Rose pattern feature: gathers vs. pleats

The Rose sewing pattern is now available!


One of my goals when designing a pattern is to keep it simple so that it’s easy to adapt. For Rose, I wanted to make sure it was easy to play around with the pleats, use gathering instead of pleating, or even go up or down a size in the waistband if necessary, which you can do precisely because of the extra width at the top of the front pant pieces. I personally think the pleats add a lovely detail to the pattern, but I made this pair of Rose cropped pants with gathers at the waist instead of pleats, and I really love how they look too!

While I was sewing this pair, I tested out a number of the other front options we’ve included in the pattern so you could see how they look on the same pair of pants.

In addition to gathers, the four main pleats can be adjusted to face inward:

The pleats can be combined into one pleat:

And finally, the pleats can be inverted (either all four, or the combined two, as shown here):

For this pair, I ended up preferring the gathers, so that’s what I finally landed on. I like how the gathered option has a bit of a “Cleo” feel to it, with the gathers, flat waistband, and high waist.

I hope you’ll enjoy playing around with these options on your Rose pants and shorts — I think they’re all really fun! If you’re ready to give it a try, pick up your Rose pattern HERE!

8 thoughts on “Rose pattern feature: gathers vs. pleats

  1. Ugh! I’m scouring the internet for a pair of pants to make and wear to a festival in 24-hrs and these are everything I dreamed they would be… except not published yet. 🤣

  2. These look great and just perfect for keeping cool in the British summer (when we get one). Can you give an idea of the hem width / diameter? I made some similar a couple of years ago but they ended up just too wide that I was tripping up on them!

      • There are 3 length options – long, cropped and shorts. I would be wanting to make both the long and cropped, I know I won’t trip on the cropped but could on the long.

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