The Bonnet Report

OK, let’s start with the good. She was adorbs in the pink dress. Really cute.


I ended up making a matching pink shirt for E too. I couldn’t help myself. Sorry. *ducks*


But the bonnet. Oh, the bonnet.


I’ll be straight with you. By viewing these photos you are witness to that single, brief moment in time where the bonnet made contact with her head. I’d be lying to you if I said she would have anything to do with it after that.


Oh well. The boots looked great with the dress.




Please do not pin pictures from this post. Thanks!

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Pale Pink Peekaboo!

Listen, you guys. I know it’s always “handmade this” and “handmade that” around here, but I have to tell you, sometimes you just see something at the mall and you have to buy it. It doesn’t happen much for me, as I usually a) avoid the mall at all costs and b) make everything from the snowpants to the swimsuits for the kids. But after last year’s up-until-midnight-the-night-before-Easter debaucle that resulted in NO DRESS anyway, I decided to cross “Make Easter Dress for Clementine” off the list and punt that one to the BabyGap. You heard that right. I can hear a collective gasp, but I’m going to soldier on.


It was in the sale section and I thought, good grief that’s a perfectly cute little pink dress, why not just buy it? I know this is a statement that some cannot possibly comprehend (I know. My working philosophy for years was “that a cute —, why not make it?”), but if you’ve been around here long enough you know I’m also a big fan of giving yourself a break whenever possible. So I bought the dress. It’s cute.

I decided instead that I would make a matching Easter Bonnet to go with the dress (Easter is this coming weekend for all you heathens) using my Peekaboo Bonnet pattern.




I can’t hardly believe how similar these two ended up. You would hardly know that they didn’t come together. I cut heart shaped cutouts from the pale pink cotton fabric to match those on the front of the dress and basted them to the band piece of the bonnet after I put the piping on. And it worked! Yay!! So it’s a half-win for the Handmade Easter Outfit of 2012, I guess. Now to go see if that pale pink sweater matches too…

I’ve also been noticing a ton of adorable bonnets popping up in the Rae Made Me Do It Pool and thought you should all have a look. It’s that time of year…so if your little one still needs a sunhat (or an Easter bonnet – it is such a quick sew, about a 1/2 hour once the pieces are cut out), why not give it a try?


1. White and pink sun bonnet, 2. peek-a-boo bonnet, 3. Sunbonnet, 4. mar20.2, 5. Peekaboo Bonnet to match sundress, 6. Peek-a-boo Sunbonnets


1. Peekaboo baby bonnet, 2. Bonnet, 3. Baby bonet, 4. Midwest Modern Bonnet, 5. DSC02782, 6. 9/1

Little cuties! You can see more adorable bonnets (among other things) in the Rae Made Me Do It Pool. The Peekaboo Bonnet pattern can be purchased in my shop.

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Ice Cream Dress and Peekaboo Bonnet for Clementine

Clementine is almost two. This is my favorite age. I love babies but they are so demanding and three is towards the end of the really cute phase (still cute but the baby is pretty much gone by then). At two they’re still chubby and babyish but they have a few words and a sense of humor. This little one has always been a firecracker but she’s totally cracking us up lately. Of course, it’s not so funny when she’s up for at least an hour in the middle of the night wanting to play five out of seven nights of the week. But I know that will stop eventually. I just want to freeze this forever somehow. But also not, you know?
she has hurty teeth.

The dress is the adorable Ice Cream Dress by Oliver+S, which I have been wanting to make for so long now. It’s possibly my favorite Oliver+S pattern. I love the little notches in the neckline and pockets. And that yoke! Adorbs. The bonnet is my pattern, the Peekaboo Sunbonnet, which reverses to a natural linen with cream piping inside. I made a size 2/3 to see how that would fit and as you can see it’s a little too big, but it will fit by the end of summer for sure.

The Ice Cream Dress pattern goes together very nicely; the only hitch for me was that the head-hole wasn’t quite large enough. Finished the whole thing, tried to put it on, and it wouldn’t go over her head. DOH!

I had actually read about this over at the Ice Cream Social Sewalong over at Badskirt last summer (which  is really fun to read through if you think you might want to make this dress). I think I remember one other person having this problem so I don’t think it’s a common one, and it’s also entirely possible that I didn’t sew the neckhole seam allowance wide enough. But. I wasn’t about to pull the whole thing out and do that over again, I am way too stubborn to do something sensible and time-consuming like that. Luckily, I thought of a quicker way to fix the problem (which you can see below). Next time I am going to check this BEFORE the whole thing is finished.

vintage button from Whipstitch, blogged here

I added a slit to the center back by pulling out the seams between the yoke section (yellow flower fabric by Joel Dewberry) and center section (cream dot fabricm, It’s a Hoot by Moda) just in the very middle and cut a slit a couple inches down into the center section. Then I sewed a narrow piece of bias tape to the inside of the slit, flipped it over to the outside and tacked it down and resewed the sections together again. Fixed! And perfect for summer! Can’t wait to get some more pictures of it on her once it warms up a little more and she doesn’t have to wear it with jeans, heh.

Speaking of summer…
I’ve been doing some boy sewing for Elliot lately in anticipation of summer and I’ve decided to post all of my latest boy projects together next week on the blog. Dana’s going to be doing the same! So let’s Celebrate the SUMMER boy next week….SURPRISE!! It’s going to be less involved than the normal CTB series and will last just 5 days, but I’ll have some pattern reviews, a book review, a giveaway, and maybe a tutorial? It’ll be a nice mini-version of Celebrate the Boy, summer-style.

Sound like fun? Feel free to take a button for your blog sidebar or posts, and post your summer boy projects to the Celebrate the BOY Flickr Pool so we can see what you’re up to. We’ll feature some of our favorites as usual as part of the celebration. The fun starts Monday!

More Bonnet

Just found this picture from last summer on the computer and thought I’d throw it at the blog. Clementine is pointing at the screen right now and saying “Bee-Bee!” Oh man, she just screamed and now I have officially lost hearing in one ear. I have two minutes here before Elliot finishes his waffle and then it’s on with our day.

(This is the other side of the reversible Daisy Bonnet, by the way. And dear me I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that you can buy the ALL NEW Peekaboo Bonnet Sewing Pattern here, just in case you missed it the first time…*end shameless promotion*)

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Peekaboo Bonnet Sewing Pattern!

buy now2


The Peekaboo Bonnet Sewing Pattern is a digital PDF sewing pattern that you purchase, download, and print at home. The reversible sunbonnet sewing pattern includes detailed step by step instructions on how to make this adorable bonnet with piping around the brim and band. Instructions include color photographs and full-sized pattern pieces for EIGHT sizes (wow!) for babies and children. Seam allowances are included on all pattern pieces. Hints on sewing with piping and modifying the pattern for better fit are also included!

This bonnet is an easy and quick project! The techniques beyond sewing straight lines are: sewing curved lines, sewing with piping, and gathering. Clear instructions for all of these techniques are given (they are not prerequisite skills). Appropriate for a beginner who has machine-sewn simple projects before.

Newborn, 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months, 1-2T, 2/3T, Child Small (fits approx age 4-6), Child Large (fits approx age 6-8+). Head size range: 13″-21″

-solid fabric for piped side of bonnet (see chart in shop listing for amount)
-patterned fabric for non-piped side of bonnet (see chart in shop listing for amount)
-1 package (approx 2 1/2 yard) store-bought piping*
-1 yard 1/2” wide double fold bias tape
-Interfacing for brim (recommended for toddler/child sizes or if using lightweight fabric)
*if you are making your own piping, use 1” wide bias tape so that the sewable edge is 3/8” wide.
This piped sunbonnet was featured on my blog on the following posts:
Daisy Sunbonnet and Romper
Almost here: Bonnet, bonnet, bonnet!

buy now2


Special thanks to my testers: Susie, Heather, Katie and Shelby for helping me test the pattern and for all of your amazing and helpful feedback!

Share your photos: I can’t wait to see all of the adorable bonnets you guys make! Please add your pictures to the Rae Made Me Do It photo pool so we can all enjoy them.

Almost here: Bonnet, Bonnet, Bonnet!

Sometimes I get to the end of the week and there’s not much to show for it. Last week I made a pile of reversible sunbonnets and nearly finished up the pattern. The pictures that came back from the testers were awesome. I was a little bummed, because I was SO close to getting this up and running before Easter. The good news is that there will still be plenty of sunshine yet this spring and summer! Woohoo!

Here’s the child size small (fits ages 4-6 approximately)

Fabric: Anna Maria Horner, Good Folks line
Fabric: Brown Linen

And a couple for teeny tiny babies (these are the newborn and 0-3 month sizes):

Fabric: Vintage sheet (left), “Vintage” Amy Butler Gypsy Caravan line (right)
Fabric: Lecien Dots (left) and Natural linen/Tencel blend (right)

And here’s a cover image:

Coming soon! (like possibly this afternoon?) In EIGHT sizes to fit heads 13″-21.”

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Daisy Romper and Bonnet from Thrifted Sheet

I made another sunsuit.  These are becoming my go-to summer outfit the more hot and sticky it gets here in Michigan and they’re easy and fast. I am also pretty excited about this reversible baby bonnet.  It’s been in pattern purgatory for weeks, a little too baggy in back, a little too short at the ears.  But finally I cracked it.  And two bonnets for the time invested in one?  Excellent.

If you missed the tutorial for this sunsuit the first time around, you can find it here.  Although be warned, I’ve already figured out a better way to do the bottom.  Hah. Just have to find time to photo/blog it.

The fabric is from a thrifted sheet.  I remember complaining at one point about my lack of good vintage sheet sources.  My cries did not go unheard; my Aunt Jan who is the Queen of Thrift Store Finds came to my rescue with a stack of awesome sheets.  This pink daisy pattern is so cheerful and summery.  Here’s a peek at the inside (outside?) of the bonnet:

Other randomness for today

  • Baby Pants Pattern: I realize that if I don’t produce a Big Butt Baby Pants Pattern very soon, I’m going to have a mob on my hands.  As soon as I get off this computer I am going to work on it.  I know that doesn’t mean anything concrete, but I thought I’d just mention that, for what it’s worth.
  • Privacy Issues: Some of you may have noticed I’ve randomly started omitting my kids’ names (and faces, usually) in my posts.  I’ve been toying with getting rid of their names altogether. After reading this I get more and more anxious every day that I’m going to discover some creep has taken pictures of my kids and put them on their own website or worse.  The problem is, there doesn’t seem to be much precedent or standard anywhere.  When I was a teacher it was easy: you don’t post pictures of your students online unless you have parental permission.  But now that I’m the parent?  My kids can’t speak for themselves, so it’s my call when I put them out there.  And most of the blogs I read have pictures of their kids’ faces and real names.  I’m starting to wonder if that is that being completely irresponsible?  I struggle with this lately.  And as you can tell I have yet to do anything about it. Bah.

Anyway, that’s all for now.  Gotta go work on baby pants.