Your Me-Made-May Makes

May has drawn to a close, and with it ends “Me Made May,” the fantastic month-long celebration of wearing handmade clothing, where makers wear and post their handmade makes online. If you’re not already familiar with this online event, you can see all kinds of posts under the #mmmay16 tag on Instagram (even if you don’t have an IG account, you can click on that link to see all of the photos!). There’s also a great interview with Zoe Edwards, who started Me Made May, over on the Colette blog.

I love seeing all of your Me Made May makes, so here’s a roundup of a few of my favorites!

Don’t you love these Rubies? These ladies used the Ruby Dress & Top pattern to create some great dresses and tops:

Your Me-Made-May Makes!

above: top left | top right
bottom left | bottom right

Ruby, Washi, Bianca, Beatrix, and Luna (clockwise from top left):

Your Me-Made-May Makes!

above: top left | top right
bottom left | bottom right

These photos are from Julie’s Instagram feed:

Your Me-Made-May Makes!
Check out Julie’s blog too! She just posted an amazing roundup!

Two Beatrix TopsBianca Tunic, and a Josephine Blouse (love how Marie used the selvage for the button band on her Beatrix!!):

Your Me-Made-May Makes!
above: top left | top right
bottom left | bottom right

These Ruby tops are all from Hayley’s Instagram feed:Your Me-Made-May Makes!
I love how Hayley added the Washi cap sleeve to so many of her Ruby tops … am contemplating a tutorial.

A handful of the many fantastic Washi Dresses that were posted:

Your Me-Made-May Makes!
above: top left | top right
bottom left | bottom right

Some spectacular pairs of Luna Pants:

Your Me-Made-May Makes!
above: top left | top right
bottom left | bottom right

More great Washi Dresses. Those florals are really fun, aren’t they?

Your Me-Made-May Makes!
above: top left | top right
bottom left | bottom right

I just love how so many people share their love for sewing and wearing handmade during the month of May. I’m so happy that so many of you are using my patterns to make clothing for yourselves and so glad you are enjoying the patterns. Thanks to all of you who shared your lovely MBR makes for us to enjoy!

PS. Special thanks to Jess for linking up all of these photos to their owners; that was no small feat!

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Your Luna Makes!

As the Luna Pantsalong begins to wind down, I wanted to share a bunch of the fantastic photos you have been posting online of your Luna Pants. I love the different fabrics that are chosen and the fun styles represented here!luna pantsalong roundup - made by rae

above left: Kristin / right: ourkookylife

luna pantsalong roundup - made by rae
above left: jesworcestermakes / right: indie_sew

luna pantsalong roundup - made by rae
above left: Robert Kaufman / sewhungryhippie (Who has made and blogged a bunch of great pairs!!)

luna pantsalong roundup - made by rae
above, left: inkandindigo  / right: teridodds1

luna pantsalong roundup - made by rae
above left: joislateagain / right: gogolittlered

luna pantsalong roundup - made by rae
above left: clairejc (with cat! ) / right: laurenddesign

luna pantsalong roundup - made by rae
above, top left: nique_et / right: davenjilly
bottom left: jessamyb / right: teaandkisses

luna pantsalong roundup - made by rae
above, left: Darla (my mother in law, who has been on a huge sewing kick lately, also wearing her first Josephine blouse!) / right: jessamyb

luna pantsalong roundup - made by raeabove: rchlsymns (+adorable bebe)

Finally, I have to show you this adorable photo by Angela of Sew Snippet (see her blog post with more photos here), who also made a pair of matching Moon Pants for her daughter. Isn’t that cute?

Sew Snippet luna pants

Thanks to everyone who shared their wonderful Luna Pants photos, and please keep posting your pics with the tag #lunapantspattern or #lunapantsalong, or just send me a pic!

You can see all of the Luna Pantsalong posts over on the Luna Page.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Made in 2015

1 made by rae 2015

At the beginning of last year I had a ridiculously long list of things I wanted to sew. I also had a baby who was less than a year old who was still nursing, but he had just started daycare part-time so I could smell freedom on the horizon. There’s something about having next to no time for yourself that makes the brain go nearly crazy with ideas, am I right? He was sick a lot from day care, I was driving back and forth to nurse him during the day so I didn’t get much done, and I still couldn’t figure out how I was going to make this 3-kids thing work, so I was frustrated. Instead of throwing myself into despair (OK…so that’s not exactly true, I wrote a long rambling blog post entitled “The Struggle is Real” which I never had the guts to post because I was afraid it might come off as too self-pitying), I put all the ideas for sewing projects onto a piece of paper and hung it up on a door in my studio.

2 made by rae 2015

As the year progressed, I found moments to sew, so I started a second list, entitled “2015 Makes,” and hung it up next to the “Ideas for Sewing in 2015” list (see the pic at the bottom of this post?) so I could chart my progress. In previous years my blog has been the primary way that I log my projects, but after years of blogging I think I’ve finally realized that it will always be impossible to get *everything* on the blog and it isn’t going to get any easier with a toddler (and honestly, last year I still was grappling with whether or not it was still really worth it to blog, with Instagram and Facebook and all — but my thoughts on that will have to wait for a different time).

3 made by rae 2015

I also started photographing some of the finished projects against a plain wall since getting pictures of worn clothing on my kids and myself is also something I have to be more realistic about; it’s just tough to do. I didn’t get pictures of everything on my “Made in 2015” list, but it still gives me a sense of accomplishment. You might recognize some of the things in these photos, I only found time to blog some of them so some of them you’ve never seen before. And while it would have been nice if I could have written “I made this!” posts about all of these things, I’m OK with how it all went down; this has been a year about letting go for me. I also want to make sure you know that other hands helped make some of this stuff as well (Karen and Tashina), so that’s something else to consider when looking at these projects.

4 made by rae 2015

In addition to sewing and blogging some things I made, I managed to launch three patterns this year; Moon Pants for kids; and Beatrix and Luna Pants for women. We even had a sewalong for Beatrix. All of this would not have been possible without the stellar team that backs me up: Elli, Jess, Karen, and Tashina (who has just launched her own jewelry business!!) and Tashina’s replacement, Melissa. Their hard work behind the scenes has allowed me the privilege of staying home with Hugo three days a week while still keeping the MBR machine running. Nobody can do it all, least of all me, and I’m so grateful to have these awesome people to have my back.

sewing list : made by rae 2015

I’m also grateful for all of you who have read, commented, and supported my shop and business this past year. Thank you so much for reading! Feel free to leave a comment if you want details on anything pictured here; I’m happy to answer or point you toward the right post if applicable.

Here’s to another year (and a new list) of sewing! Oh, and here are a few previous year-in-review posts if you’re interested: 2012 / 2013 / 2014

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Parsley & Moon Pants Roundup

Now that it’s fall and I’m working on sewing my own pants, I thought it would be fun to take a look at what people have been making with my kids’ pants patterns!

parsley & moon fall 15 roundup

top left: Jane’s kids are comfy in chambray Geranium Dress and Parsley Pants
top right: Tuxedo Stripes!
bottom left: Anna used some Rain Walk (her line for Cloud9 Fabrics) to make Geranium and Parsley
bottom right: Angela made these Moon Pants with a Flashback Sweatshirt (here’s the whole outfit)

The Parsley Pants pattern is so simple and infinitely adaptable. Once you get the basic steps down, you can customize the style (by adding pockets! a flat front waistband! tuxedo stripes!) and combine fabrics to make Parsleys into PJs, dress pants, costumes, you name it.

The Moon Pants are newer to my pattern collection, and they’re wonderfully comfy and whimsical, in keeping with the current supercomfy-yet-kindadressy trend that seems to have taken hold. While this pattern does lend itself to girls’ pants, I made it into a pair of sweatpants that look great on Elliot, and I can see it in a linen blend as warm-weather pants for boys.

You can take a look at the Parsley Pants and Moon Pants pattern info pages for size charts and ideas, and don’t forget to peruse my tutorials for all my free tips and tricks! Here are just a few:

Tuxedo Stripe Tutorial
Kneepads – 3 ways
Sweatpants with a drawstring

(Did you know that each of my patterns has an info page dedicated to it here on the blog? All you have to do is type “” into your browser and fill in the blank with the pattern name. There you’ll find photos, size and yardage charts, a link to the shop to purchase the PDF, and thumbnails and links to all the blog posts related to that pattern. For example: Washi,Beatrix… etc. Everything relating to that pattern in one place.)

Yay for all the pants! Get inspiration and share photos on the following platforms:
Moon Pants Flickr Pool#moonpantspattern on Instagram
Parsley Pants Flickr Pool / #parsleypants on Instagram

Josephine Fall Roundup

I’ve been seeing some great Josephines on blogs and social media lately. When I realized they were all putting me in mind of cooler weather, I figured it was time to round them up here for some fall styling inspiration. Some are more recently made than others (see Venus in the bottom right there? She was one of my testers, and already appeared in the tester roundup! but it’s one of my faves); all are just lovely.

made by rae josephine fall 15 roundup

top left: Patricia of Fox Threads / top right: Beth of Sew DIY as a guest on Indiesew
bottom left: Emily of In the Selvage / bottom right: Venus in the tester roundup ; and on Flickr

I’ve been admiring these Josephines by Kelly-Anne (aka Crafty Teacher Lady) for quiiiite some time now. I definitely need to make a plaid Josephine now. ACK it’s so great:

crafty teacher josephine quad

top: plaid tunic / bottom: yellow blouse

Wearing Josephine with skinny jeans or leggings and boots is so comfy. I love it when an outfit is just as cozy as PJs but looks put-together enough to leave the house and go to work/errands/happy hours.

Find the Josephine Blouse & Tunic pattern in my shop; and for more inspiration, check out the Josephine Sewing Pattern Pool on Flickr and on Instagram under the tags #josephinepattern, #raemademedoitand #madebyrae.

Beatrixalong Roundup

Remember the Beatrixalong? A few weeks ago I hosted a sewalong to welcome my newest pattern, Beatrix, into the world, and a bunch of you participated and made some awesome tops!

Let’s take a look at some photos from those of you who sewed along on Instagram and Flickr. It was really exciting to see all these Beatrixes coming to life!

beatrixalongin progress
[above: top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right]

And it was even more fun to see them materialize into finished tops…

beatrixalong finished
[above: top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right]

And then the most fun of course was seeing them modeled by their makers:

beatrixalong worn
[above: top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right]

beatrixalong finished 2
[above: top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right]

This is just a handful of the sewalong photos; you can see even more on Instagram (#Beatrixalong) or in the Beatrix photo pool. Thanks to everyone who participated!

If you want to make your own Beatrix, you can get your pattern here. All of the Beatrixalong posts are now on their own page, so if you’re still working you can access them any time you like for tips and tricks and all sorts of detailed photos showing you how to make your own Beatrix!

I always love to see what you’re making with my patterns, so please post your Beatrixes on Flickr in the Rae Made Me Do It pool or the Beatrix Sewing Pattern Pool, or on Instagram / Facebook / Twitter with the following tags: #beatrixpattern, #raemademedoit, or #madebyrae!

Introducing: Sewing Superstars

Today I want to kick off what I think will be a fun series! Quite often the people who get featured on my blog are already well-known makers and bloggers. That’s not necessarily a bad thing; I think it’s inevitable that many of the friends I’ve made since I starting blogging are now well-established in the sewing community because let’s be honest I’ve been at this for a very loooong time. But very frequently when I’m scrolling through Instagram checking the #raemademedoit or #madebyrae tags or looking through the Rae Made Me Do It photo pool on Flickr, I stumble across a new face who grabs my attention because they are putting out some really amazing work, often with my patterns (which I’ll highlight here) but also very frequently other designer’s patterns, or even their own designs. That’s the great thing about social media: ANYONE can put work out there that is really fantastic.

The purpose of this series will be to highlight some of these “Sewing Superstars” who might not have made it onto your radar; maybe someone who is really prolific with their sewing, or clearly skilled in some area, or doing something interesting or different with patterns, or maybe it’s just someone who consistently nails it with their fabric/pattern combinations. I’m calling this series “Sewing Superstars!” because I find their work inspiring and they deserve recognition, and I’ll be featuring each person with a special post (they’ll also receive a fabric gift certificate to thank them for letting me feature their work, as well as just being awesome). I’m hoping that you’ll find someone new that you might not have already been following! And if you have someone you want to nominate, please feel free to comment!

Check, please!


I’m falling hard for checks, gingham, and plaids right now y’all. It really puts me in the Christmas spirit! Green, black, red!!! The images here are screenshots from my newest Pinterest board, Check, Check.


Other random plaid-related thoughts:

Do you love it too? Or does plaid just bring back bad memories from the 90’s (grunge, anyone)?

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Friday Roundup

Happy Friday, everyone! I have a bunch of linkadoos and fun pictures for you to wrap up the week.

Thanks to everyone who entered to win the Fat Quarter Shop giveaway last week. We used the random number generator to choose two winners. How lucky: they each preferred a different bundle! Here are the winners:

Ava, who said “Love the Shine. Need to make baby stuff for all the new ones in the family”
Dana, who said “I love your fabrics! I would love to make some purses for my 4-year old and how about some rice warmies! And though I love all of the colors, I would probably choose Pomp. Thank you!”


Indie Sew is a new site dedicated to showcasing independent designers’ patterns, and it has an interface for users to show off the projects they’ve made. Indie Sew now carries all my women’s patterns, and their newly-released Winter Collection features my Josephine blouse! I love how they styled the entire collection.

My friend Andrea over at Knitty Bitties has already blogged about her take on the Indie Sew Winter Collection. Look at her amazing plaid Josephine!

View More: used with permission

STYLO MAGAZINE: It was so much fun to see my work in the latest issue of online children’s sewing + style magazine, Stylo Issue 3! I sewed up a lovely collection of Made By Rae patterns out of this season’s Cotton + Steel line and dressed Clementine up for photo shoots at my local public library.  My section is called “Art + Craft,” on pages 99-115.

SEWING WISH LIST: here are a couple of things I want to sew right this minute.

poolsideinsidePoolside Tote by Anna Graham of Noodlehead: I love the oversized design of this carry-all bag; it looks perfect for a weekend overnight bag or a stylish diaper bag.

popover poncho

Popover Poncho by April Rhodes: April just released this poncho and I can’t wait to sew up a cosy version to live in all winter long!


I hate making cake popsthis funny post from my friend Dana. I love when bloggers keep it real.

Floating Babies: My sister Elli sent me this link from Otteroo — a floatie for babies — the other night, and you just have to see it to believe it. I keep wondering, would Hugo (my 7-month-old) enjoy floating by his neck??

Do what you love and the money will follow: I love this post on Sew Mama Sew, and the comment section is just as interesting as the well-thought-out post on making money as an artist.

Small Magazine: lots of style, accessories, and design for little humans in this online magazine. I always enjoy Small!

What fabric designers earn: Abby Glassenberg gets candid about how much money fabric designers actually make.

National Geographic: I don’t even know how many hours I’ve lost lately on the National Geographic website. Was it always so visually impressive? I find the Future of Food project particularly interesting.

For the list-makers: Bullet Journal offers a genius (analog) way to distill all your notes and to-do lists into one simple system within the covers of one notebook. Any notebook you have will do! I’m always trying to figure out a better way to keep track of my to-do lists, so I’m going to give this one a try.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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