It’s the first day of Celebrate the Summmer BOY edition! I’m so excited to show you what I’ve been working on for Elliot!!! Be sure to stop by MADE to see what Dana has been working on too (we’re co-celebrating as we have in the past)! I’m thrilled with the summer boy projects that have been added to the Celebrate the Boy photo pool so far and we’ll be sure to do a roundup later this week.

We had a really fantastic weekend. It was sunny and perfect here in Michigan. I had a baby shower on Saturday for my sister-in-law who is having a baby boy very soon and then drove the kids up to a beautiful cottage for some relaxing lake time with a dear friend and her children. I’m still so sore from waterskiing I can barely type. I wasn’t even sure I’d be physically able to waterski though (I think it’s been at least 10 years, MAN that makes me feel old), so I impressed both myself and Elliot, who was thoroughly entertained from his seat in the back of the boat. Clementine just moaned “home. home. home.” the entire time she was on the water. Maybe not so much of a sailor, that one.

One of the essentials of Elliot’s summer wardrobe is a sunhat. It is the one item of clothing that gets worn almost every day the entire summer long. The Oliver+S Little Things to Sew Bucket Hat is taking Craftblogland by storm, and for good reason: it’s easy and quick and most importantly practical for summer. I knew this would be a great little hat for Elliot.

Little Things to Sew by Liesl Gibson

Boys hats are fun to make because the fabric choices for boys these days are are so wonderful. Luckily I had plenty of Elliot’s favorite Lizzy House print left (seen previously here on his favorite pair of pants) so I made him a hat that will probably get worn as much as those pants have.

I sewed this hat together in a couple hours and it looks great! I had a little trouble with a bit of puckering when I put the brim and top of the hat together. I know from experience making other hats like this though that it’s nearly impossible to avoid puckering when you have multiple edges of varying radii of curvature (which is the case with this hat), so I didn’t bother to go back and fix them. Plus this fabric really hides mistakes well, double bonus for that fabric choice! I guess if I wanted this hat to look totally top notch I probably would have pulled out the seams and tried it again, or stay-stitched all of the curved seams after cutting out the pieces. One thing I will offer as a suggestion (and time-saver): dissolvable double sided tape is really handy for skipping the hand-sewing step towards the end (got mine at Material Girl in Dearborn, scroll down on that link to “Wonder Tape Bohin” to purchase online). You can see here where I placed it around the inside brim before putting the inside of the hat on before sewing the whole thing together:

I knew that Elliot would never tolerate the green fabric being worn on the inside so I made the inside a plain linen. It won’t ever get reversed, but the pattern is reversible for those who think they would want two hats for the time-price of one, which is really fantastic. Here’s a look at some other Little Things to Sew Bucket hats! These boy versions are really great:

1. Reversible Bucket Hat from “Oliver +S Little Things to Sew”, 2. bucket hat (elephant side), 3. robothoed, 4. Entertaining Elephants Bucket Hat, 5. Ducky Bucket Hat, 6. elephant bucket hat, 7. Hat the third, 8. Dog hat…, 9. Oliver + S hat, 10. bucket hat (blue side), 11. Reversible Bucket Hat from “Oliver +S Little Things to Sew”, 12. bucket hat

Here’s a few shots of the hat in action. After being at Lake Michigan with this hat I think the next one will have straps (wouldn’t it work great to put them on at the “tape” step?) to keep it from blowing off. I can’t wait to make another one!

Is school out yet? What are you making for the boy this summer? Take a button and play along with us this week!

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21 Responses to Summer Bucket Hat for Elliot

  1. Bethany says:

    Rae's gettin' technical: "multiple edges of varying radii of curvature"

  2. Grandma G says:

    I don't have a little boy to sew for, but I do have that book and plans to make one of those hats for my granddaughter. I think the strap is a good idea, as it's windy here more often than not. Too bad it won't be reversible then, but I guess that's not so terrible.

    Yours is really cute! As is its model! :)

    • Dhita Fitranto says:

      You can still make the hat reversible with strap attached. Make a hole (like button hole) on the brim so you can thread the strap to the inside of the hat on the reverse side. I hope this make sense.

  3. Kricket says:

    poor clementine!

  4. Rae says:

    Bethany: Haha, yes, thanks for appreciating my inner nerd sneaking out there.

    Grandma G: My guess is that keeping the reversibility is the reason Liesl didn't include a strap, but I've found that a strap on a hat is really a necessity for us. This has been fine for just running around but definitely if it's windy we'll need one with a strap.

    Kricket: Yeah, she was pretty miserable. And then she tripped over my foot right after getting off the boat and hit the dock with her forehead, poor baby.

  5. Beth says:

    Very cute! Wonderful, wonderful hat. :)

  6. Patti says:

    I can only get my boys to wear bucket hats if I tell them it's a fishing hat. LOL I'm definitely going to have to try a hand at making some with fun fabric! Maybe then I can get them to wear them more often and they won't end up with red cheeks and ears like they did over the weekend.

    And yes, I agree, our weather in Michigan was beautiful over the weekend!(I'm up in the pinky, Leelanau County) Spent the entire weekend outside doing things around the yard and fishing. Love living in Michigan!

  7. Courtney says:

    Love the bucket hat in this pattern – I've made a few for my boys – never too many hats in the summer! Anyway, intrigued by that snippet of transistor radio fabric from melody miller – did you make him shorts or pants? I'm sure they are to die for!

  8. Jo @ a life in lists says:

    I love this pattern – I'm already plotting my next one in a bigger size (my kid is going to be out of his before the end of the summer, I think, thanks to my failure to measure his head before sewing). It really is a super-quick and satisfying sew.

    Thanks for featuring mine in your roundup!

  9. liza jane says:

    Cute! And what an adorable model!

  10. Holly says:

    I made my 6-year-old one of these hats (love that pattern), with STAR WARS lettering on the front so he'll actually wear it. I didn't do the hand-stitching, I basically made two complete hats and then sewed them together around the edge of the brim (leaving an opening to turn it right side out)

  11. Rae says:

    Courtney: I was wondering if anyone would notice that! I'll post it later in the week. :)

    Holly: Love your version! I want to try sewing it together that way; I think it makes more sense but I'm not sure I am careful enough to make two identical hats, haha!

  12. Jolene says:

    Ha!! I just made that hat for both my boys, AND my older boy has the same Cherrios shirt! :) I had the same puckering when putting the pieces of the hat together, and of course my son would rather wear that side out than the more finished-looking side. :) Oh well.

  13. kristin says:

    thanks for including my two bucket hats here, rae! what a fun surprise to see my creations pop up on your blog. my little guy was wearing (enlarged) newborn baby pants rolled up to his knees yesterday with a polo shirt as sort of a "vampire weekend" preppy hipster look, so thanks again for that wonderful free pattern! i'm getting a lot of mileage out of it. :D

  14. luvinthemommyhood says:

    Ohhhh, yours turned out fabulous! So adorable! Here's mine :)
    So excited for this boy week even though I have a girl :P

  15. oversewn says:

    Woohoo for using "radii"!
    I just finished mine first hat yesterday! For the girl though…better go get one done for the boy now.
    Me: I just ironed the "lining" cap part under 1/2", pinned, and hoped for the best as I sewed it down. It worked!
    xo Raven :)

  16. midwestkids says:

    I kinda wish it had straps too but Syd enjoys the freedom of taking her off and on. I've made 2 so far and the were perfect for the beach. I need to make 1 more to have all my diaper/pool/walk bags complete! I had a hard time with puckering as well but for some reason it still came out looking OK!

  17. les2Koalas says:

    I just love your celebrating boys weeks! I have two littles boys and thanks to you I really learn to take fun by sewing for them (i have too a lot of little nieces to sew for.)
    I have made some summer hat (not the same pattern) some weeks ago to!
    (in french)
    Thanks for all you do, an sorry for my poor english

  18. Woolverton Girl says:

    Great pattern! Thanks for sharing. I have a little toe head and he always needs one in the summer time. It's super hard to find them big enough. I had one once that was reversible with straps. There was little button holes in the brim next to the straps so you could string the straps through to the side you need when you reverse it. I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to add that.

  19. Angela Tobin says:

    I know I'm a little late for Celebrate the Summer Boy week but it's been a busy one for me! Finally, I have some time to make my little man some things for his first summer holiday next week!

    I made a waterproof bag out of some amazing Hungry Caterpillar fabric, to hold wet clothes from the beach. And this hat is going to be my first real project! Hooray for the weeend!

  20. Chi says:

    For reversibility with straps, I have a little baby’s reversible bucket hat from the Gap with straps. They have little button holes right by the straps, just on the brim by the seam with the crown a few millimeters from where the strap is. That way, you can poke the straps through when you have it the other way. If you got the style and the thread colour right, wouldn’t look too weird. Options, anyway!

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