I’ve lost my pattern download email. How do I get access to it again?
Click here to get your order email resent.

Are your patterns available in print?
Currently, we have three women’s patterns in print: Washi, Ruby, and Beatrix; we also have the Geranium Dress in two size ranges (sizes 0-5T and 6-12) and the Geranium Expansion Pack.

If you’re a shop interested in stocking our patterns in your store, please fill out the form found here.

Pattern Use Policies
Please refer to my Pattern Use Policies if you would like to teach classes using my patterns or tutorials.

Made By Rae patterns are intended for personal use only. If you are an indie crafter interested in sewing items made from my patterns in a small-scale, handmade capacity, please refer to my Pattern Use Policies.

Does “personal use only” include using the pattern to make gifts for others?
Absolutely! “Personal use only” means that you can use the pattern for yourself or to make gifts for your friends and family.

I found a seller online who is selling something from one of your patterns without giving you credit. What should I do?
I’d be happy to follow up with them; please email me the link to the shop and I will check it out. And thank you for letting me know!

I would like to change the pattern a little and claim it as my own design. Is that OK?
Please do not claim any Made By Rae pattern or variations of the pattern as your own, or use the pattern to make derivative patterns and claim them as your own. I draft all of my own patterns, and I try hard to make designs that are unique and can’t be found anywhere else. Although I personally love to vary existing patterns (for example I often make variations with someone else’s patterns for my kids), when I blog about it I give credit to the original pattern designer and I would never claim it as my own design. I hope that those who use (and alter) my patterns will use the same guidelines as well.

I would like to change the pattern a little and give you design credit. Is that OK?
Please email me to discuss this option; it’s usually OK but I like to have some input with this!

How do I purchase your patterns?
All of my patterns are available as PDF downloads that you can purchase directly from my online shop.  My Pattern Purchasing Information Page can be found HERE. Please read this if you’ve never purchased my patterns before.

How can I become a pattern tester?
We are always on the lookout for new pattern testers! All testers must have basic sewing skills and enough experience to follow a basic sewing pattern; the ability to carefully follow directions, pay attention to detail, and offer helpful critique is more important than having advanced sewing skills. Another thing we look for is the ability to take good, clear photographs (even with a phone); without good photos we can’t evaluate fit and other issues you might encounter while testing. We often select our testers from social media, so if you’re interested in testing, please consider adding some of your photos to your Instagram or Facebook account and then send Jess an email (jessica AT made-by-rae DOT com) showing her some of the things you’ve made!

Which types of printers work for Made By Rae Patterns?
We add a print margin around our pattern pieces so that our patterns work when printed on both A4 and 8.5×11″ US Letter. Simply print at 100% (i.e. don’t change the scale). You’ll need to trim the margins of the pattern pages, then tape them together before tracing or cutting out the size you need.
All of our women’s PDF patterns now include download links to copy shop files. This means that you can get your full-size pattern pieces printed at a local print shop instead of printing at home and taping the pattern pieces together. Read more about how to use copy shop files.

Will the Washi Dress or Geranium Dress work in a knit fabric?
I don’t really recommend using these patterns with knits; I added enough ease for woven fabrics, so if the dress were made with knits it would probably look a bit floppy and loose.

Also, bust darts are unnecessary with knit fabric, which usually stretches around the bust; if you *do* decide to try it, you should probably tape the bust dart together on the pattern piece, and lay the fabric below the pattern piece, flatten it as best you can and cut from there.

Is the Washi Dress available in Plus Sizes or teen sizes?
I’m truly sorry, but at this point I don’t have plans to make more sizes of the pattern. I am completely self-taught, and I simply don’t know enough about adjusting pattern pieces for a greater range than I’ve already provided in the existing pattern.

That said, I’ve learned a lot about drafting and grading patterns by starting with a simple google search, so my first suggestion would be to find other folks who have made modifications to fit their own proportions.

Where are the buttonhole markings for the Geranium Dress pattern on sizes 3T, 4T, and 5T?
The back pieces for the larger sizes actually span two pages. Make sure you print both pages, then tape the pages together to get the full piece. Buttonholes are marked for every size.

Is the Geranium Dress available in sizes for older girls?
YES! Now available in Sizes 6-12 HERE


Where do you buy your fabric?
I buy most of my fabric online. This can be daunting because fabric shopping is so tactile thing, but after you’ve placed a few small orders, you’ll start to get a feel for what to like and which sources are reliable. It’s usually possible to buy small quantities of fabrics so you’re not investing a lot in something that is not a sure thing.

HERE is my general list of favorite fabric stores.
HERE is a blog entry all about buying knits online.

Can I sponsor this blog?
We do not have a sponsorship program at this time.

What software do you use to design and draft patterns?
We use Illustrator for the digitizing, tiling, grading, and InDesign for the instructions. I used to use Inkscape (which is free), but reached a point where it wasn’t doing everything I wanted.