Luna Pants with a triple channel drawstring

These pants are easily my most-worn Luna pants this fall. I was inspired by another pair of dark chambray pants that I saw on Pinterest (they’re #14 on my Luna Inspiration list, if you’re interested), so Jess sewed this pair out of Rustica Chambray from Robert Kaufman Fabrics (59% cotton / 41% linen). They are ridiculously comfortable.

Chambray Rustica Luna pants
Chambray Rustica Luna pants

In order to get the narrow drawstring into the wide waistband facing without it swimming around, we made these with a triple channel drawstring. This is so easy to do. Here’s how!

Luna Pants drawstring


  1. After adding the waistband facing but before you stitch down the bottom edge, add two 1/2″-tall buttonholes to the center front of your pant, centering them vertically so that they’ll land in the middle of the waistband (See my other Luna drawstring tutorial if you need more guidance with this).
  2. Stitch down the bottom edge of the waistband, leaving a couple inches open in the back
  3. Mark two horizontal lines 3/8″ from the top and bottom of the facing for the channels, then stitch down around those lines, leaving a couple inches open at the back of the pant so you can thread the elastic through. This will leave about 5/8″ for the middle channel. Before you stitch, double check that the buttonholes will land in the middle of the center channel!
  4. Cut two pieces of 1/4″ elastic to the length needed for your waist (a chart is included for each size in the Luna sewing pattern). Using a safety pin or bodkin, thread the elastic through the top and bottom channels, starting with the top channel. Overlap the ends and stitch them together.
  5. Cut a strip of fabric for the drawstring, 1″ wide by your waist measurement + 1 yard long. Fold the two long edges of the strip into the center so that they meet, press, then fold in half, and press again. Edgestitch around the outside of the drawstring to finish it.
  6. Using a safety pin or bodkin, thread the drawstring through one buttonhole, around the pant through the center channel, and out the other buttonhole. Tie or knot as desired.
  7. Once you have tried on the pants and are happy with the fit of the waistband, stitch the holes for the elastic shut in back.
chambray rustica how-to / made by rae
chambray rustica how-to / made by rae

Voila! Pants with a triple channel drawstring!! Also: I love the hidden Lotus Pond pockets and waistband.

Chambray Rustica Luna pants

6 thoughts on “Luna Pants with a triple channel drawstring

  1. Love these pants! I’ve been making them for my daughter and am going to make some for myself in the spring. Also, GREAT clogs!!! Mind my asking where you got them? Thanks!

    • Thanks, Charlotte!! The clogs are Dansko – I can’t remember the name of this style but perhaps you can search around online for Dansko and see if they still have them?

  2. Hi Rae! I was wondering if there are any plans to increase the size range on the Luna’s? I’ve long admired them and would love to make myself a pair.

    • Hi Rachael-
      We actually did begin testing an extended size range for Luna about a year ago but hit some hurdles and ended up putting the project on hold. Let me know if you’d be interested in helping us test it out!!


  3. I have not made Luna pants yet and I do not know why not! I love these. My question is this. My hair dresser has been buying shirts I make for her little poy and some dresses for her neice. Now she is pregnant and wants me to make her some cute pants for spring after her baby is born. I think the Luna pants in summery voile with the trible elastic would be fantastic. but she dies not want the elastic at the ankles. Have you tried them loose at the ankles? Do they hang nicely? what is your opinion? of course, I will make something matching for the new baby girl. and big brother.

    • Hi Susan!
      I think they hang rather nicely without the elastic as well, though I’ve only tried this with rayon (so pretty flowy fabric), not voile. It may help to straighten the legs out a bit if you prefer that they not be so tapered.
      let me know how it goes!!

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