The baby tights tutorial is finished, but just decided yesterday that I’m going to include a tights pattern with it which isn’t quite finished.  So that will be up tomorrow or Thursday, for all of you who responded so exuberantly!  I’m so excited that you’re excited!  It’s such a fast and easy project, I know you’ll love it.

During naps today I completely ignored my growing pile of emails and frantically whipped up this baby dress.  In my defense: a) it was in my head and needed to get out, b) the grey tights needed something to go with them.

The pattern came from a vintage baby pattern that I heavily modified (as in: only used the neckline and underarm lines, redrafted everything else), and the fabric is from Joann.

Now I’m going to subject you to more baby pictures (universal groan, I know).

{please don’t use pictures of Clementine without permission.  thanks!}

My only bit of sadness is that her little red Minnetonka moccasins don’t fit yet to complete the outfit.  Size 2, why do you taunt me!?!

Next post will be the baby tights tutorial/pattern, I promise.

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80 Responses to Pierrot Dress for Clementine

  1. dana says:

    OOOOO. I love this!!
    The diagonal plaid? So cool.
    And those shoes??
    Adorable Rae!

  2. dana says:

    and check it out, i'm the first comment! (uh, and the second). I'm so happy :)

  3. heather says:

    That dress is beyond adorable!! I sooo love it with the gray titghts, simply darling. And I'm with Dana, I love the plaid on the diagonal.

  4. CitricSugar says:

    Beautiful work, Rae! Love the fabric choice.

  5. Katie says:

    Very cute! Would look darling with little pockets too. Love the red with the grey and am in total agreement with the shoes. Fabulous.

  6. Sew Chic says:

    How adoreable love the top and the yummy tights cant wait for the tutorial!

    You are one creative crafty mama :) I wish i had half of your sewing skills LOL

    Thanks for sharing pics of Clementine she is the cutest thing..

    Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique

  7. sarah says:

    oh my! so so fabulous! my favourite colour combination! delicious!

  8. Nancy's Couture says:

    Love the dress!!!

  9. Kristie says:

    This is SO sweet and feminine! I love the bell sleeves and ruffle neck.

  10. Aunt LoLo says:


    Can I PLEASE pretend the year is 1830 instead of 2010 and make a little white one for Siu Jeun? PLEEEEASE?!

  11. Kjirsten says:

    Okay so I love your blog and all your work!!! The dress and tights are too cute!!!

  12. Beth says:

    I cannot wait for the tights tutorial! Can they be sized up, like maybe a 2T??

  13. Jess says:

    those leggings are UTTErly adorable! Can I put leggings on a boy? Sigh..

  14. by night says:

    that dress is just soooo pretty!

  15. Mary says:

    Sooo cute! Love it! Love the Clementine "model" shot too :-)

  16. Vanessa says:

    wow. i'm in love with the outfit. it's perfectly fabulous!

  17. Kylie says:

    How cute is that dress and goes so well with the grey tights.

  18. Julie says:

    I think we are going to need a tutorial for the top too!! It is just adorable. Well done.

  19. Karin says:

    What a great top! It really suits her too!

  20. crafterhours says:

    Adorable! The dress & Clementine. And next time you think you're posting too many pictures of her, just go ahead and post one more. I'll speak for all of blog world when I say I can't get enough of her cuteness!

  21. beccasauras says:

    Oh, too cute! I think most of the people reading your blog are mama's, and we'd never get sick of another baby shot! Such a cute little model, you never get a bad shot…..

  22. Betsy Petsy says:

    I love your blog. You create beautiful things! I greet from Poland :)

  23. My Love is..... says:

    OMG this is the cutest thing ever.

  24. Annette says:

    Ow what a adorable little dress

  25. Jolene says:

    OMG I love it! Soooo cute! And the fabric – LOVE! I really didn't have a preference about the gender of R2, but you're making me hope for a girl so I can do some serious girly sewing for a change :)

  26. A. says:

    Um, no, I don't think that was a universal groan, I think that was a universal squeal. This is way too cute.

  27. The Cottage Mama says:

    Adorable!! I am really into vintage children's patterns. I think there are so many things you can do with them. Wonderful job.

    Can't wait for the tights tutorial!!


  28. MonicaBerry says:

    No groans for the baby pictures! She's so cute! Once I figure out adding pics to my blog anyone who reads it'll be sick of seeing my kid in no time! :P

  29. Desiree says:

    you should totally make a tutorial for the dress too… its adorable. :)

  30. Annie@Imagination says:

    I thought the dress was adorable — but on her, it's crazy adorable. Seriously — wow. and sooooo perfect with those tights. ADORABLE!!! :)
    thank you for sharing!

  31. Beth Lemon says:

    omg the cuteness.

  32. Melissa Ann says:

    I love the dress, can't wait for the tights, and totally know your pain about cute shoes that don't yet fit! I try my Monica's from See Kai Run on my girls every single week and we're still 2 inches from them fitting…

  33. seemommysew says:

    oh my! She is just the cutest thing and that dress is adorable!

  34. Monique says:

    Very, Very cute. I can't wait for the tights tutorial. I was searching for some free shirt patterns (for your top event) and randomly came across your top tutorial. Must be meant to be — I'll definatly have to make one!

  35. Paula Kathlyn says:

    This couldn't get any cuter! Since I don't have a baby girl, I need to figure out how to make a top for myself like that :)

  36. the mama monster says:

    oh my goodness! lovely!

  37. Kelli says:

    Oh my gosh! That is just the most precious dress ever! I can't wait for the tights tutorial…I can't even begin to fathom how much money I have spent on tights in the last 2 years

  38. Genevieve Gail says:

    She is so adorable! ♥ ♥ ♥

  39. Grandma G says:

    Oh, no… not more pics of that adorable baby!!! Ha! Keep 'em coming!! Love the little dress, too!

    You are so talented!

  40. --ginger. says:

    I'm with you on the it's-in-my-head-and-i-just-have-to-get-it-out. That reality has me so foggy sometimes I wonder how I can drive. CUTE dress. Love the ruffly neckline. –ginger.

  41. barbara says:

    she's a lucky girl to have such an incredibly creative mum. the things you make are so inspiring.
    keep up the good work…
    haha, the word verification is 'choggli' (which almost sounds like 'a little piece of chocolate' in swiss), while i am sitting here with a cup of tea and some chocolate!

  42. the momma says:

    oh, the dress is cute, too ;-)

    I love Clemmy pics!!

  43. --ginger. says:

    Testing! Testing! 1-2-3 Is this on? Testing!

  44. Jody says:

    Minnetonka moccasins are the best for babies-THE BEST! Totally love them.

    Your dress is so cute and Clementine is an absolutely adorable model.

    Looking forward to the tights tutorial.

  45. Jennifer says:

    Very cute! Love it. Is that cotton?

  46. Michele says:

    fabulous! Cannot wait to see it.

  47. HRH Sarah says:

    that outfit is SO Christopher Robin (sorry, Clementine)! I just need a baby to dress, sigh. Mine turns 11 today.

  48. tina says:

    holy cow that is cuuutttte! is wish i could really sew, this is what i would make for my baby girl!

  49. Steph says:

    Oh, dude, that is so cute I am about to have a heart attack. It's simple but not simplistic, cute without being cutesy, and the plaid pattern + grey tights combo is hip without calling too much attention to its hipness. Awesome!

  50. pinksuedeshoe says:

    Wow, that is just so cute. I can't wait for the tights tutorial! I am dying inside with impatienceness… (I think I just made the word up)

  51. Susanne says:

    Adorable. Just.Plain.Adorable. My little Madeline looks a lot like your little Clementine, so I have proof that this outfit will look sweet on her. Can't wait! :-)

  52. glayla says:

    nooo, come on! she's too adorable, you're killing me!!

  53. Landon and Kylie says:

    That is adorable! I'm usually a lurker, but I am also anxiously awaiting the tights tutorial, and now hoping there will be a tutorial for this adorable outfit later on as well. :)

  54. Alison says:

    Cutest thing EVER!!!!…true love over here!

  55. Crissy says:

    what a cute dress!! where on earth did you find Minnetonkas in a size 2!! I need those for my little lady!

  56. Casey says:

    SO adorable!!

  57. Myrnie says:

    Check out the cutest little french clown in the universe!! I LOVE this dress, so classic and comfy! (Why are your nap times so much more productive than mine? :)

  58. Anna says:

    that is so cool! She looks so modern in it, :)

  59. Abbie says:

    holy crap, that is cute. my crazy dress ideas never turn out quite that nice.

  60. Jessie says:

    I would love a tutorial for the dress, I have a little boy, but this would be the perfect gift for my friend who just had a baby girl!

  61. AMIT says:

    Wow the little baby is so cute.

    home jobs india

  62. beautifulladybird says:

    Tell us more about the dress too, please! I love the bell sleeves. ALOT!!!!. Clementine is such a little cutie pie!

  63. Liz says:

    So, I just stumbled across your blog and absolutely LOVE it. The dress and tights are so cute! They make me excited to make things like this for my little girl.

  64. Anna says:

    I think that is the cutest thing I have seen. Ever!

  65. Núria says:

    It is so cute!!!!!

  66. zarina says:

    I agree – that dress is soooo adorable (and that baby in it). I would love to make one for my little people as well (who already have 'legs' but we can make it longer).

    Anyway – I will get those read shoes which all my blogger friends are taunting me.

  67. Melanie says:

    That is a really adorable precious little outfit! It must be so much fun to have little girls to sew for. But don't forget about the boys! I really enjoyed your Feb posts.

  68. Emily says:

    Love her outfit!!!

  69. Amber says:

    She is sooooo cute! That shirt is awesome. How fun! :)

  70. Holly says:

    I want to wear that outfit! Of course, I would look ridiculous, but it is a very lovely outfit…oh to have a girl…

  71. Jenny B. says:

    LOOOOOOOVE this dress!

  72. paperseed says:

    Love the dress and OMG is that the cutest picture of Clementine sucking her thumb in the bottom photo. So sweet!!!

  73. Amylee says:

    Oooh I want this pattern! Correction, I NEED this pattern. What a clever thing you are

  74. viento says:

    So I'm way late to this party but I've just got to chime in. I LOVE the dress and the tights! BTW, no universal groan over here, I loved each and every lovely photo of your little girl. She is adorable and each photo was great!

  75. Vicky says:

    I love this dress!! Is there a pattern available? Vicky

  76. Laura @ ON{thelaundry}LINE says:

    eep, LinkWithin brought me to the chambray Pierrot Dress and then to this one, and I'm pretty sure I actively NEED to see the pattern pieces to this one or something. This would look just adorbs on my little chunky monkey. I have to make her her own clothes because bless her heart, she is just so ridiculously sized, all chubby chub chub with a long chubby torso and short extra-chubby legs. Commercial clothes don't always look so fab on her, ha.

  77. Anonymous says:



  78. Rae says:

    Dear JUDY
    Thank you for your interest in the Pierrot Dress. However, it is not yet available as I have been working away on it and other patterns off and on for the last six months and have yet to produce it. If/when it ever appears, you can be certain it will not be available as a free download! :)

    PS. Please don't YELL here. Thanks! Hee.

  79. Miss Sarah says:

    This dress is fab-u-lous! I have the perfect fabric and the perfect little model waiting for the pattern. Nice work, you are very talented!

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