I am so excited to introduce the theme for February here on Made by Rae:

I will be co-hosting an  E N T I R E   M O N T H of boy posts called “Celebrate the Boy!” along with Dana of MADE for your enjoyment and inspiration!  We’ve both been working very hard to make this happen, so I’m pleased to announce that we have a line-up of over 20 guest bloggers who will be presenting tutorials, roundups, and giveaways for boy-related sewing and crafts on both of our blogs during the month of February!

The boys in our lives often get overlooked when it comes to our crafty endeavors, as it is often harder to find cute and unique stuff to make for them.  So we hope that our blogs will provide an excellent resource for finding ideas when it comes to making things for our boys.

We’d love for you to join us!  Please feel free to take a button for your blog:

or post your pictures in the CELEBRATE THE BOY! Flickr pool!

Stay tuned for more next week!

PS.  Special thanks to Dana for:
a) coming up with this spectacularly-simple-yet-simultaneously-brilliant idea,
b) so kindly inviting me to share the fun, and finally,
c) making the totally awesome graphics!

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99 Responses to CELEBRATE THE BOY in February 2010

  1. eatmoresmores says:

    Yea! Thank you for hosting this. I always have a harder time coming up with cute things to make for boys.

  2. Care says:

    WOO HOO! Bring on the boy stuff!!

  3. Valerie says:

    What an awesome idea! I have an only child, a four-year-old little guy, and it's hard to find boy things! I'll be looking forward to all of the inspiration. :)

  4. Beth says:

    Hurray! I have twin boys, so this will be super-duper-double fun for me :)

  5. Melissa says:

    I'm so excited about this! I feel like I'm always sewing things for my girls and my boy gets so left out.

  6. the shark says:

    I'm excited!

  7. seemommysew says:

    With 3 boys, how can I not join in on this! Off to post the button on my blog! :)

  8. Stephanie says:

    LOVE this idea!

  9. Amie Kirk says:

    YAY!!!YAY!!!YAY!!! Can't wait to get some AWESOME ideas for my little guy!

  10. Mandy says:

    OH cool! That will be fun, & now I am home again & have some time, & the space I can jump in on this! Looking forward to it!

  11. dana says:

    yay! I'm excited to get started on this too! The Boys! The Boys!

  12. Disentangled says:

    Wonderful idea and such great timing! My Elliott has his first birthday in February :)

  13. GirlHouse says:

    WOOOHOOOO!!!! I am so excited! I especially love the "The Boy" icons, as "The Boy" is one of the nick names we have for our son : )

  14. SpartanGirl says:

    Yes!! I'm so excited to see what you have in store for us. It's always so hard to find cute boy crafts.

  15. Erin says:

    Yay! I can't wait! I'm pregnant with our first (due in May) and we just found out it's a boy! Can't wait to see the lovely ideas. :)

  16. KristenMary says:

    I'm so psyched! You'll be on the top of my google reader all month. I can't wait to see the projects!

  17. Beth says:

    My son thanks you! I thank you! I won't have to hear him say, "But why don't you sew anything for me, Mom?" anymore!!

  18. Meg says:

    Yay! Now that I am having a boy I am totally interested! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  19. Andrea says:

    Whoo-hoo! How fun will this be? And guess what? It's my boy's birthday month …
    My 'boy' projects planned already:
    - Finish Robot Quilt
    - Make Flannel PJ Pants
    - Paper cutting Robot picture

    I'm already ahead of the game, but I know I'll just add more after I see the greatness you and Dana have come up with! :)

    Off to grab me a button and join the group :P .

  20. Crissy says:

    This is so cool! I need boy ideas for my little man! :o )



  21. Molly says:

    I am very excited, since I am expecting a boy, and have a 3 year old boy.

  22. AmySioux says:

    can't wait! Why hasn't someonce thought of this before????

  23. Grandma G says:

    Gee, now I'll have to work on getting a grandson! lol

  24. gidgetsews says:

    Love this idea!

  25. calicodaisy says:

    Excellent! I'm always on the look out for more good boy ideas — and great boy fabrics. — michele

  26. Shauna says:

    Thank you! thank you! thank you! As a mommy of 3 handsome young little men it's so hard to find ANY blogs out there that give a shout-out to our boys! I'll be checking in!

  27. Jessica says:

    thanks for this- now maybe I can stop dressing up my 9 month old boy in tutus and Dana's cancan skirt and making him play with black apple dolls.

  28. Danielle and the Boys says:

    YAY!!! I've got two boys and am always looking for new things to make for them-so excited! THANKS!

  29. Suzanne says:

    What a wonderful idea! Looking forward to it!

  30. Sherry says:

    Ack – I have no blog and have so been wanting to show off my quilt for my son. Thanks for the opportunity :)

  31. Chocolate on my Cranium says:


  32. Tiphaine says:

    absolutely formidable !!!!

  33. Sarah says:

    I have two little boys (3 and 20 months) and I couldn't be happier about this! Thank you thank you!

  34. Kim @ seven thirty three says:

    I host a boy craft link-up party every thursday on my blog. Feel free to stop by to add a link or just to get some inspiration! I know it is hard to find boy crafts, so I am hoping that each week the party will grow!

    seven thirty three – - – a creative blog

  35. Sparklinbecks says:

    Pretty excited about this! I posted it on my blog!

  36. Erika says:

    SO excited for some boy sewing!

  37. ange_moore says:

    Oh I can't wait to see what you come up with – I have a pidgeon pair and find that my son does get neglected with my crafting!!

  38. Eagle Loft says:

    SO excited for this! Boys usually get short-changed when it comes to crafts and clothes.

  39. Jenny says:

    Oh I can't wait for this! My little guys seem to always get left out of my sewing endeavors. Plus I still feel kind of new to sewing so I don't really know what to do. Thanks for this!

  40. Jennifer says:

    Awesome!! Looking forward to this!

  41. liz says:

    Sweet! And it is carsons birthday in feb so that works out great!

  42. Mommafo says:

    yay :) I've got 3 girls and a little boy, I'm very excited about learning cute boy things. I put the button on my blog too, http://mommafo.blogspot.com.

  43. luvinthemommyhood says:

    Yippee! Can't wait!

  44. Jackie says:

    great idea, finally someone has thought of the boys. dana and rae you are both super creative and am watching this space to see what we can make for all the boys in our lives. great idea!

  45. Sandra says:

    WoW thank you for this idea! It is so much harder to find inspirations/tutorials for all Boy related things. I`m veery much looking forward to it.

  46. Diana says:

    Very excited about this! As the mom of a daughter, I'm often uninspired when trying to craft for the little boys we love…I'll stay tuned!

  47. rmeyfe says:

    This is great!! I am always looking for great stuff to make for my boys!!

  48. Jolene says:

    I am SO excited for this, Rae! I can't wait to see what you guys have lined up! Go boys!!

  49. Dawn says:

    i am so excited about this! i have 2 boys & 1 girl..they are often overlooked because girls stuff is so much easier for me.

  50. neubiewaters says:

    Yeah, very exciting. I am expecting a boy in May and am realizing how difficult it is to find cute, practical things to make for boys. Good idea!

  51. Leona K says:

    I can't believe I cried when I read about it! Oh the pregnancy hormones! Thank you ladies for hosting this. I can't wait to see more.

  52. Jenny says:

    I am definitely going to put this button on my blog. If only I had known! I created a blog to focus on boy-related crafts and patterns. They are an underserved population when it comes to the crafting/sewing community. Thanks!


  53. K says:

    Great idea! Can't wait to see what I can make for my boys!

  54. Aunt LoLo says:

    Oh, yea!!!! I'm so excited. Just in time to fill my "Lovey Bags" for Valentine's Day/Chinese New Year! *grin*

  55. Jackie Kersh says:

    hi rae – thanks for including me in your boy celebration next month! i look forward to seeing all the projects and being part of this wonderful collaboration.

    (by the way, rae is one of my favorite names!)

  56. My Botang says:

    yipppeee.. I always have a hard time looking for something cute to make for boys. Thanks for coming up with this..

  57. suesueb says:

    Wonderful idea!! I have a grandson and I'd love more ideas on making gifts for him! I already posted a couple of pictures on the flickr group-thanks again!!

  58. JJ says:

    Finally the boys!!!

  59. Bugalugs says:

    It's time for the boys, I can't wait to start making for my boys I always feel they get left out with the hand made stuff.
    Thank-you so much for making this the boys month and sharing it with all of us.

  60. Andreae Callanan says:

    I just found out about this via Dana's blog – you two are great! I'm so excited about this.

  61. Ayala Levinger says:

    As a mother of a real-boy boy I am so related to this brilliant idea!
    can't wait! what a month it would be!! thank you

  62. Jenny says:

    Thanks for the inspiration to get going again – for the sake of my neglected little boy! (And thanks for the cute button.)

  63. Vintage Dutch Girl says:

    AWESOMENESS! I can't wait for February! I always have a problem coming up with boy-themed craftiness. Thanks in advance!

  64. The Monkeys' Mama says:

    YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! I was JUST "complaining" on Twitter yesterday about how all the new Simplicity patterns are for girls…UGH! I'm mom to 2 boys and I will DEFINITELY be participating!

    You will totally be seeing your button on MY blog Monday!

  65. SewAmy says:

    this is fabulous. I have a boy.

  66. Emily says:

    Great idea! I have a boy of my own who I would like to make things for.

  67. עינת says:

    i love the idea! thanx!

  68. ginger says:

    I had my 4th boy earlier this month and can't wait for some new inspiration!

  69. divinitygirl says:

    i've got 2 boys who wear noting but "britches and bloomers." bring it on!

  70. kampinga says:

    Brilliant, absolutely brilliant!! I'll be following! What a great idea..

  71. Tiff says:

    Awesome Idea. I have two boys and a girl. I feel like i'm always creating for her but not for them. I have you button on my blog!

  72. citten says:

    Most of the things I sew and blog about are for my two boys, but I so look forward to what you've been planing – nice with new inspiration :)

    Oh, and love the button!

  73. Les Petits Anglais says:

    Brilliant! Pink is great, and so are ruffles but my son just ain't that keen on either! Really looking forward to seeing your boysy ideas.

  74. Christie says:

    This will be awesome! I'm really excited!!!

  75. soilmama says:

    so awesome! oh, how many times have I searched the web for a compilation just like this! way to answer a need! thanks.

  76. Liz says:

    So excited for this! I have 2 boys and no girls! Can't wait to see everything you ladies come up with.

  77. Nunurina says:

    Que ilusión!!!! Tengo 2 niños, de 10 y 4 años y para ellos no hay muchas ideas, así que estoy deseando ver vuestras propuestas.

  78. Ulla V. says:

    Such a fantastic idea! Eventhough my boy is 12 years old, I will look forward to follow this wonderful initiative. :) )

  79. trasha says:

    What a fabulous idea – a place to track down stuff just for the boys. I think mine gets sick of altered girl craftingness.

  80. Sara says:

    one boy and one on the way: thank you!

  81. Sylvia says:

    oh i am super super excited about this. i have a three month old boy and am totally gonna celebrate with you. putting the button on my blog right now. :) :) :)

  82. Byrney says:

    Wow such a great idea…I'll be reading for inspiration!

  83. JulieFrick says:

    Hurrah! I just posted a tutorial for a project I did with my sun on Sunday – kismet!

  84. glayla says:

    Rae, I'm so excited! Thanks to both of you! :)

  85. Jenn Grigoryev says:

    yes! i have THREE boys and never know what the heck to make them other than stuffed monsters and aliens. this is great!

  86. tencraftyfingers says:

    Thank you!! Not only am I subbing, but I'm adding a button to my blog! Thanks again.

  87. solsticemom says:

    My boy loves 'girly' stuff as well as dino's and Ben 10. I'd love to find some new, well rounded craft ideas.

  88. Molly says:

    Thank you so much for doing this! Boys DO get overlooked… but their mommies like to dress them up and spoil them just as much as their female counterparts :)

  89. Kika says:

    I have 3 boys that I'm always struggling to come up with interesting crafty activities for so I can't wait to see your ideas!

  90. Lynnette says:

    Thank you so much for hosting a whole month to boy ideas. My son is turning three and like everyone one else finds it hard to find boy ideas.

  91. Conservative Knitter says:

    Thank you for doing this! I may not have ideas to post but I am so thankful that there are boy items I can make for my boys sown here for the whole month! Thank you!!!

  92. Kari says:

    Always wishing there were more boy projects out there – LOVE this! Linking from my blog. Can't wait to see all the goods. :)

  93. Bridgette@Fancybelle says:

    So excited to see what's coming this month! I'm guilty of neglecting crafts for my son since my daughter came along…

  94. martianqueen says:

    Yay! I love this idea. My son has just reached the age where he is noticing when stuff is "too girly" for him.

  95. laura says:

    I. love. this. idea!!

    As a mother of 4 boys, I'm ALWAYS looking for new things to try and do for them. Thank you so much!!!

    I'm new to your blog and a new fan!!

  96. Me says:

    Finally! I'm so starve for little boy ideas! I linked you to my blog. I have my coffee ready to see what I've missed. THANK YOU DANA AND MAE!

    anyone else following suit please leave your link in my comments. :)


  97. Line says:

    Great idea! The various posts & the Flicker pool provide tons of ideas but… what about teenagers? You know, the kind of boys who are between 12 & 17 and whose motto is erything-that-is-not-branded-sucks (especially if it comes from you stepmother…)? Any idea guys & gals? That would be great help to me.
    Have a lovely day!

  98. Me says:

    PJs go over well with my teens (one boy and one girl) their friends don't see them so it's ok.

  99. twiggypeasticks says:

    Hmm I've found you a bit late, but hooray for celebrating boys. I'm off now to look at the fantastic makes for inspiration for my boy :)
    twiggy x

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