So a few hours ago I hopped online to post about these pants. I made the fatal mistake of first checking comments on that last post, and subsequently lost at least an hour watching Y0uTube Muppet video clips. What a time sink!!! I have a similar problem with Etsy, Facebook, and Flickr (which I am intentionally NOT linking…I will not be the one who causes another to stumble). But if you haven’t seen the hilarious St. Patrick’s Day Muppet clip left by “J” yesterday, take a look (thanks J and it’s YOUR FAULT I have a sideache and haven’t taken a shower yet).

Anyway, about those pants…they are finally finished. Taah-dahhh:

: : Pattern: Emerald Isle Pants from Candy Babies by Candi Jenssen : :

: : Yarn: Lion Cotton-Ease in maize and taupe : :

: : Enjoying the sunny day : :

The fit is a little baggy for my taste — the 12-18 month size is definitely larger than any other 12-18 mo pants we own, so either my gauge was off or the pattern runs large. Luckily they are cotton, so hopefully he’ll be able to wear them at least a few times this spring and summer, since I doubt they will fit by fall.

I was a bit bummed that I ended up purchasing 4 skeins of yarn instead of the 2 called for by the pattern. If I had made the top of the pants shorter (and as you can see that wouldn’t have been a problem fit-wise) I wouldn’t have had to start another skein of each color, but of course I didn’t know that until I actually stitched them up and realized there was room for an extra couple of cloth-diaper butts in there.

My other criticism of this pattern is that they really should be crocheted in the round. All of the seaming is completely unnecessary and actually ended up looking pretty bad. Next time I want to try the Ladybugz pattern (thanks for the heads up on this, Kelley!).

Overall though, I love the colors and I think they’re pretty cute. Not bad for a first effort at making baby clothing out of yarn. Next up: I want to knit something!

I also spent a little time this week refurbishing an old set of green napkins:
I used my new Bernina Activa 220 (Christmas prezzie from Mr Rae) to put a blanket stitch around the edges and add some appliques. My fav is the squirrel.

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7 Responses to Finished: crocheted baby pants (finally…)

  1. bibliokrick says:

    he can always wear them as special capris when his legs grow longer and he gets out of diapers…

  2. bibliokrick says:

    OMG what- the joy of serving the public, or the lady who said that the world needs more people like me? i mean, maybe it’s a little fruity, but frankly i couldn’t agree more. the world DOES need more people like me. too bad i’m not procreating.

  3. c.rachel says:

    He looks cute in it though!
    Nice napkins–like the special little touches you put in.

    I adore the MUPPETS! Thanks for the link…here I go to kill some time. =)

  4. Oiyi says:

    The pants are adorable. And he looks so cute in it.

  5. nova says:

    Crocheted baby pants, very cute. I have seen a pattern for knit baby pants floating around somewhere too. Yay knitting!

  6. Erna says:

    That pant is so cute! I love the idea that you once crocheted a pants for little one…I can’t say that :(
    Very cute napkins! Put them on my ‘to-do’-list!

  7. Kelley says:

    Aw, such cute little pants! I love the napkins too. :-)

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