Liberty Tie Top

Another spring top today! Made with Liberty cotton lawn purchased at Purl and the same pattern as the Hello Pilgrim dress.


This one was completed just before leaving for New York a few weeks ago so I wore it over to Purl to buy some more Liberty as a reward. Not sure why I felt that making one top meant that I should buy enough fabric for *two* more tops, but I did. I get irrational around Liberty*, what can I say?


I shortened the dress pattern and left off the pockets and sleeve caps, using some bias tape to finish the armholes instead. The tie is longer and I like it this way. This shot is an attempt to show the shirring in the back, not sure how successful I was since this fabric seems to refuse to be photographed.


*There seem to be two schools of thought when it comes to Liberty fabric. The first group is comprised of persons who cannot comprehend what on earth could be so special about a fabric that you would want to pay $35-45/yd for it. I must admit that was pretty much my line of thinking a year ago (read this post for evidence). The second type of person is the one who has drunk the koolaid and fallen hook line and sinker for Liberty. This person does not see any reason NOT to buy as much Liberty as possible. The only reason this person does not buy more Liberty is because they have already taken out the second mortage on the house to finance the current stash, you get me?


I’m not quite to that point yet, but I have to admit, there is something about this fabric that is really amazing. First of all, it feels so silky soft. The patterns are so subtle and classic, but as you look at each one it’s like you see more and more. I guess I can’t really explain it. It’s craziness, I know.

Spring Top Wrap-up: JUDGES and behind the scenes…

I thought you might like to have a better introduction to all of our beautiful Spring Top Sewalong judges!


Week 1: Adrianna of Crafterhours (whose Skirt Week competition is just starting up again this month), Astrid of Connecting the Dots, and Deborah of Whipstitch


Week 2: Anna of Noodlehead, Shannon of luvinthemommyhood, and Kelli of True Bias


Week 3: Jamie Christina of Jamie Christina Patterns, Dana of MADE, and Lindsay of Lindsay, etc


Week 4: Meg of Fashioned by Meg, Edith of Edeenut Creates, Florence of Flossie Teacakes, and Jenny of Wan Life to Live

A big THANK YOU to these ladies for their careful selection and scoring of our finalists; their scores determined our Judge’s Choice Award winners!

I’m not sure how many people were aware of this, but behind the scenes was a team of VERY PATIENT women (my moderators) watching over all the top entries, double-checking the spreadsheet, and helping me to make sure they all fit the requirements and format I needed to be able to post them on the blog. Those moderators were: Nathalie, Shannon, Crystal, Max, Kristin, Sabra, and Amber, my wonderful Head Moderator who coordinated everyone’s schedules and took charge in just the perfect way. Thank you mods!

Finally, I would be remiss if I did not mention Myrnie, who has been my assistant now for the last three (!) Spring Top Sewalongs; she is the invaluable Spreadsheet Guru who handles all of the judges’ scores and spreadsheets, AND my sister Elli, who put together the “Top of the Tops” mosaics and put together more than one of those posts.

Thanks to everyone who helped out to make this Spring Top Sewalong another great success!

Spring Top Week Wrap-up: WINNERS

Just wanted to congratulate our wonderful Spring Top Sewalong winners one more time with a review and a quick wrap-up!

Here are the tops that won the Reader’s Choice Awards (highest number of reader votes each week):

Week 1: the Simple White Pleats top by Ruby:

Simple White Pleats Top

Week 2: the Bow Collar top by Kristin:

bow collar top

Week 3: the Gauzy Summer Top by Nicole:

Gauzy summer top

Week 4: Embroidered Tova, by Nina:

Embroidered Tova

And here are the tops that won our Judges’ Choice Awards
(highest judges scores each week)

Week 1: the Wiksten Tova in AMH Little Folks Voile by Kerry:

Wiksten Tova in AMH Little Folks voile

Week 2: the Tribal Trending Tank by Sophie:

Tribal Trending

Week 3: first, the Polka Yoke top by Sam Lamb:

polka yoke tank top

and the Jasmine Teal top by Karissa:

Jasmine teal 1

Week 4: the Pretty Bow Top by Kelly:

Pretty Bow Top

OK, so is it me or was there a trend with the white tops this year? And the bows? And Wiksten patterns? Love it. Congratulations to all of our winners!

Thanks to EVERYONE who entered their tops in the Spring Top Sewalong Pool! I loved looking at all of your creations and am so glad so many of you decided to play along! And feel free to keep adding your tops this spring as you make them.

You can see all of our Spring Top Sewalong posts on this page, including posts from past years!

Spring Top Sewalong Wrapup: SPONSORS

A big thanks to all of the sponsors who donated gift certificates to their online shops to our winners!

Pink Castle Fabrics
Charmstitch Fashionable Fabrics Pink Castle Fabrics

Whipstitch Modern Fabric Studio Fabricworm

Banberry Place Fabric Fairy Magpie Patterns

Thanks to donations from these shops, I was able to offer great prizes to ALL of our 2012 winners. These sponsors are all shops where I shop for my fabric and patterns, and I would love it if you would support them when you’re shopping for fabric and patterns online!

Week 4 Sewalong Winners!

Here are the results of our final week’s Spring Top Sewalong reader vote and judges panel scoring! Our fabulous panel of four judges scored the Week 4 “Top Tops” to determine a high score for Judge’s Choice. This post marks the end of the “official” Spring Top Sewalong competition, with nearly 400 tops entered this year. Can you believe it? Wow!

Our Week 4 Judge’s Choice Award Winner is the Pretty Bow Top by Kelly:

Pretty Bow Top

Congratulations Kelly!!! You will receive a $30 gift certificate to Charmstitch!

And now for the winner of the Reader Vote…

Our Week 4 Reader’s Choice Winner is the Embroidered Tova, by Nina:

Embroidered Tova

Congratulations Nina!!! You will receive a $30 gift certificate to Fashionable Fabrics!

A big congratulations to both of this week’s winners  and of course all of our amazing Week 4 Top Tops!

I hope you’ve enjoyed our Spring Top Sewalong for 2012 as much as I have! I don’t have a say in any of the scoring or selection of tops but it’s always so much fun to sit back and see how it all plays out (though you have no idea how hard it is for me to keep my opinion to myself)! As always, you guys have impeccable taste…I’m so pleased with all of our winners! (Winners: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3)

Thanks to all of you who entered tops in our Spring Top Sewalong pool or just quietly sewed along! I hope seeing your fellow sewists’ tops helped motivate and inspire. And a humongous thank you to our moderators, judges, sponsors, and everyone else who helped out behind the scenes this year. The Spring Top Sewalong would be nothing without you!

p.s. If you didn’t have a chance to post your tops to the pool during the Spring Top Sewalong, don’t hesitate to add them now! Judging is now over but we’d still love to see all of your great work.

Top of the Tops – Week 4!

I’m so excited to present our final group of “Top Tops” for Spring Top Sewalong 2012! These tops were chosen by our Week 4 judges. Aren’t they fantastic? Please enjoy and take a minute to VOTE for your favorite using the poll below! We’ll leave the poll open for 48 hours and announce our winners for this week on Friday or Saturday! They will each receive a $30 gift certificate from one of our Spring Top Sewalong sponsors.

Did you miss the previous weeks’ winners? You can see them here:
Week 3 Winners
Week 3 Top of the Tops
Week 2 Top of the Tops
Week 2 Winners
Week 1 Top of the Tops
Week 1 Winners

Click on the links below each photo block to see a larger photo of each top!


A) Monika’s Vogue 8727, B) Bright Stripes by Sabra, C) Playing with Pleats


D) Happy dots, E) Gray and White Striped Alabama Chanin Tunic, F) Ruched Mama Top


G) Crystal’s New Look 6940, H) Bow Back by Jacqueline, I) The “triple C” top by Tiffany


J) Tova by Jeni, K) Top with drawstring waist, L) blue-eyed girl top


M) Wiksten Tank, N) Pretty Bow Top, O) Comfy Cotton Kimono


P) Embroidered Tova, Q) Boyfriend Top, R) Dorie’s Simplicity 3835

OK, now it’s time to VOTE! This poll will remain open for 48 hours (closing Friday at 1 PM Eastern). Please feel free to share this with others. One vote per person over 12. Toddlers and small children are too easily swayed, hee. Thanks!

If you can’t see the poll in your window, you may also click here to vote.

If your top was featured today (or on a previous post), please feel free to take a button for your blog:

I’ve re-opened the Spring Top Sewalong Pool for anyone who would like to add more tops this spring, so feel free to keep them coming. I feel strongly that Selfish Sewing should happen ALL YEAR LONG!

Now I’m off to pack for NYC…flying there today for Heather Ross’ Fabric Design Workshop (and did you see her new Prints book is available for pre-order??), am so excited. Have a great week everyone!!

Striped Knit Top (for me!)


Alright, here’s another spring top by moi…made with the same striped knit as Elliot’s tee (posted last week, see that link for fabric source), and yes, he asks me to wear it every time he wears his so we can match. And do I? OH YES I DO. Do not think me so short-sighted as to believe that this will last forever. The things you do that you said you’d never do…*sigh*



I think it looks good with this red skirt and my bright pink skinnies. Woot!


The pattern came from a trace of a stretch tee that fits well. I plan to teach a class on how to do this in Ann Arbor this summer for all you SE Michigan folks, so that should be fun. The sleeves aren’t quite where I want them to be, fit-wise (do you see the creases under the arm? those need to be corrected), but otherwise am very happy with the fit. One hint: when using a pattern traced from a t-shirt, be sure to use the same type of knit as the original tee to make sure you get a good fit. The tee I traced was rib knit, and so is this, so the fit was almost exactly the same.

Our Spring Top Sewalong is drawing to a close; today the judges make their final selections and we’ll have this week’s “Top Tops” up on the blog on Wednesday, so be sure to come back and vote. KCWC is going on over at Elsie Marley, and Ruffles 2012 is going strong at See Kate Sew, so there’s plenty to do to keep you busy. And keep selfish-sewing, y’all — if you missed the deadline for this year, it’s OK. The pool will re-open on Wednesday so you can continue to add your top creations for fun!

What’s on your sewing radar this week?

Week 3 Sewalong Winners!

Here are the results of this week’s Spring Top Sewalong reader vote and judges panel scoring! Yaaaaay!!! Our judging panel of three scored the Week 3 “Top Tops” to determine a high score for Judge’s Choice and this week…we had a TIE!

So, our first Week 3 Judge’s Choice Award Winner is the Polka Yoke top by Sam Lamb:

polka yoke tank top

Congratulations Sam Lamb! You will receive a $30 gift certificate to Fabricworm!

And our second Week 3 Judge’s Choice Award goes to the Jasmine Teal top by Karissa:
Jasmine teal 1

Congratulations Karissa! You will receive a $30 gift certificate to Pink Castle Fabrics!

And now for the winner of the Reader Vote…

Our Week 3 Reader’s Choice Winner is the Gauzy Summer Top by Nicole:

Gauzy summer top

Congratulations Nicole!!! You will receive a $30 gift certificate to Magpie Patterns!

Congratulations to all three of this week’s winners (I’ll email you all on Monday to get you set up with your prizes) and of course all of our Week 3 Top Tops!

Our Sewalong is almost over! The Spring Top Sewalong Pool will close tomorrow evening at 8 PM Eastern. Make sure you read the requirements before entering a top so that your top gets included.

We’ll have a whole new batch of “Top Tops” featured here on the blog next Wednesday. Our Week 4 judges are currently working to put together their final selections for the Week 4 “Top Tops” finalists.

Spring Top Sewalong is almost over waaaah!

Just a quick reminder that the Spring Top Sewalong Pool will close tomorrow evening at 8 PM Eastern. Make sure you read the requirements before entering a top. And look at all the fun tops in the pool right now:

Yours could be in there too! Is anyone down to the wire on this one? Are you going to make it?

I’ll be back later today with the winners from this week!