When I started planning what I wanted to sew for Elliot this year for Celebrate the BOY, I realized that my taste when it comes to boy clothing — or, really, any clothing — tends to follow a few very clear themes. My first rule? You can never go wrong with MORE COLOR.


Boys get the short end of the stick already when it comes to a colorful wardrobe, so one of the joys of being able to sew for a boy is that you can make his clothing more interesting and fun. Color is one of my favorite ways to do that! The Saffron Pants I posted today are an obvious illustration of this (and you’ll see that my project for tomorrow is, too).

I thought it would be fun to show you some of my favorite photos from the Celebrate the BOY Flickr group to help inspire you to add more color to your boy’s wardrobe! Some of these pics are old and some are new, but the thing they have in common is that I love their use of COLOR.


Top Left: fancy pants (blogged here), Top Right: Auto hoodie (blogged here),

Bottom Left: lange benen (blogged here), Bottom Right: vingertje (blogged here)

(Those red pants are AWESOME!!!)

Color doesn’t have to be big and bold — sometimes little bits of bright color can have a big effect:


Top Left: Maxwell 1, Top Right: T-shirt for Thor,

Bottom Left: I’mFeelin’Crafty (blogged here), Bottom Right: easy being green

These little bits of yellow are great:


Left: Long sleeved Charlie, Right: Charlie

Love the little bits of green and red here:

Ghetto Blaster Pairs 1 and 2

These photos are amazing with their complementary color schemes. Don’t you love the beautiful photo compositions and great outfit combos here?


Top Left: intnieuw, Top Right: Pants for Thor, Bottom Left: J-pants for Nils, Bottom Right: Sydney

And here’s some lovely contrast:

Cardigan for Nils


Left: beach robe (blogged here), Right: Greenpoint Cardigan and Paperback Writer Pants


Left: little man pajamas, Middle: te wijd, Right: nieuwe broek

The photos in this post came from the Celebrate the BOY Flickr group.  Feel free to join the group and share your photos, too!

Plaid.Quarter Circle Mendocino BackQuarter Circle Mendocino QuiltBowTie-Title-ImFeelinCraftyFlip-Sneak-ImFeelinCraftyFlip-HoodieSide-ImFeelinCrafty

This post is part of Celebrate the BOY, a series of boy sewing posts hosted by me and Dana of MADE. Check out my Celebrate the BOY archives for more boy sewing posts; I’ll update that page as we go along so you can stay in the loop!

Dana’s got a Basic Tee post (with a free pattern!) over on her blog today, so head over and check it out!

Celebrate the BOY 2013

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11 Responses to More color!

  1. dana says:

    love all those pants.
    Funny, I’m working on a pants roundup right now :)

  2. Lauren says:

    Gyah, where do people get these cute knit prints??!! I’m guessing they are overseas. *SIGH*

  3. louise says:

    Yea, in case you can’t tell by the outfit above, we LOVE color in our house too! I made the kiddo some bright green pants and people commented about how bright they are. But those same people dress thier girls in bright colors, so why can’t boys dress in bright colors??? :)

  4. Mikea says:

    I plan to work on the greenpoint cardigan (my son keeps asking for his mr rogers sweater haha) and the maxwell top this week! Just ordered fabric for it yesterday. I love all the color contrast here! Thanks for the ideas

  5. Max says:

    Soooo much inspiration!

  6. boomie says:

    Glad to see lots of Belgian creations here :-)

  7. Kathy says:

    I love color too! I think colorful pants are my favorite items in my little men’s wardrobes.

  8. Jackie says:

    Sooooo cute!! Loving CTB.

  9. Jodi says:

    my lil’ K has been asking for some new green pants, maybe they will get sewn up during celebrate the boy. jusy gotta find me some fabric.

  10. Pam says:

    love this round up. It is providing a lot of inspiration for new sewing projects, and got me thinking about some new ways of using fabric I’ve already got. Looking forward to more CTB!

  11. Sabra says:

    Thanks so much for including my son in his colorful cords. Loving the series, so glad you guys are doing it again!

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