Blue Nurtured Sweater for Elliot

Elliot wanted me to knit him a sweater after I made myself the Nurtured sweater early last winter. It’s been a while since I knit anything for him and mostly I thought it was super sweet that he wanted me to knit him a sweater, so I brought him to SPUN and he picked out some yarn — Shepherd’s Wool, made here in Michigan (woot!) — and I got around to casting it on mid-February or so. Like an idiot, I decided that rather than pick a kid-sized basic crew sweater knitting pattern,* it would be easiest to just try and adjust the Nurtured pattern (by Andrea Mowry), so I measured one of his sweaters, did some math, and came up with a plan for adjusting the pattern that I thought would fit him.

*in fairness, sweater patterns for size 12 kids are a bit harder to find. I did do a few unsuccessful Ravelry searches. Any suggestions for designers who are working in this size range?

Next time, I need someone to remind me (again) that it’s best to leave the knitting pattern design to the experts. I ran into enough issues with scaling it down that I had to hide from it for a few months, which normally is fine unless your kid is growing like a weed and the clock is ticking if you want him to fit into it for more than a hot second. I finished it in early August, just in time for Not-At-All-Sweater-Weather here in Michigan.

Luckily, we were just about to leave on a family road trip to the west coast, and it was cool enough that he wore it a handful of times. It turned out beautifully, and he loves it. I love that blue color especially, and the marled yarn gives it a cool texture.

I was hoping it would be a bit oversized so he could grow into it and get a lot of wear out of it, but alas, it fits near-perfectly (which you can see in the arms in these pics), so I doubt he’ll wear it much past this fall, depending on how quickly he grows. Oh well! Luckily, he has two younger siblings who will hopefully wear it when he’s finished with it!

That’s a pretzel rod. If you’re wondering.

I do want to acknowledge that knitting a sweater is hard, and grading a sweater pattern down to a kids’ size when you’re not a knitting pattern designer is even harder. So I am super proud of the fact that I managed to finish it, and that it turned out nicely despite the hurdles. Next time I will definitely search harder for a pattern in his size, but this was a good learning experience.

14 thoughts on “Blue Nurtured Sweater for Elliot

  1. Tin Can Knits do most of their patterns in sizes from infant all the way through inclusive adult sizing. Your sweater looks great!

  2. I was also going to suggest Tin Can Knits patterns! They have a free sweater pattern from infant to adult that is quite simple, even for a newbie knitter like myself; I’m nearly finished with a toddler size version of it. Check them out! The sweater you made looks great, and it’s awesome that he loves to wear it!

    • YES! As long as you follow her instructions, especially getting your gauge exact (and a flat swatch may be different than your gauge in the round), it always works, from babies to adults, any type of yarn. Plus, her fair-isle-ish yoked sweater pattern is very adaptable to doing fun colors and patterns, and has hardly any sewing at the end. I hardly ever use any other pattern than that one, or one of the adaptations in Knitting Without Tears.

      Superwash wool, while I detest how it stretches, is useful for children who grow longer much faster than they grow wider. Your sweater looks great, by the way.

  3. This sweater is gorgeous. The blue and the texture are lovely.
    I have another vote for Tic Can Knits. Their Flax sweater is free, and I’ve made the Dog Star for my 10 year old. Almost all of their sweater patterns come in a huge size range.
    I do agree with you though – the kids sweater patterns typically only size up to an 8.

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