My fold-up-and-snap bib tutorial’s up at Sew Mama Sew today!  This is a truly handy invention. I saw a vintage fold-up bib on friend’s toddler a few years ago and the idea stuck with me…it’s just so much better than a regular bib. Perhaps I should remind those of you who aren’t in the trenches with toddlers right now: when they eat, more food usually ends up on their lap and on the floor than actually in their mouths. This bib has a pocket that folds up to help catch crumbs, and when you’re ready to wash it you just unsnap the pocket (the fold-up part) over the trash and throw it in the wash. Or you can leave it un-snapped during the meal for more toddler-body-coverage (think: applesauce). 

I put hand-sewn snaps on this bib to show you don’t need any special equipment to make this, but you could easily replace these with pressed snaps, buttons/buttonholes, or velcro tabs.  I backed this bib with chenille but you could recycle an old terry cloth towel or some other absorbant fabric for the back as well.  I’ve found that dark or busy fabrics make the best selection for the front.  I had no idea that banana could leave such crazy stains until I had children (I know, right?!? Who would have thought?).  Head to SMS for the bib tutorial.  

And here’s a peek at something else I finished the other day:

I love that little Sleeping Beauty. Can you guess what this will become? More pictures to come.

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20 Responses to Fold-up-and-Snap Bib Tutorial!

  1. Bethany says:

    OK….it looks like it might be a buttercup bag….
    Also: I remember my sisters having bibs with the little pockets and all the stuff that would come out when my mom emptied them over the trash–but they were the cheap-o ugly plastic kind. These are really cute! You could probably make the whole thing out of an old towel for super absorbancy.

  2. Tmlaesch says:

    Rae, I have to tell you that yours is my favorite blog. I just love seeing the clothes you sew for your kids, and I'm amazed by how you do it all! I have four boys and a little 9 month- old girl that I am dying to sew for, but it's so hard to find the time! So in the meantime I can at least read your blog (while I'm nursing :-) ) and be inspired. I AM going to try this great bib (and I have to get around to making some BBBP for my ample-sized baby :-) ) thanks for generously sharing the bib pattern with us! – Mary

  3. Heather says:

    I had some store-bought bibs like that and I loved 'em too. These handmade ones are so much cuter! Kinda wish I woulda thought of making this when my guy was little! LOL!

  4. Courtney says:

    These bibs are genius! Now if I could just get my messy 5-year-old to wear a bib.

  5. Julie L says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. I just got my new sewing machine yesterday and I'm so excited to use it. Now I can sew a few bibs for my youngest (14 mos). Now I just need to find the time!

  6. Ginger says:

    Would you say this bib is large enough to cover a messy 2 year old? My son needs some new bibs.

    ginger c at gmail dot com

  7. Mary on Lake Pulaski says:

    Thanks for the bib pattern over at SMS! Can't wait to see what sleeping beauty is going to be!

  8. Peggie says:

    The bib is a great idea. One frustration is that it is not in a pdf file and makes it very hard to print. My computer and my sewing area are two rooms apart! I have to try it though.

  9. Kimberly says:

    Ack! The bib is super cute. I just cute out a bazillion bibs from a Grammy-made pattern. Balls.

  10. Miranda says:

    My grandson uses a pocket bib to hold cheerios and even pieces of vegetables–he eats them from the pocket! His is made of vinyl, but you could probably use this pattern and make with laminated fabric. You might need to sew up the pocket sides, then just turn "wrong side out" to empty and clean it.

  11. Baye says:

    I have some scrap pieces of terry and chenille. This moves to the top of the list! Thanks.

  12. RonElaine says:

    Although I love this bib, I am posting because I am most jealous of that Heather Ross fabric!!! I have been wanting mountains of that line to make quilts for my toddlers.
    *sigh* maybe one day. Can't wait to see what it turns out to be.

    Love your blog, Rae!

  13. Mel says:

    We had a vinyl bib like that, so much better to have a bib that grabs some of the droppings!
    This looks like a good Christmas present for my new nephew. Thanks again.

  14. eliza says:


  15. Emily Elizabeth says:

    Okay, now can you please do a tutorial on how I can get my 14 month old to keep her bib on? Along with hats, hoods, and hairclips as well :)

  16. Tab says:

    Same about banana stains! I would never have believed it until the past 6 months with a baby/toddler – and I can't for the life of me figure out how to remove it!

  17. The Cheap Chic Momma says:

    I LOVE the idea of using snaps! I've made them with velcro but they were always getting caught on other things in the wash. Next time, I'm totally going with snaps!

  18. simplesavvy says:

    My nephew had a few bibs like this — made out of PVC or something less cute than this fabric — and he always ate straight out of the pocket after he finished his meal. Usually it was mac and cheese. I don't think I ever laughed so hard as the first time I saw him dive into the pocket to get those last few bites of macaroni. They're a good idea! And fabric is much nicer than PVC.

  19. Christina Davis says:

    Thanks for another awesome tutorial! I made 3 of these bibs for my girl that is due in February.

  20. Rob O'Neill says:

    This baby bibs is really awesome though I have some of them too, I can’t help to admire it that much. This is really perfect for the drooling babies but I am not much sure of using this at mealtimes. Maybe it will surely goes well. I hope so. I love the idea of making a this kind of bib that has a pocket that can be fold-up. Job well done!

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