Gold linen Rose shorts

UPDATE: The Rose sewing pattern is now available!


My Rose pattern comes with three length options, long, cropped, and shorts, and I thought you might like to take a peek at the shorts view of the pattern.

One of the things I am excited to add to my spring wardrobe is some pairs of high-waisted shorts, and Rose is basically my dream high-waisted shorts pattern. This is my latest version of Rose shorts made out of gold linen. Here’s a look at how I’m wearing this pair with some of my handmade tops…spring, here we come!

am v. pleased with how well it matches my Nani Iro Matcha top!

looking good with my Gemma tank with ruffle, too!

a perfect match with my new striped Jade tee!

A note about the length: this gold pair is a bit shorter than we decided to make the final pattern pieces; it has a 3″ inseam, while the actual Rose shorts pattern inseam length is 4″ / 10 cm. Inseam is the measured finished length along the inside leg seam from hem to crotch. Since your height is not a great indicator for how long you need pants or shorts to be (I will skip the lecture on height versus rise to leg length ratios for now) measuring inseam is really the best way to figure how where the hem of a pair of pants or shorts will land on your body.

I decided to go with the 4″ / 10 cm inseam for Rose shorts after first experimenting a bit with the shorter inseams; at first I felt that a shorter leg worked better proportion-wise with the higher waist, but after examining the shorter versions in photos — including this one — and getting some great feedback on Instagram, I think the longer inseam is definitely better!

Now for a quick peek at the back! For all versions of Rose, the front waistband is flat, while the back waistband is elasticized.

Here I used a single piece of 1.5″ (38 cm) wide elastic, rather than two pieces, and stitched it down the center to give it the same look as the double channel elastic. I don’t think it’s *quite* as comfortable, but it works!

It’s always a win when your newly-sewn garment coordinates with a bunch of stuff in your wardrobe; here’s just a few more pics of how I’m wearing it with a ready-to wear tee, cardigan, and jean jacket.

Ready to try your hand at Rose pants or shorts? Get the pattern here!

PS. I bought these grey suede oxfords at Zuzii. I will definitely be wearing these with ALL THE THINGS this spring.

11 thoughts on “Gold linen Rose shorts

  1. I’m glad you made them a bit longer! With the waist being high rise the short will look much better at a longer length. The gold is really pretty and sure goes with a lot of your shirts.

  2. Thank you for showing how the shorts look with the longer peplum top! I am so excited about this pattern, but admittedly have not completely embraced the whole high waist / tucked in shirt look (yet!). I am definitely a late adopter of trends. πŸ™‚ I’m curious to see how the shorts / pants will look with your patterns with shirt tails hems, like the Gemma or Beatrix?

    • That’s a great idea — I’ll see if I can shoot some photos of the pants with other tops as well. Thanks for your suggestion, Amanda! πŸ™‚

  3. “(I will skip the lecture on height versus rise to leg length ratios for now)”

    Could you give it sometime? There is so much to learn about clothing and sewing and what is good for different bodies. I’d love to hear more.

    • YES!!! I have been gathering my thoughts in order to try to tackle the topic of fit, proportions, and bodies. Hopefully this will be coming to the blog, soon!!!

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