In the process of getting the fit right on the Flashback skinny tee pattern, I made a whole bunch of new tees for the kids. As in, they have skinny tees coming out of their ears now. Here’s a sampling for your perusal:


A little light blue flowered one for C. After this one I adjusted the neckband length (too long!) and the sleeve length (too short!) for the final version of the pattern.



This version was made from an Old Navy tank top I used to wear that was kind of blah:




The fabric is a really lightweight jersey, so I just left the sleeves and hem unfinished and it curled up really nicely. As you can plainly see I also made it short-sleeved because there wasn’t enough fabric in the tank to make long sleeves. Which really just amounts to cutting the sleeve pattern off about an inch or two below the armpit.


Instructions for this “bound” neck finish are included in the pattern.


Here’s another version with the unfinished, curled-up hem; I used a 1.5″ wide neckband here so it came out pretty narrow:


And another one for Elliot with a serged neckband (instructions for this style neck finish are also included in the pattern). Again this neckband was 1.5″ wide instead of the 2″ the pattern calls for to make it nice and skinny.


This is his “I’m going to destroy you with my Fisher Price golf club” look. Be scared.


Here’s another shot of the two alternate neck finishes included in the pattern. Both take a bit more time than the default neck finish, but they provide different looks. I love having options. And truly, this is probably the number one reason why my patterns always take way longer than I plan for; I’m always throwing extra options in to make them more customize-able.


Sometimes it can be hard to find interesting knit fabric, but if you put two stripes together, I think it looks pretty cool!






Why wouldn’t you wear these with bright green pants?



Flashback Skinny Tee pattern page

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15 Responses to More flashback tees for my kiddos

  1. Rin says:

    oh my! you’re kidlets are just GORGEOUS (bet i’m preaching to the choir there!)
    I LOVE the yellow tee best :)

  2. I’d love to be able to make this in my size!! Love them Rae – I like the yellow short sleeve best too :)

  3. beth lehman says:

    again with e. awesomeness. thanks for showing such versatility in your pattern. i love it and wish my kids were younger – ONLY for your pattern – i’m happy to be where we are now!

  4. Beth Hoekstra says:

    Love to see you using that stripey fabric. I got it from my mom who had bought many yards on sale. Fifty cents a yard rings a bell. I made a maternity top (for Renee) and t shirts for you, and still had piles left.

  5. Fern says:

    my son LOVED to use his fisher price golf club in the same way!!! or at least pretend. Love the pattern, love these tees! and I can’t wait to use it! :-)

  6. kristin says:

    it’s really cool to see the evolution of your design, and man you find some great knit prints! i need to dig a little deeper in the old navy sale racks, apparently!

  7. says:

    I am making a shirt for a friend. She told me her daughter was a five. Some how, with a toddler myself, i read 5t and am halfway through the shirt when i realized she meant 5. Any advice on how to change the pattern or where to find the information on the difference between a 5 and a 5t?

  8. OH! I love that you get your cool fabrics from cutting apart grown-up clothes, how perfect! I too, love the yellow floral one, as well as the multi colored striped one. This makes me want kids to sew for! I have nieces and nephews, but I think I’m too selfish, I’d rather makes these for my own off-spring :) , I’ll just have to tuck this away for later…

  9. Claudia says:

    Great pattern! Do you think you will be releasing an adult version of this? I’m sure it was tons of work and you may not want to even think about it now… I just love that the sleeves aren’t raglan.

  10. Laura says:

    I had that same old navy tank top and got rid of it, and was just recently thinking what a cute shirt it would make for my daughter! I am really regretting getting rid of it now!! That shirt is so adorable!

  11. Mj says:

    Hey Rae,

    what’s with the duckttape on the tripp trapp chair??? Preventing the children from putting bread in the small holes? Just wondering.

    • Rae says:

      Haha, I don’t know, we were actually at a friend’s house when I took that picture. I think it’s painter tape, because they just painted the room!

  12. ira lee says:

    i really do love these!! my boy is 7 so too big for the patterns you provided. but id love to make him one while he still likes stuff momma made!! lol

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