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You’ve sewn a staggering amount of handmade stuff with my patterns this year! I’m seriously blown away by all of the fantastic things you’ve posted online or sent to me directly in my inbox. As a result, we’ve featured so many of your makes this year in my email newsletters, posts on Instagram, and on Facebook.

I thought it would be fun to round them all up into a blog post for those of you who prefer to digest your MBR content via the blog or a blog reader. In no particular order, here are the delightful makes we featured from you this year (please note that not all of these were made in this calendar year, but rather featured this year; also please accept my apologies if we missed anyone — it was a LOT of photos to go through)!

above, top left: Mac @macsmakespace | right: Hannah @heritageninja 
bottom left: Kelly @hellomister | right: Anna @noodlehead531

Let’s start with some delightful Cleo skirts!

above, top left: Katie @cablesancalico | right: Katie @katielewisstudio
bottom left: Sarah @incompletestitches| right: Whitney @whitneyknits

(for more Cleo inspo, check out the hashtag #cleoskirt)

Mac of @sewalteredstyle / these photos posted here

Next up, some fantastic Ruby tops and dresses! We expanded the size range of Ruby — up and down — this year in both PDF and print; a big thank you to our fantastic Ruby testers (some of them featured below) as well!

top left: Megan @joyfulemon  |  right: Carly @carlyrm
bottom left: Julie @juliehoch5 |  right: Ellen @handmade3d
top left: Karie @karie_twokwikquilters  |  right: sparkyjoneshats
bottom left: Cherie @youandmie |  right: Jaclyn @jaclynp
top left: Natalie @sewhungryhippie  |  right: Jaclyn @jaclynp
bottom left: Mary @francesmakes |  right: Joan

Jade Tee & Isla Dress

My new pattern this year was the Jade Tee (the Jade Tees shown below were also featured in the Jade Tee Tester Roundup):

And of course, you wasted no time combining it with it’s sibling pattern, Isla, into some fantastic knit dresses:

above, left: Morgan (via Facebook) | Right: Jade @jadevanluitgaadren
Julie @nursebean82, one of our Jade testers, made a bunch of fantastic Isla dresses with Jade sleeves!
left: Katte @mothertotem| center: Natalie @sewhungryhippie
| right: Claire (via facebook)

Next up, some of your fabulous Beatrix tops:

above, top left: Meg @cookinandcraftin |  right: Mac @macsmakespace
bottom left: Lindsay @momowool | Kim Stonemountain blog 

The toddler backpack is another oldie-but-goodie from the kids’ pattern collection. Some of these cute versions even feature added pockets and extra details not in the pattern — you guys are so creative!!!

above left: Brittany Woiderski | right: Jenny Teo

above, top left: Lindsey @penandpaperpatterns | top right: @casalinga_creativa
bottom left: Brittney @brittneylaidlaw | bottom right: Cherie @youandmie

Two more classic kids’ patterns are the Flashback tee and Parsley pants:

top left: Lindsay @lindsayinstitches| right: Jane @buzzmills
bottom left: Diana @bi.o.ka | right: Kim @helloyouitsme
linen parsley pants / made by rae
above: Sarah @makemoremud

above, top left: Rachel @rachelstitchedtogether | right: Kristin @skirtastop
bottom left: Brittney @brittneylaidlaw | right: Lauren @rhapsodyfiber

Of course, the Geranium Dresses you made this year were incredible. Seeing all of the bows and collars and sleeves and other extras we put out last year with the expansion pack come to life made them that much more magical!

above, top left: Delia @deliacreates | middle: Monica | right: Sarah @whistlingirlknits
bottom left: Marta @martamoosh | middle: Whitney @whitneyknits | right: Kelly @athreadthatbinds
above: Samantha (via Facebook)
above, top left: Delia @deliacreates |right: Anna (via Facebook)
bottom left: Dianna @diannamartin | bottom right: Amanda @winlowoaks

It’s always exciting to see what you do with my fabrics. Here’s a couple of beautiful quilts made with my Fanciful fabric, which released this year:

above, left: Lou @imstudiolou | right: Nicole @modernhandcraft

Check out this pair of adorable baby sunsuits:

left: Linda @sewlindasews | right: Rachel @rachelstitchedtogether

I also couldn’t resist sharing my friend Meg’s awesome handmade Washi dresses and Cleo skirts, styled to perfection:

above: Melissa @clutteredcurator

It’s always fun to see what you do with the Washi pattern, too, from classic Washis to versions you’ve made using the expansion pack.

right: Chase @blacksquirrelberkeley
above, top left: Katie @katiekortmanart | right: Sarah @sarah.a.robinson
bottom left: Marissa @slabtownslubs | right: Lucie @nelliefromthefarm

Katrina Rodabaugh, author of the recently-released book “Mending Matters,” made a particularly special hand-dyed version of the Washi dress this year. The embroidered details, thoughtful process, and modifications she made to the pattern (which she shared over at @katrinarodabaugh) were a great reminder to savor the process of making.

Check out these awesome collars:

left: Shannon @littleluvins | right: Sonia @soniarearose
bottom left: Sarah @sarahgoldenart | bottom right: Allison @allisonehs

And even more Washis I love:

Washi Dresses / made by rae
Left: Grace @beyond_measure_UK | right: Ashley @sassafrasgirl
bottom left: Marissa @slabtownslubs | (See my IG post for tagged sewists)
above, top left: Kjerste @waxandwool  | right: @thequilterstrunk (sewn and modeled by Natasha @housefulofstitches)
bottom left: Mary @seemaryquilt | right: Ali @ali1ali_ 


Here are all of the patterns/tutorials featured in this post.


Cleo Skirt
Washi Dress / Washi Dress Expansion Pack
Beatrix Top
Ruby Top & Dress
Jade Tee
Isla Dress


Geranium Dress / Geranium Expansion Pack
Parsley Pants
Flashback Tee
Toddler Backpack
Baby Sunsuit (free tutorial!)

Thank you to everyone who shared their makes and tagged me — I just love seeing everything you make with the patterns! It’s truly wonderful to have hard evidence that you’re using the patterns to sew clothes for yourselves and your mini humans rather than letting them languish in your download folders. It also helps ease my anxiety re: state of the planet to think that every piece of handmade clothing is potentially one less thing you’re buying from the insidious fast fashion machine that is destroying the environment and enslaving other humans. So well done and thank you, everyone!!

As always, please share your photos and tag me so I can see them (@madebyrae or #madebyrae)!

Here’s to another great year of making, my friends!

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