20 thoughts on “mini washi in action

  1. oh this is so sweet!!! this right here makes me hope the baby in my belly is a girl so i can sew this!! i am so excited for matching outfits pics!!

  2. This is the best! She is so cute! I don’t know how you are able to make so many cute clothes for your kids without worrying about them getting dirty or ruined!

  3. You absolutely need to make a mini Washi dress pattern. i would buy it in a heartbeat.
    The adult Washi would make me look pregnant but I would love to make one for my daughter!

  4. So adorable!!!!!!!! We need a mother daughter photo soon! …also pretty pretty please on a daughter mini washi pattern! Not too mini though, I need a size 7! Washi dress looks cute for all ages I think!

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