while looking so much nicer than a tee shirt. This would fill a hole in my little guy’s wardrobe for sure.

  5. Yes please! As a mum of boys I would love to see more pattern options for them, particularly the older age group (8-14)

  6. I love this shirt, and I’ve been searching for something just like it! I’d definitely buy this pattern. There is a huge lack of boys patterns, especially simple woven patterns—I really want to sew some minimal clothes for my 4 year old son, but I just need the patterns. I vote for a summer boys capsule!

  7. I love this! And I know at least two of my three boys would love it, too. Yes, please, a summer capsule would be amazing!

  8. I’ve been a longtime lurker but never commented, and my desire for you to make this into a pattern is so strong that it’s made me break character. Please do it!

  9. Yes totally would love capsules for boys 8-14 that are cool not twee, eg some colour/pattern blocking and distressing? Love this shirt!

  10. I’m late to this post, but please do make boys’ patterns! I have a 9 year old and I’d love to make him clothes regularly but it’s hard to find good patterns for older boys!

    • Not too late! Thanks so much for the comment and feedback, Celia! Will definitely take it into consideration!

  11. Yes, please! I would love a popover version too. And a sleeveless version would be lovely too. It would be fun to pair this shirt with the parsley pants for a woven pyjama set. Incidentally I made three pairs today! Also I have been looking for a woven short sleeved and sleeveless top for my two boys aged 5 and 7 as I do not sew with knits (yet!).

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