{please don’t pin this image of Clementine (above). Thanks!}



Lately the major sewing theme for me has been DRESSES. For both me and the girl. Does anyone remember the polka dot top I made for Clementine last year for Once Upon A Thread? The Ric Rac Baby Dress from waaay back when (oh my goodness Clementine is SO SMALL in those pictures!)? Or this vintage sheet version?


All of these were variations on a basic cropped bodice pattern that I drew up that is dangerously addictive and versatile (I’ve now gotten pattern pieces digitized for sizes 0-3mo to 5T, woot!). This newest deep pink voile version is the size 3 and was made with the pastry line voile from Anna Maria Horner which is perfect for summer. It has miniature white pom-poms (found here) around the sleeves and bottom of the bodice and a long, super-full skirt, as well as that little notch I seem to love to add to everything.



{please don’t pin this image of Clementine (above). Thanks!}


A few pattern updates…

I also wanted to give you an update on where I’m at with a few patterns currently:

Flashback Tee for Kids sizes 6-14 - Is in its final stages, almost ready to go. I just received feedback from a second round of testers last night and it is currently being “packaged up” so that we can get that out for sale (translation: probably next week). It probably has not escaped the notice of some readers that the size 14 might also fit some women. This is true; the size 14 chest measurement on my size chart is 33.5″ which is roughly equivalent to a women’s size small. Throw in the fact that knits stretch and the tee is not a skin-tight design, and you might be able to make it for yourself. Who knows?

Washi Dress – The response to the Washi Dress was UN-stinkin-BELIEVABLE. Really amazing, and thank you so much everyone!! I suspected it might be a hit after the response it got in person at Quilt Market, but after getting over 100 comments in less than a day on the post, getting the “washi” pattern out (not sure if that’s what I’ll call it yet) has moved to the top of the list as far as my project priorities go. I am so excited to see what happens with this! I read this book last week and so far I’ve graded the pattern for bust sizes 32-40″ which is more or less a typical women’s size XS-XL range (it would be too ambitious for me to attempt a plus-size pattern on my first women’s pattern ever. What can I say? I am a total newbie at this, folks). You can trust that I will give it the usual anal-retentive Rae-treatment and let’s all hope the result is in line with what you’ve come to expect from the rest of my patterns.

To stay in the loop on all pattern progress, you can subscribe to my newsletter on the right sidebar of my blog, I’ve been sending an email out to that list when new patterns are ready.

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51 Responses to Voile Dress with Mini-Poms and some pattern updates

  1. Emily says:

    I am so pleased you are doing a pattern for the Washi dress, I would love to make one. I have signed up for the updates and will be buying one like a shot when it goes up for sale. Thank you!

  2. Kris says:

    I’m so glad to hear the Washi dress is coming out as a pattern! If you want a full-busted pattern tester, let me know!

  3. Belinda says:

    Adore the little voile dress! Can’t wait for the Washi dress pattern :)

  4. Genifer says:

    I’ve also signed up for your newsletter. I didn’t comment on the original post, but I do love that dress and am looking forward to the pattern!

  5. liza jane says:

    There’s nothing better than those little miniature pom-poms! Too cute.

  6. Rebecca Howard says:

    Your two kids are so cute. An added bonus from your blogging is that you have so many photos following them as they grow up. I have some rather large gaps when I look back over the development of my two. Good idea to add the don’t pin request. Who wants some creepy person repinning your child. Eeeuww. Clementine looks as though she is enjoying photo shoots now.

  7. shantel says:

    I am so excited for the new flashback sizes!!!!yay!!!

  8. Clover says:

    I don’t know what it is about your timing but every time I talk myself out of some expensive fabric you show up here with it made into something great. That pastry line voile dress is gorgeous and I now think I have to break down and buy some. Um thanks.

  9. Hsin says:

    Is the pattern for the voile dress available yet? I couldn’t find it on the website. Thanks!

  10. Cherie says:

    Aww, this voile dress is adorable! And I’m so glad you got such a positive response to the “washi” dress AND that you’re going to make a pattern for it. So exciting!!! Let me know if you need any pattern testers. I don’t know for sure, but I’m guessing I’d be a size L?

  11. Caitlin says:

    I love all your patterns, Rae :) Can’t wait to see the new releases!!

  12. Libby says:

    Your patterns are really well written, so I’ll be watching for this one to be released. And you also inspired me to do some fabric shopping and pick up a few yards of the Washi fabric. Love it.

  13. Sheila says:

    What an adorable dress! And those mini poms…swoon.

    I am really looking forward to your washi dress pattern. I’m really tall (6′), so I’ll likely have to modify the bodice length. It would be great if you could point out the best place to do so in the pattern, since I’m still a newbie to garment sewing. :)

  14. Megan L says:

    YEAAHHH PLUS SIZED! Wooooo! A 40″ chest is still a bit small for me (I know, it’s heinous), but the fact that you’ve gone down that road is so ridiculously amazing! GO RAE!

  15. Sarah says:

    Oh how I would ** to be a tester for this polkadot top/ric rac dress/voile dress when you come to it! My dollie would look awesome in it!

  16. That first picture is STUNNING!

  17. Kathy says:

    I have those curtains, too!

  18. KnitSewReadLove says:

    Signing up for the newsletter now. I want the Washi Dress pattern and the pattern for the adorable notched cropped bodice pattern. I especially love it in that voile with the super full skirt! I AND my daughters need them! Clearly. =0)

  19. kristin says:

    Clementine is growing up too fast, please slow her down! But awesome stuff in the works, girl! Can’t wait to get my grubby little hands on them. };)

  20. Shannon says:

    Ah weeellll, you know me by now! But let me just add “women’s size XS (fried eggs small), bread baking, cloth diaper trading, skirt week winning, blahdy blah Shannon” to your list of potential Women’s pattern testers, because the Washi Dress is gorge. Classic, simple, flattering and lovely. : ) Always fun, Ms. Rae! Ciao!

  21. Katie says:

    Your little lady looks so pretty, and I love that mini pom pom trim. Too cute. And YAY to the washi pattern! Glad you’re going up to a 40″ bust… I’ll just be able to squeeze in!

  22. Corinne says:

    Hooray for the “Washi Pattern”! Any idea’s on the yardage required? I need to start planning!! Love the pink voile dress for Clementine – what a sweetie!

  23. Larissa says:

    A) Clementine’s dress is so well done. I love the candy stripes and poms. I’m sewing up some clothes for my two right now too. Actually one is in the same washi fabric as your (now) famous dress!
    B) Then I was distracted by the IKEA curtains and how wonderful they are. I have lusted after those very ones for a while but can’t seem to make them work with my kitchen decor. Now I’m thinking about repainting my furniture so they match. LOL
    C) all that business about pattern grading and full bustages gives me hives. I’m glad smart people like you know how to do stuff like that.

  24. Bettina says:

    Cute! And yes, please hurry hurry with the Washi dress:)))) As I am plus sized, if you wanted to try grading it up to a 44/46, I’d be happy to test drive that for you (bizarrely on the day you showed the dress, some Washi fabric, sadly not enough for a dress, arrived at my doorstep!)

  25. Carolyn says:

    Please please PLEASE try to make the Wash pattern in larger sizes! I get so depressed seeing a cute pattern and they don’t go above a size 12. I’m not at the point where I can tailor patterns for larger sizes.

    FYI, I’m a 48″ bust and I fit into most XL tops, so your range seems to be on the small side… but maybe that’s just me.

  26. Amanda says:

    Signing up for your newsletter…really excited about the Washi Dress. Any hints on yardage required? Also, did you use the 100% cotton Washi? And while I totally get designing to a C-cup…I guess I’m going to get the opportunity to try my hand at an SBA. The last time I sewed a dress (or a top that required shaping) I was working with pre-teen patterns…so bust adjustments weren’t much of an issue;-)

    • Rae says:

      Hi Amanda!

      So I finally landed on a B-cup, so you might not have to do that SBA after all.

      Yardage: I would get at least 2.5 yards for the dress. 3 if you want to play it safe or if your print needs a bit of fussycutting.

  27. sorahart says:

    Do you think you’ll be doing an open call for pattern testers again sometime? I remember you mentioning this last year but I wasn’t in a position to participate then so I didn’t fill out the form. Just curious if the opportunity would arise in the future. It would be fun!

    • Rae says:

      Hi, yes, I usually put out a call for testers on both my newsletter and FB (see link at top of blog for FB, there’s a signup on the sidebar for the newsletter)

  28. Sally says:

    Love this little girl dress and can hardly wait for the pattern to come out.

  29. julia borger says:

    So much exciting news in one post. I will def buy the washi dress pattern. And I’m so glad about the larger tee pattern, my son is almost 8 and he likes this kind of cut for shirts. Have you been to Ann Arbor Sewing Center yet? They have a new notions rack and they sell those mini pom poms. I love Purl Soho as well of course. I just got back from NY, I didn’t go there but I did hit up Brooklyn General Store last time, it was so fun.

    • Rae says:

      Ooh! Good to know about AA Sewing Center — I usually go there for needles and such, but nice to know about the notions too!! :)

  30. Caila says:

    So excited about those patterns, Rae! And love the voile dress. :)

  31. Tanja says:

    Flashback tee in 6-14? You just made my day!!

  32. Caroline says:

    You are such a hard worker Rae! Thank you for everything that you do. I love the tone of your writing and your modern-practical taste. Looking forward to learning more from you!

  33. Rebecca S says:

    I cannot wait to buy the pattern for the Washi dress. Seriously. I’m even going to make it in the floral print from that line…I’ve been holding onto several yards of it to make the perfect item of clothing. Yay!

  34. Jill says:

    Just had to say that I’m so looking forward to the Washi dress AND the adorable little girl’s dress since we’re expecting a baby girl, due in just a few weeks. (Not sure if you remember, but this is Jill, as in Robert’s wife who lives in San Francisco, we met a year? 2 years? ago) Thanks for creating such terrific patterns, I’ve enjoyed every one of them that I’ve made. They’re a delight to sew with.

  35. Laura. says:

    i hope you will decide to do a washi dress in plus sizes! that would be AMAZING!

  36. Elaine says:

    Love the voile dress and looking forward to the washi dress pattern. As always let me know if you need any testing done!

  37. Larissa says:

    Just bought those IKEA curtains because of this post. Should I forward the invoice? :-)

  38. Peggy says:

    The dress is jUUUst right. Really cute but not as cute as Clementine.

  39. allyson says:

    Can you make the flutter sleeves with voile? Also, is there a question and answer section for the Geranium dress? I just got the pattern, and I have come up with few :-)

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